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November 30th, 2006, 08:51 PM
Hi everyone! I am BRAND new to the site. but in no way new to the sport. I am a collegiate swimmer at the moment, and actually my questions which are to follow are a little out of character as I am definatly a sprinter versus a distance swimmer.

However, having said that, I am currently planning a long distance swim for charity. I currently swim 5-6days a week around 5000yards day. How much should I increase this? Is there any training schedule out there for yardage leading up to a distance event?

I also have taken interest in Martin Strel, the ultra-marathon swimmer, who set the world record of 84 hours 10minutes consecutive swim. HOW the HECK did he do that? :dunno: I have had a hard time contacting him as he is planning his 70day swim of the Amazon river, but obviously he must have been getting supplements some how during that swim, so if it was a consecutive swim, how did he manage that? If anyone has any information regarding that topic I am DESPERATE to be informed :D

thanks in advance for everyones help!


November 30th, 2006, 09:11 PM
Hi Morgan and I want to welcome you to our forum here. I recently joined too, because I am an open water distance swimmer.

First, how far is your swim going to be? And when? After I know that and your present age, I can give you a little more information.

A marathon swim is anything over 16 miles. I am planning an 18 miler in about a year and a half and because of my age, now 58, and the fact that we have about 3 months each year of a horrible rainy season and I can't swim in the ocean due to high waves/surf, I need this amount of time.

I do know that Susie Maroney from Australia, swam from Cuba to Florida (122 miles) did it non-stop. She said she trained for 3 to 5 full years for it. There are also many other swimmers who swim hundreds of miles but they stop at night and pick up the swimming the next day.

I know that as your training increases, your body will give you signs of overtraining, training on target, nutritional needs. But there are some basic charted mileages per week, per month to give you a guideline to follow.

Let me know the distance you will be swimming, when it is, and your age and I'll look up some details for you.


November 30th, 2006, 09:36 PM
I am 20years old, and like I said, I swim a good deal every day, and have every means to swim straight time goal swims (like a 3hour consecutive swim) and so on...

Im planning this swim for May 2008 so I have about a year and a half, maybe a bit more depending on when in May. I'm not actually going for a distance goal, im going for a time goal...and I don't really want to disclose how long I plan to swim for but lets say for now around 24hours. I've done 12hour swims before with ease, but in those previous swims, I have stopped for 30seconds here and there to eat and drink and such...

I know many people have completed these insanely long consecutive swims but how do they feed? I'm not sure thats something I would ever intend to do, but I am very intrigued as to how the do it?

Thanks for any insight you can give.

p.s. no open water-this is all in a pool or swim chanel

November 30th, 2006, 10:24 PM
Hi Morgan,
I'm of no help to you with regard to advice about training, but am curious as to the charity you're doing this for. Could you tell us a little about it, purely because I'm curious (some say nosey)?
You never know, some here may want to join you.
Good luck in your swim!

November 30th, 2006, 10:34 PM
It will be an individual charity swim for a undeterminded organization at the current moment. A pool/swim chanel is being specially built for the event, and we're currently looking for a location in NYC or another large metropolitan area where the pool can be set up for the event. Mostly, at this point I am working on finding sponsers who can help defer the set up fees, and also people who can help get me pumped lol!

December 1st, 2006, 08:13 PM
In a way, I think you may have answered your own question especially since you can't divulge the distance, you are only interested in how long you can survive a swim, comfortably I presume.

24 hours would probably be for sure 48 miles depending upon the speed. So since I now know that you aren't interested in distance, but time, this opens up a new crate of oranges.

The best news about this is that your swim won't happen until about May of 2008. My swim of 18 miles will happen in August of 2008. And you say that you can comfortably spend 12 hours in the water.

And your concerns seem to be on feeding/nutrition for those 24 hours. This is the year to find that out; that's what I will be doing. People can tell you this and that about it, but you have to find what works in the way of carb replacement/electrolyte replacement, etc. this year, so when your swim comes to be, you will KNOW what your body needs.

As your training increases this year as a "test", this is the time to experiment with nutrition/feeding. I plan on doing this as I start with 4 miles and work my way upwards to 14. A person only needs to be able to comfortably perform 80% of the desired distance. What may work for a swimmer you admire, may not work for you. This is the year to discover those replacements that will keep you swimming for 24 hours. For some people they go the GNC route of pre-packaged replacements, but I will tell you this: apple juice, oatmeal cookies (limited sugar), bananas and Gatorade have always seemed to fare really well with the marathon swimmers we have heard about. They rarely used anything very "special." Many of them found that more natural food sources served them very well in miles and miles of swimming.