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October 15th, 2007, 10:40 PM
21 years old--barely an adult and here I am, being temporarily diagnosised with acute respiratory distress disease. Last spring I began swimming a ton of long swims (2hours consecutive swims) and such and I developed this very strong and persistent cough. I saw the health services at school they said it was nothing--so I kept swimming, it got worse, went home for easter break and it was still getting worse so I saw another doctor and he gave me some meds for a respiratory infection--but it still didn't get much better--it wasn't until I had been out of the pool nearly a month that it went away.

Well, a month into my senior year college season the cough is back, and I just finished four days on a heavy dosage of prednisone to try to reduce the inflammation in my lungs and I'm still hacking up a lung. So, off to the pulmonary specialist again I go. But so far, they're saying theres a strong chance I have ARDD, directly associated with swimming indoors and the chemicals in an indoor pool complex.


Anyone had any experiences similar?


The Fortress
October 15th, 2007, 10:49 PM
That sucks! I'm so sorry, Morgan. Is this the first time you've seen a pulmonary specialist or the second? See a good one. I know you'll pursue good medical care.

I had a terrible year last year in the pool breathing, but not as bad as you. I had people literally speculating on how I could be so sick so often or have so much trouble breathing ... I'm better right now, but sinus/bronchitis season hasn't started. I live on zyrtec D, astilene, singulair and sometimes albuteral and mucinex.

Breathing is not a laughing matter.

If it's the chemicals, can they isolate which one, or could it be either chlorine or bromine? Are both bad? Could it be associated with bad pools and poor ventilation? I know many who suffer from crap pools.

Can one still swim with ARDD?! Is there anything to treat it?

October 16th, 2007, 07:29 AM
This will be my second time seeing a pulmonary Dr., but this time since it's a bigger deal I am going to look for a really reputable one.

Last year when I had this coughing situation it was when I was using a very well ventilated and clean pool--at a brand new YMCA in Guilderland, NY. It was probably one of the nicest pools I had swam in in a long time. So that surprises me that caused me to have troubles. My college pool, it is not surprising at all, poor ventilation, poor water quality a lot of times.

I am not sure what all this will detail for me-I have been living on singulair, albuterol, and two other inhalers with strange names. Plus I took allergy shots for 3 years and I am finally done with that cycle.

It's a cruddy situation.