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November 9th, 2007, 03:04 PM
I scrolled through the forums and didn't find one that appeared any more appropriate, but administrators, move this post if you need to.

The Y in Thomasville, Georgia has an openning for the Fitness & Wellness Director. It sure would be nice if someone who has a strong interest in swimming would get the job.

So why would anyone want to move to Thomasville, GA? First, that's where I live! Okay, I know. Anyway, it is less than an hour from FSU, so you could continue your education. Depending on which beach, you would be about an hour to an hour and a half away from Florida's forgotten coast. T'ville is a great little town and has been written up in Southern Living a couple of times and you can find just about everything you could want in T'ville (except a master's club) Good schools, good medical community, etc.

Re: master's club the aquatics director stopped me last night and said she is going to try again to get one started.

If anyone is interested here is the address and phone number of the main Y (we have three different locations in T'ville with two pools/50m indoor which is beautiful even though it is old/50y outdoors, too crowded with kids, water too warm during the summer and too shallow, but that's my opinion)

YMCA of Thomasville
Everett-Milton Center
103 S Dawson Street
Thomasville, GA