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Dennis Tesch
October 23rd, 2002, 05:47 PM
I'm am anticipating a confrontation with my aquatics program director concerning our masters coaches hourly wage. For the past 12 years the coaches at our facility have been paid between 10 and 12 dollars an hour. We are paid 1 1/2 hours for every hour of on deck work. The extra 1/2 hour was to help increase our hourly wage, because the county couldn't pay us more and it would be considered prep time.

They are now considering the possiblity of taking away the extra 1/2. This is 1/3 deduction in pay and for some of our coaches that hurts them financially.

I would like to know from all you coaches a couple of things:

1. any suggestion you might have for this situation

2. What is the average pay for masters coach around the country.

I would like to go into this meeting with a few facts and ideas on how to avert or remedy this situation.



mojo flyer
October 23rd, 2002, 07:40 PM
Hi Dennis

We are a YMCA program and we pay our coaches the same way you do 1.5 for every 1. They are getting around the same as yours. One way we presented the idea to our leaders is the "get what you pay for" addage. The reason the program is successful is that we are willing to pay for the character and personalitys that attract people to the program. I hope this helps.
Good Luck.

October 23rd, 2002, 10:41 PM
I am also a coach for a Y masters team. I get 8 an hour and coach 2 practices a week (missing the third currently due to school schedule, but will return to it in December). Our aquatics dept. wide policy is that you are on deck, for whatever your job is, 15 minutes before and after each shift. My practices are 1 hour 15 min., but I get paid for 1 hour 45 min. granting I'm on time. I'm a new masters coach with two years swimming masters experience and have been coaching age group since jan. 01. I didn't even start to swim competitively, or even properly, till I was 18. So I have less experience than an average coach, but I make up for it in my desire and commitment to learning new things daily.

October 25th, 2002, 08:39 PM
The coaches for our YMCA master team make around 10 a hour. We only charge for our scheduled practice time (not x1.5) and we get 1 to 2 hours pay per meet (about 1 a month).

This is not to bad as we are "player coaches" so we get a workout at the same time.


Brian Stack
October 27th, 2002, 11:08 PM
Hi Dennis and all,

Our assistant coaches are paid $15.00 to $20.00 per hour, depending on their experience. We are a 501C.3, not for profit noncharitable corporation, Our Head Coach (me) advises the board of directors on appropriate compensation for the assistants. I negotiate directly with three board members for my salary yearly. Our assistants cover 4 to 10 hours a week, with full responsibility for creating practices, and monitoring workouts. Assistants also get free membership, but are not allowed to coach and swim at the same practice. All coaches must be certified in Clifornia Water Safety, and Water Safety for Swim Coaches or Lifeguarding, and CPR/First Aid.

See Ya
Brian Stack
Head Coach Mantee Masters
Oakland CA

November 7th, 2002, 12:08 PM
Dennis et al - I was feeling guilty about not checking and/or participating in the Discussion Forum for such a long time. Good thing I checked. This is something I can use!

I coach for a Y program in Madison. I coach - on deck - two nights a week. Our water time is 1.25 hours and I'm paid for 3.5 hours.
My pay just went up to $8.00/hour. This is my 8th year coaching and my 20th year swimming Masters. I'm CPR certified through the Y (ARC course).

In February I will be coaching Masters two mornings a week through the Madison School Rec Dept. I will be paid $18/hr for 5 hrs a week which includes prep time. They will require me to be not only CPR cert but Lifeguard and Safety certified.

As Chair for Wisconsin Masters I have sent an e-mail and in my newsletter column the need for all Masters coaches to be CPR certified and the ultimate need to be Safety certified as well. I hope this information helps everyone.

Dick Pitman, Madison East Y, WI:cool: