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  1. How to train for a 400 free gridge

    by , November 16th, 2012 at 12:11 PM (Random Nonsense)
    My three pronged approach:

    1. Spend more time traveling than training and ignore that training can actually occur while traveling.
    2. Supplement wine consumption with beer consumption.
    3. Modify Rushall training to include more rest and less volume at lower efforts. This modified form can actually be done with or without a noodle.

    The key to success with this approach is taking a gridge with an overwhelming advantage, and that's exactly what That Guy did.

    Except he wasn't following my plan.

    While everyone reading That Guy's blerg thought he was doing laps across Puget Sound, fly/back, he was actually secretly crafting the perfect 400 free time drop. If anyone had actually read the bloog, they probably would have noticed this plan, but it was wisely hid in plan site.

    That Guy was so confident in his devious plan that he started randomly signing up anyone who passed by for this gridge.

    Imagine, training hard for a gridge. I tried that once and ended up with broken ribs.

    This time will be different. This time I will show up wholly unprepared, but with a functional rib cage, and have faith that my only 400 free time on record was a fluke in the most negative sort of way, and I can fake (or bribe) my way to an official 16 second time drop needed to beat That Guy.

    As for rxleakem and aztimm, how I am supposed to know how much to bribe the officials? They have not even swam yet. Bugger that.