View Full Version : Request for Swimming Pensacola in April

March 18th, 2007, 10:36 AM
I am a 60 yo runner. I have been swimming for awhile but only recently—last couple of years—have I ever been able to swim any distance. I have always done the crawl, breathe on right side every 4 stroke (well since I stopped smoking and became a runner about 15 years ago). I began to notice I could increase distance one I learned about rotation. Pretty big revelation for me.

I have seldom "trained" in either running or swimming. Just go out and enjoy myself. Would like to keep it that way. Running 10 min miles, 10-15 every other day; swimming 40 min, 2-3 on other day. I really enjoy both and have run 8 marathons all after I turned 50. All at 10 to 12 min mile pace. Have done one open water swim in RI, 1.7 miles and am signed up for Alcatraz in September. I got a wet suit for Xmas.

I want to do Pensacola Bay next month. It is 3 miles and I don’t think I will have a kayak like I did in RI. Seems like a good opportunity to try the wet suit and I’d get to brag I have run and swum across the bay having done the Double Bridge run there twice. I have read the suggestions about looking up to stay on course every 5th stroke.

I would like to be assured I will make it in the swim. In about 2 hours. So given the race is on April 22 and it is now March 18, what can I best do to prepare? Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Left to my own devices, I will just keep running and swimming every other day. Maybe a few swims in lakes to test the wet suit. Then like I do in running, start a taper a week or so before.

Comments, suggestions?????
Either on the Board or E me direct. Thanks in advance!