View Full Version : Swimming after ACL surgery

February 21st, 2002, 12:00 PM
Was wondering if anyone would share in regards to the length and type of rehab they went through after having ACL surgery. I am 36 and recently (2 1/2 weeks now) had a my left ACL reconstructed from a hamstring graft and also a repair to a medial meniscus tear (this injury is not swimming related). I have recently been able to get back in the pool of course my kicking is very weak and uncomfortable, along with my swimming I have been doing about an hour a day stretching, exercise bike and some other therapy. The two questions are how long before a flutter kick felt comfortable and then how long before you were able to do a breastroke kick. Thanks.

Paul Smith
February 22nd, 2002, 02:38 PM
Let me start by saying I have no medical background what so ever. My expereince here is from watching my wife go through the same exact recovery as you, only difference was that her Doc used a patella graft, not the hamstring.

The main thing I want to warn you about is to be very careful coming back to kicking. Swimmers often have very hyperextended knees and the "motion" used in free/fly/back kicking can be very harmful to the ACL healing.

In my wifes case she actually elongated the ligiment to the point that she now has instability again. Be sure to find a PT that has a strong understanding of swimming!

Good Luck!