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  1. DAM SCY Meet

    by , February 28th, 2012 at 10:09 AM (Random Nonsense)
    In event order:

    100 Free: 55.11 (26.55)
    50 Free: 24.91
    200 Free: 2:04.29 (29.22, 31.55, 32.27, 31.05)

    I am not positive that I have been faster in practice in the 100, but the 50 and 200 I definitely have. These are not the slowest meet times I have swam as a master, but they are getting pretty close to my first meet back times.

    Not really surprised. My training is not where near the level it was at the beginning of January. Looking at my flog, there is a huge gap in Jan and again in Feb. The big impacts seem to be kicking and racing. They really go hand in hand for me. If I am not focusing on swimming fast, my kick doesn't get much work in practice. Sprinting is an acquired skill for me (like pacing is an acquired skill for others) and you can see from my splits, I went out too slow most obvious on the 200.

    Nothing is really going to change for this season. I am tossing the idea of Zones as a target meet (3 trips between now and zones) and I am not going to Greensboro (11 days in Europe in April).

    Some meet entertainment

    Me to chowmi: Do you have any advice for the 50?
    chowmi: You should try kicking.

    Martina Moravcova set the women's 50 free pool record at 36, breaking her old pool record set in her 20s with a 22.93 (old record was 22.94 iirc).

    No men beat Martina. Closest was a 22.98 by Steve Unruh.

    My training partner Josh had the 3rd fastest time overall in the 50, 2nd fastest 200 and fastest 100 (frees). This is good for me, as I have a much better training partner than he does.

    Usually I am the only person from my team to attend this meet, but a ton of people turned out this year. It was a quite enjoyable meet because of that.

    Walnut Creek Intensive Training Camp

    This starts Friday and I am a little concerned. The lactate clearance test is Friday, and I am pretty sure I am going to fail. It will be great to get feed back on all my strokes, velocity analysis of my freestyle and have my handed to me 3 days straight, but I am a little sad I am not in better shape for the camp.

    And of course my flight gets home at midnight Sunday, so I will promptly miss the first practice back Monday morning. I really really need to force myself to go because several 10k days followed by a 3 hour flight and not enough sleep will result in my needing to be tossed in the pool to work the kinks out. If someone would like to gift me some willpower...


    I was going to shave, tapper and only swimming the 50, 100 and 200 free, but instead I might swim the max events focusing on the 100s. Still thinking about it at this point.