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October 5th, 2007, 08:54 PM
A new Russian specialty.


October 5th, 2007, 10:33 PM
A new Russian specialty.


That was pretty cool...

October 5th, 2007, 11:43 PM
Interesting. Those were big monofins.

October 8th, 2007, 09:46 AM

That was really something to watch


October 8th, 2007, 09:54 AM
A new Russian specialty.


I object to the racist overtone of this post. There are clearly other nationalities represented here. Why do you post it to be a Russian speciality only?


October 8th, 2007, 09:59 AM
I guess those are oxygen tanks on the 400m swim?
Gimme me an O2 tank and I may be interested in trying it!

October 8th, 2007, 11:11 AM
Кто-нибудь здесь говорит по-русский?

October 8th, 2007, 11:16 AM
Gimme me an O2 tank and I may be interested in trying it! I've never seen Air tanks that size. Are they some kind of back-up tanks for SCUBA divers or something? It looks like a cool way to get lots of underwater body dolphin practice.

October 8th, 2007, 11:22 AM
The lady was saying something about 200 atmospheres, maybe that's what the tanks are pressurized to. She also said something about the competitors' heads having to surface after 15m, maybe she was comparing it to normal swimming rules. My Russian is pretty rusty, we need a native speaker to translate.

I listened to it again, and she used the word for pressurized, so she's talking about the tanks (which they call 'balloons').

October 8th, 2007, 01:52 PM
I've never seen Air tanks that size. Are they some kind of back-up tanks for SCUBA divers or something? It looks like a cool way to get lots of underwater body dolphin practice.

I think the navy use them to escape from sunken submersibles.

An extra terrestial reporting home about the humans would not find the monofins as strange as the waste of perfectly good drinking water.

October 8th, 2007, 06:16 PM
Why do you post it to be a Russian speciality only?


Any blurted out ADD responses will only get me into deeper trouble.
Let's just say it's a new fad.

October 27th, 2007, 08:25 PM
I ran into some swimmers from Russia (now living in Seattle) at a masters meet today and asked them about this. They'd heard about it and helped me learn a few of the words, and with google (you can search google in other languages, try it!) I found some more info by searching for мировой рекорд плавание с моноластом (world record for swimming with monofin)

http://www.geocities.com/darnitsaclub/main.htm (in english)
http://www.ozerki.ru/news/swim072005.html (in russian, lots of info, including times)

It would take me hours to translate, and it's easier to just cut-and-paste into babelfish.altavista.com (although it ran everything into one paragraph and I had to fix it)


22.07.2005 Underwater Dream Team (based on materials of site www.sport-express.ru (http://www.sport-express.ru)).


on Thursday swimmers in the fins brought into the money box of the Russian team five gold, one silver and one bronze of medal.

There are no doubts whatever about the fact that, if the maximum quota of the country in the final rounds was not limited by two participants, these medals would be much more.

Sergey ASHLARS from Duysburga

Immediately after the completion of triumphal for team Russia day correspondent "se" became the witness of that how one of the Russian trainers rang someone of the relatives on the cell phone. By calm, absolutely neutral voice it pronounced: "everything is normal. Five medals won ". What precisely, in this case it did not refine. But wire even they did not ask again at that end! And so it is understandable.

Entire evening program of the first day of the competitions of submariners, which included five final rounds, was packed in some 40 minutes. The ceremony of the rewarding of conquerors lasted exactly so many. And all this time in the pond without ceasing to play Russian hymn. On all international competitions this continues here already several decades.


the Soviet Union in the underwater floating and so it was in front of the planet of entire. But with the advent of in the 70's mono-fins this advantage became simply suppressing.

Mono-fin, for the first time designed precisely in our country, carried out coup in the floating. In particular, it completely changed technology. Man floated by body. Hands in front ceased to work, but new elegant motions appeared. Floating in the mono-fin, I declare critically, very beautiful spectacle. The outfitting of swimmer besides the very fins includes swimming overalls and respiratory tube.

Nowadays to fin, which weighs from three to seven kilograms and it reaches in the length of 70 cm, they manufacture from the fiberglass laminate (earlier were added titanium plates). With this material where more easily to work - it is possible to thin by hand, removing layer after the layer. Mono-fins Russian trainers began to make in the entire country. Moreover not only for its, but also under the orders of foreigners. Despite the fact that in Italy and Estonia is fixed the specialized production mono-fin, almost entire peace sails on our, samopal'nykh.

The best models was called names on the surname of their inventors. Now in entire underwater peace large popularity, for example, enjoy the fins Of andronova and brothers Grankinykh. These are the already finished, untwisted brand, unique quality mark.

Those, who for the first time put on to the fin Of andronova, for two seconds immediately improved its results on 100m. It was worthwhile to somewhat be trained, to understand, as it is necessary to work with it, and results again grew (although, it would seem, however, where it is more). Of course such of fin costs mad, on the measures of submariners, money. But even with the present price demand considerably anticipates proposal. There is no ring-off from the buyers. This state of affairs takes not all to heart. The pair of years ago to the address of the world confederation of underwater floating there was sent excited letter, written by Germans. The basic sense of cavil - Andronov, allegedly, breaks such prices, which is above nowhere.

- there was the matter, say Aleksey, one of the brothers Grankinykh. - these Germans - ridiculous people. Supposedly they do not understand, that "opel'" and "Mercedes" stand differently. Cannot allow itself the expensive to fin, do not buy! Float on the cheap.

- how much in you does depart time to the production fins?

- approximately 40 it is hour clean time. Orders be sufficient.

- And abroad they do not call to work?

- they called. Only indeed large money on the underwater floating you will not earn even abroad. If local wage is differed from our by two hundred dollars, there is whether sense to leave unknown where?


of the speed in the underwater floating entirely different, than in the traditional. Swimmers in the fins develop it to 14 km/h. So that it would be more graphically, I will explain in the numbers. World record on 100m of the Dutchman of Pieter van den khugenband is equal to 47,84. Russian Pavel kabanov swam analogous distance in the mono-fin for 34,79. Difference, as you see, colossal - is more than 13 seconds!

- mono-fin in the comparison with the usual floating give addition to the result 30 - 35 percent, says the President of the underwater confederation of Russia Anna arzhanova. - so it was not always. Qualitative breakthrough in seconds occurred at the joint it was age-long. To now devise something new is improbably complicated. Basic work, modernization occur due to the construction fins. To each athlete of the high class of aby what of fin will not approach. Individual approach is here necessary.

- as you do relate to the fact that our trainers do produce qualitative goods for our fundamental rivals?

- from this anywhere you will not disappear. If this form of sport is be developed only in Russia, coma it, besides us, will be necessary? Although, of course, it is unpleasant now and then to see, as us beat foreigners on the mono-fin of domestic manufacture.

- how much on the average does cost fin for the swimmer of the highest class?

- about thousand of Euro-.

- to what extent it does be sufficient?

- not very for a long time. The same plastic. It gradually breaks with the stress against the border of pond. Per year to each submariner are necessary several similar fin. There are, of course, stronger copies. But they are done more for the children and in that situation, when all solve fraction of a seconds, as you understand, they do not befit. In the opinion of the chief trainer team Russia Sergey akhapova, who still year ago was participant and it conquered on the championship of peace pass into Duysburg, in recent years floating in the fins it became where the more rapid form of sport, than into the 90th.

- this, true, he does not speak, that lost old generation in the speed. If they have such mono-fins, as present young people use, results would be oho- GO. You judge themselves. Now for any swimming specialization there is its, special type fins. Sprinters use rigid to mono-fin. Although be required many forces, in order it "to work", then it gives larger acceleration. True, rigid of fin completely does not befit for the stayers. On the large distance it is necessary to use soft, otherwise to its end "will eat till full" so that it is necessary to the finish to finish raking.

- among the medium the average men it is customary to assume that in the underwater floating of their own free will they do not come. Allegedly, perhaps it is possible to visualize so that the youth or the girl would arrive into the pond and they did independently fasten to their feet this multi-kilogram weight? Hence the conclusion: in the underwater floating the swimmer- unlucky wretches come.

- nonsense this all, assures Akhapov. - 4, for example, by "classics" never it were occupied. As it arrived at the nine-year age into the underwater section, so from there and it did not depart. In my native Novosibirsk to be submariner at that time it was considered as the prestige occupation. Moreover all these stories about the tyazhelennye mono-fins, whereas into which you "put on shoes" on the first training, do not cost the vyedennogo egg. All novices use simple rubber. Thus far they will not learn to float with them, no one even stutters about the mono-fins. Indeed even experienced masters, for the first time their put on, feel terrible discomfort. Such impression, that you will swim with the connected feet!

- many consider that to learn to float in the fins the trifling matter - is worth only trying, says Arzhanova. - once after competitions somewhere in Europe one such clever fellow tried himself in the role of submariner. Allotment to mono-fin, swam pair it was meter it went to the bottom. Moreover not by anchor, but it is smooth. It lay on the bottom - and it does not stir, as if to it to the feet stone they tied. All this greatly resembled scene from mul'tika of "vacations into Prostokvashino", where the ball was assembled to the hunting and, if not beaver, it would sink together with the gun in the hands. Fortunately, in the pond another pair of men, to whom it was necessary to take to itself the functions of mul'tyashnogo hero, remained. Hardly they pumped out.


The procedure of trainings of classical swimmer and submariner, in spite of the apparent similarity, nevertheless essentially it differs. There was nevertheless the time, when in the submariners of zachastili are those, in whom for the different reasons it was not straightened out in the floating. And that you do think? And here nothing it came out in majority. Although at one time all swimmers came to believe: by him fins to only put on - all they will tear.

- in the underwater floating works completely different group of muscles, continues Arzhanova. - in usual swimmers is developed the upper part of the body. In submariners, on the contrary, lower. Press, thigh, foot. By the way speaking, to classical swimmers it is useful sometimes to have a swim in the fins. Practice shows that their results in their form of sport begin grow. However, to be retrained to the athlete, who for long dealt with something one, is sufficiently complicated. This is entirely another floating.

Represent that on you put on the fins and ordered to swim as fast as possible. Which there will be your natural reaction? Correctly, you will compulsorily begin to help itself with hands.

- this technology of floating is completely ineffective, notes Arzhanova. - so they enter only when force already on the outcome. On the last meters of distance the feet are loaded so that you involuntarily begin to podgrebat' with hands in order simply to reach the finish.

- this is truth, that the swimmers do try to be held how deeper as possible in the water?

- certainly. Specifically, there it is possible to develop maximum speed. Therefore in the underwater floating have long ago been introduced the rules, which forbid to athlete from the start to be located under water of more than 15 it is meter. The same prohibition acts after each turning.

- but it is possible and not to calculate smallness.

- it is possible, certainly. We have people, which are ready to swim under water and 200 it is meter. Specifically, for such as they, on the bottom of pond lay special mark. To say then that you it did not note, is impossible. Swimmers indeed downward look. Furthermore, judges very attentively follow the fact, in order to swimmer, as we we are expressed, not "zanyrival" at the depth.


specialists advised: floating in the fins must be looked from the height, from verkhotury itself. Then entire picture is clear. But as this to make, if the highest visual places in the swimming pool Of duysburga are located is in all on height of three meter?

However, in sitting in the first row, there are its advantages. It is possible to touch the wave, which the submariners create. On the short distances, when the intensity of their actions is extremely high, the wave height reaches 20 - 30 centimeters.

There remains only to sympathize with timekeepers, who sit entirely near with the starting utility cabinets (they in the underwater floating they are located from both sides). When swimmers go to the sequential turn, with relish slapping by its long as the tail of dolphin, fins, on the clothing of timekeepers it seems it does not remain dry place. By the way, due to such here cottons it is sufficiently simple to reveal the leader of round - it is no secret that in the usual floating is now and then too complicated to determine, who first touched border.

The advantage of Russian swimmers was caused no doubts. The first two finales - man to 100 m and female on the distance doubly longer - and completely came out Russian. To Andrey burakov's gold added bronze Aleksandr panyutin, and second after Vasilisa kravchuk to the finish 200m arrived already Valentina artem'eva. It is interesting that in the morning the same day Of kravchuk established the new world record - 1.31,30. 400m Nikolai Reznikov won actually into some gates -, once on half of distance he won in the nearest competitor, the Greek Of tsurunakisa, good two housings.

Special interest in public caused round to 50 it was meter by diving. Anastasiy glukhikh it again showed that by it no equal in this form of program. Round itself is transient - only it dived as through some 16 and one-half of seconds to vynyrivat'.

However, the culmination only day became the female relay race 4x100 m. much it became understandable after the declaration of compositions - into the number of those chosen as Russia burn Artem'eva, deaf and Kravchuk. The only member of sequential composite, not participated earlier in the distribution of medals, became Svetlana dedyukh. Perhaps this command can lose? Miracle it did not occur also this time. Again conquered unconditionally strongest in the world Russian underwater Dream Team.

October 27th, 2007, 08:28 PM
Wow--I wish that had been around when I was a kid. I was a *really* good kicker! I could kick a few seconds off my swim times! Maybe I could have made the Olympics if only.... lol!

October 28th, 2007, 08:38 AM
Paired with sparkly tights, this monofin could be a good thing for luring hapless sailers onto rocks out at sea.

October 28th, 2007, 01:24 PM
What a beautiful pool.... And they have the yellow lane lines for the two center lanes. I love that they started doing that for big meets - it makes it much easier to watch on TV.

Anna Lea