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October 31st, 2006, 03:58 PM
Hi everyone. Happy Halloween!!!

I know I am in great company with so many swimmers here, many starting out and many with lifelong journeys of churning through chlorine.

I am a veteran swimmer (58 and still swimming but now open ocean distances). I want to pass along something I had the privilege of doing when I was training for the 68 Olympics under Coach Don Easterling of UTA Arlington, Texas. I was coached by both Don and George Haines (Santa Clara).

Coach Don had all of us attend sessions with a sports pschologist, way back then!! Not only would we mentally visualize our "race" from starting block to each yard to each turn, but we also got to practice what we learned. For those of us who had our specialty races, we checked the day of the week we would be swimming and then on that particular day throughout the year, we would have our Olympic race. This served several purposes. Our brains and bodies learned to "peak" on those days. We became accustomed and in tune with "race day." Body and brain became one within the other.

I used this technique for the long-course USMS Nationals in Ft. Hood Oregon in 1995. I was seeded about 12th and I placed 3rd that year swimming my best ever 800 meter free.

Tremendous confidence was derived from doing this "race" every Thursday morning at 9:30. A sense of calmness and confidence was present. My mental preparation was complete. Rather than having butterfllies, I couldn't wait to get off the starting blocks.

I know many of you may be doing this sort of technique, it is just that I had not seen it in other posts yet.

Of course, I always have wondered what would have happened if they had somehow had to change the day of my swim (LOL !!!):help:


October 31st, 2006, 04:55 PM
Thanks for sharing! You plan makes sense and per your results, it actually works! Unfortunately for me, time does not allow.