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amber pigman
January 3rd, 2003, 11:47 AM
I used your 1800 yd. workout this morning and I was finished in about an hour. It fit into my hectic scheldule and even left me makeup time. I was very happy about that. I liked the last 100s on the 300 sets because I got to go all out. Its always a good thing when I get through and am trying to catch my breath, it makes me feel like I gave it my all. I like sprints. Thanks for posting an energetic but time efficiant workout it was beneficial.

January 3rd, 2003, 01:57 PM
Nice of you to comment. I'd forgotten about that workout.

I do alot of workouts 1700-2000 yds to fit in just under an hour in the pool. Lately I've been tending to count in 500 blocks and do 4 (even if a couple get cut short). I do a 500 warmup, almost always all free. 500 kick/drill/undulate combo. 500-700 breast/back/fly whether in shorter IMs (like 6 x 50, 25 fly, 25 free or real 100 or 200 IMs) or longer blocks (e.g., 300 back). Then 300 warm down of pretty much free. It also seems that each pc fits in about 15 mins. I like that first 500 to be slow w/ lots of stretch. Then kicking takes a little time, another 15 mins. And I move quickest in the third quadrant ... get a few more yards in those 15 mins. And then if I cut the last short I'm outta there!

All the best! Enjoy your workouts.