View Full Version : I.M. Payoff

amber pigman
December 20th, 2002, 08:18 PM
easy and relaxed effort: 1x500 freestyle- rest 30 seconds before you start the next set./

fast and relaxed effort: 3x200 Half I.M., (100 backstroke- 100 breaststroke)- rest 30 seconds between 200s./

faster and relaxed effort: 20x25 alternating fly and free- swim these on a 40 second interval./

fastest and relaxed effort: 8x50 fly, back, or free; dive-start from the blocks- on a 2:00 interval./

fast and relaxed effort: 3x5x100 Half I.M.: Set #1-50 fly, 50 back. Set #2-50 back, 50 breast. Set #3-50 breast, 50 free.- rest 10 seconds between 100s; take an additional 2 minutes between sets./

easy and relaxed effort: 5x50 non-freestyle.- rest 15 seconds between 50s./

easy and relaxed effort: 1x250 freestyle- this is your warmdown.

easy and relaxed: 70% of your maximum
fast and relaxed: 80% of your maximum
faster and relaxed: 90% of your maximum
fastest and relaxed: 100% of your maximum

I like any kind of I. M. workout pretty much, so this was definatly fun. Call me a slacker but I cut out some of the 2nd fast and relaxed effort part of the workout. :mad: