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November 14th, 2002, 06:20 PM
I'm fairly new to swimming however I must pass a enterance exam for a school

Use any combination of breast or sidestroke
500M in 12 minutes

I am in fairly good shape however am looking for advice. The school's entrance requires pushups, chinups, situps, 1.5mi run and a 500m swim. I do well in all except the swim.

I have 6 weeks. I do better on the sidestroke but if I can work on
1. Technique to be the most efficient
2. Out of pool weight or PT training to enhance my ability.
3. exercises to improve kick, glide, efficiency either in or out of pool.

Pool access and time is not a problem
I will be keeping a journal

Is there any good sites on the sidestroke I can use.
I have seen many on the breaststroke.

Any help is appreciated

Steve Hawkins

November 14th, 2002, 08:20 PM
My advice is to spend lots of time in the pool!
Use a pace clock or watch to time yourself on some occasions, on others just swim. Swimming is a SKILL sport, so even if you are tired and not going fast, work on technique.

I do not know of any sites offhand for sidestroke; we don't compete in that. Perhaps on some military or water polo sites?

For sidestroke, the same principles apply as for other strokes.

Keep flat in the water:
spine straight
head partly underwater
"press the buoy", lean on your chest where the lungs are
keep the legs only deep enough to get full power from the kick

Work the ends of the stroke
Really finish your kick hard, scissors close together
Step a few inches wider at the start of the kick
reach far and push low with your hands
think about "throwing" the water as your lower hand finishes

You may want to practice on both sides so you can identify stroke errors, even if you race only on one side.

Swim fast,