View Full Version : New Fitness Events!

Bill Volckening
January 9th, 2003, 02:58 PM

The USMS Fitness Committee has created some fun, challenging events for 2003, and they are now available online at:


We have recently announced these events in "What's New", but thought we would bring this announcement to the General Discussion Forum for those who haven't visited "What's New" lately.

Our new events include the Virtual Geographic Swim Series, which currently features six swims, and our upcoming event, the 30-Minute Swim, which will be available shortly.

These events are less competitive in nature, and can be done any time at any pool. You can use an event to set a goal, which will make your time in the pool more interesting, challenging, and fun. Your goals may involve any number of possibilities, such as learning to swim a new stroke, swimming faster, swimming greater distances, or logging your distance over time. Having a goal is an ideal way to enhance your exercise and fitness experience, so consider trying one of our fun, new USMS Fitness Events.

Bill Volckening
USMS Fitness Committee