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October 4th, 2006, 10:42 AM
just wanted to point out one of my frustrations with this New Improved Message Board

here's what happened:

I made a post to my blog this morning and I forgot to click off my signature

so It posted the update with my signature, then I went in to edit it out.

the system would not allow me to remove my signature
so I deleted the post thinking I'd repost it

when I attempted to repost it the system told me
I'd posted the same thing 5 minutes ago and it wouldn't allow me to repost it

so it's frustrating me.

below is the update to my blog.

Now don't get me wrong, I do like many of the features this new board offers
like bolding text and such. I'm just frustrated.



(I do need to note, I went in and edited my post and attempted to repost it and it allowed it to go through)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Wednesday October 4, 2006

hi jeff, great to hear from you chris is still in great shape, he barely trains, (like once every 2 weeks) but swims fast when he shows up, he's working full time and getting a UT MBA. Back in the day before fastskins, (1992) Chris went 1:49 in the 200 LCM free, 1:35.0 in the 200 y free, he's a worker

lifted weights this morning

whitney coached
diving well
swam with tyler, ned and doug beside andrew
weighed 206

300 missed
4 x 25 missed
300 did part of
4 x 50
4 x 75

main set
12 x 150 continuous
3 on 1:55, 3 on 1:50, 3 on 1:45, 3 on 1:40
made them
went 1:38's on last 3

8 x 75 dps on 1:10
take 12 strokes on first 25, 11 on next, 10 on next

4 x (200 k, followed by 25 fast, 25 easy)

~ ~ ~ ~