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February 5th, 2007, 08:58 PM
Super short post (maybe). To those of you who swim through their ills, my swim cap is off to you. I tried it today, and now have a 104 fever. Just feel warm is all, face a little flush, and trying to swat the gnomes that are in my peripheral vision. Felt good yesterday and swam 4000, so I thought today would be the same. The swim was ok, was a little drained energy-wise but not bad. On the drive home I noticed abnormal "aches" in my upper back. I'm thinking this could be the old fashioned flu, but we're keeping an eye on it all the same. (did I say this would be short?). Anyway, being sick stinks, and if you're one of the studs or studetts who swim through it, again, my cap is off to you. Thanks for letting me whine, I'm getting my cheese now.:D

February 5th, 2007, 10:49 PM
I feel your pain... literally. I also came down with the flu this past week, and no, I'm making NO attempt to swim through it. My thought is, that's my body saying it needs rest...BAD! Which isn't to say I''m not doing a lot of kvetching about this very thing! Dang, finally got to 4500 yds. in a day... had to double to get it... was already ignoring some mild coughing--chalked that up to usual allergy symptoms. Here I was thinking I'd make even more progress... gah!

The fever calmed down in the past day but I'm still coughing, and the weather here is FRIGID. Thought I'd try some light running once the fever's down for 24 hours and hope I won't feel too much as if I got run over by a truck.

We could make up a blues song while we're waiting to get better....

Well I woke up this morning... and I had myself a Hall's.
Woke up this morning and all I could have was Hall's

Can't breathe no more... water in my chest not around me...
Can't breathe no more... it's in my chest not around me ...

Those germs they moved in...
invited their friends... whooping it up coughin' all night long,

Runnin' up my drugstore bill...

Movin' in for the kill...

I got those swimmin' flu blues...

[Thankyou, thank you! The swim cap's going around... all donations accepted.}

Flu sufferers past and present, feel free to add verses. You can't do any worse than the ones I posted.:joker:

p.s. Hope you feel better soon! Laughing seems to help me at least be able to stand the wait....

February 6th, 2007, 10:55 AM
:applaud: :applaud:

Heehee, great song, InnerFish! My condolences to you and funkyfish!

(If I had any creativity, I'd add some verses. Alas, there is a reason I became an engineer...)

I too, am living in sick-land. I've trained 3 FREAKIN WEEKS since mid-Nov. 3 sinus infections and a hot oil cooking incident (I will admit, that one was my own stupidity...)

I feel your pain about just getting up to 4500 yds and having to sit out. After my 3 weeks of training, I swam in a meet and went 2 sec faster in the 100 free than this time last year. I was so psyched up! Then, bam! Next day, down with sinus infection #3 (that was over a week ago). On day 5 of antibiotics and still feeling sick. Booohoooo baaaaaa...

Ok, that was my whine!

February 6th, 2007, 11:36 AM
(If I had any creativity, I'd add some verses. Alas, there is a reason I became an engineer...)

I was wondering why I chose this profession. Now I know.