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February 1st, 2003, 11:56 PM
Everyone, today is aware of the columbia space shuttle accident and the deaths of the Astronuts. They truly were traveling at a speed that was incredible-over 12,000 miles per hour and yet something terrible happen. They are the true heros that show us what courage really is.

Tom Ellison
February 2nd, 2003, 10:18 AM
Cinc is right! Yesterday’s tragedy demonstrated in horrifying detail how dangerous space flight really is. To most Americans shuttle flights have become “Routine.” Looking back on how I viewed our Shuttle program, I found myself expecting them to fly into space and return safely as if they were a Southwest Airlines flight transporting passengers from Dallas to Houston. Yesterday demonstrated in horrifying detail the dangers of traveling at Mach 18 (12,500 MPH) at flight levels over 200,000 feet.

Operating in these austere and unforgiving environments is anything but routine! Each and every Astronaut in our space program is a hero in my book. Our Astronauts readily except the dangers associated with space flight as part of their daily assignments. They push the envelope of space travel that is so far outside the scope of my understanding, that I am humbled by their courage, commitment and dedication. They have my profound respect, admiration and thanks for furthering space flight. Gosh, the computers we use to communicate here at USMS are a direct result of their efforts. Without communication satellites and the advances in technology furthered by manned space flight, we would not have an internet today.

God bless these seven Astronauts and their families!

February 2nd, 2003, 05:14 PM
It is a horrifying accident and it is hard to imagine what might have gone through these brave souls' minds when their last seconds of life went by. I, too, have the utmost respect and admiration for them and others who put their lives at risk for humanity as a whole. I pray for their families and loved ones who are mourning the tremendous loss of these dedicated and talented people.

Mark in MD
February 3rd, 2003, 11:26 AM
Ponderding Cynthia's, Tom's and Heidi's comments, I wonder what this world would be without heroes? Just a quick thought here . . . nothing else. As with all of our other heroes, fallen or otherwise, may those were aboard on the Columbia never be forgotten. Perhaps we tend, at times, to have short memories.

February 3rd, 2003, 11:34 AM
Someone sent me this blurb if anyone here is interested. There may be other addresses for other astronauts' families.


The Israel Defense Forces has created a special e-mail address where the
world public may express their condolences to the Ramon Family and to the
people of the State of Israel on the loss of Col. Ilan Ramon in the Columbia
Space Shuttle tragedy.

The e-mail address is: ilanfamily@mail.idf.il

All letters received by the IDF will be presented to the Ramon family.

February 3rd, 2003, 11:02 PM
Sorry, about the misspelling of the title-astronauts. Need to use the dictionary more often.