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February 16th, 2002, 12:07 PM
Is there any interest in posting brief biographies of ourselves so we know a little more about each other? I understand that there are several ex-Olympians and former NCAA swimmers still competeing and it might help salvage my damaged ego to know that there's a darn good reason for some of the times being so much faster than mine. For example, my biography is as follows:
Born in 1951, so I'm now in the 50-54 male group.
Swimming History: On a scale of limited to extensive, I'd say it's fairly limited, starting at age 14 with a summer league, and two years of Junior College at St. Louis Community College (the first two years they had a team) with a track coach turned swimming coach. Made it to Jr. College Nationals, which wasn't very tough in 1971!
Currently: Back in the pool for about a year now, three or four days a week and going to my first meet in five years in Atlanta in March.
Favorite event: 100 Butterfly, Last timed in about 1:03
Other swimming related information: USA Swimming Registered Official (Referee, Starter, Stroke and Turn). Three swimming daughters, one attended U of Minnesota, Senior Nat. finalist, NCAA Hon. Ment. All American and 1992 Olympic Trials Qualifier, second daughter U of Kentucky. NCAA and Sr Nat qualifier, and third daughter is 16, State High School finalist. With my three girls, I think I can put together a Medley Relay that would be tough for any other "family" team to beat. How about it, Leo?

Frank Thompson
February 16th, 2002, 02:10 PM

Your best bet is to go to the history page on the USMS website maintained by Carl House with help from others. I put a list together of people I knew from past Olympics and gave to Gail Roper about two years ago and she compiled my list with hers and others. Olympic swimmmers swimming Masters has up to date stories of what they are doing now or have the story that the Hall of Fame has at the induction cermonys.

I am in your age group and I can tell you there about 40 ex-Olympic swimmers who have swam since Masters began just in your age group alone. I would say you could mutiply that number 5 times for people who swam in college if you include Division I, II, III, and Junior College.