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  1. Waikiki Roughwater, the final chapter

    by , September 6th, 2011 at 10:20 AM (Random Nonsense)
    I hope.


    Plane landed 3 hours ago, so expect this to be slightly less coherent than the previous post.

    Following my separation from the girl pack, there were a couple thin lines of swimmers. I pull over to join the one closer to shore, spent a couple minutes trying to settle into a spot and it didn't really happen. Next thing I know I am 20 yards away from the nearest swimmer heading toward shore instead of the next buoy. This is certainly not where I want to be.

    I am very close to the next buoy, so I head off toward it, but have no idea which direction I should be going. Luckily someone is trucking in the right direction, and then I see a couple more people. Taking off after them, it takes about 200 M to catch them, which finally brings me to the second turn buoy. At this point I am tight with my new friend (aka riding him), and as we come around the buoy I sight the elevator tower on the Rainbow Tower Hilton, and take my own path. About 5M away from my saviour I see him flip over to back stroke to kick me off his a** about 5 strokes too late. No idea if I beat him as we ended up taking different paths to the finish.

    So far it has been wavy, but slow rolling waves for the most part that make it difficult to sight, but does not toss you around. From the last turn to the beach is about 850M and of course the closer to the beach the harder it gets. Very quickly after the turn, the water goes from rolling to chop. An improvement for sighting, not so much for breathing or swimming really. The chop gives way to breaking waves which proved to be more helpful today than yesterday. Then comes the shallow rock formation that brings the undertow to the surface, making 50M or so of the final 150 quite tedious.

    Finally, I clear the rocks and have about 100M to go and can see a few swimmers off to the left and the right. as I get about 10M from shore, maybe 4 feet of water, some from the left swims across me toward the right. I think they were trying to stand too early, as I took a couple more strokes and stumbled forth from the sea.

    Legs don't work too well for running after kicking for an hour, but I manage to stagger to a jog across the finish line.

    1:00:35 131st finish

    I wanted to break an hour, which I thought was a stretch and finish in the top 100. Apparently finishing in the top 100 is the harder of the two. If I had the slightly clue about what I was doing, I could have been 36 seconds faster.

    Some notes:

    - Eney Jones sandbagged. Bib # 185 finished 55. She also kicked my butt.

    - KPN wasn't there. No idea who else looks like KPN that I would have mistaken for her.

    - 2.4 miles is a long swim, I think I would enjoy shorter distance open water swims more.

    - I don't think I will do another OW alone. I need to either learn how to make friends at the starting line or bring friends with me.

    - Flying home after the race and going to work the next day isn't fun.

    Training: Geek said he would be interested in my training, which I thought was too boring to blog. In short, I upped my yardage for my solo swims to greater than 3k for every swim starting in March getting up to 5k using Patrick Cantrell's early season workouts from the workout forums. The full 5k workouts would take 90 minutes, so I only completed about 4 of the PC workouts, then another half dozen or so only finishing 4k of the 5k workouts. In May I started adding more long boring freestyle replacing the diversity of the PC workouts. In mid June and July I did about a half dozen outdoor workouts for sun and heat tolerance. The water in Texas is warmer than what Hawaii was going to have, but the dehydration and sun exposure would both be things I would have to deal with in Hawaii. Mid July I started doing hour swims straight targeting over 4000 scm and did between 6 and 10 leading up to Waikiki. This was all in addition to my 3x/week 3-3.5k lcm team workouts. This resulted in my endurance being very very good and my speed being very very crappy. Josh is definitely the fastest swimmer on the team now.

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  2. Waikiki Roughwater

    by , September 5th, 2011 at 08:55 PM (Random Nonsense)
    I am pretty tired and typing this on an iPad, so this blog post will suck more than usual.

    At some point in the past I must have quaffed too much Pinot Noir and came up with the great idea to swim the Waikiki Roughwater, planned the trip, trained for it and flew to Hawaii. My hotel is situated at about the mid point of the course, and as I was walking to the start yesterday for a prerace swim, I was wondering who in their right mind would want to swim that far. I wasn't sure I wanted to walk that far.

    After walking halfway around the island, I arrive at San Souci beach and see others getting in their prerace practice. This is good, I won't be swimming alone, so if a shark attacks or a current drags me out to see, some one can report the insident to LW who is sunning herself on the beach.

    As far as I can tell, people are just swimming instead of swimming somewhere specific, like where the buoy might be the next day, so I pick a buoy well offshore and swim out to it, even though I have no idea what said buoy represents.

    It represents shallow reef. TURN BACK!

    Obviously I survived.

    Getting back to shore is pretty easy with the help of waves.

    Speaking of waves, last year I was in Waikiki actually enjoying myself over Labor Day weekend and the water was like glass. Surfers just sat around waiting for even the smallest wave, and the water was crystal clear.

    This year was non stop surf and clarity of about 2 feet.

    After being washed ashore, it was time to trek to the finish, about 2 hours walk depending on the route. I have seen all the side of DeRussy Park which is only ten minutes further than the finish. Then through the maze of shops that is Hilton Hawaiian Villiage. Finally we find the finish area and agree that walking alone the beach would actually be faster.

    I pick another random buoy, swim out to it uneventfully as it seem to be a boundary marker for a channel, and make my way back in.

    Somewhere I read that you should site off the Rainbow Tower of the Hilton. So I followed that 40 story rainbow back, and on the way in I find myself above shallow rock maybe 4 feet down, which has a very strong back current at the surface, until a big wave comes and slams me forward. This section of rock is only 50 m at most so I haul ... not wanting to experience the next big wave while above it.

    Safely back ashore, it is time to atoll to the hotel and pretend to be on vacation for the rest of the day... shopping. :rollseyes:

    After a wonderful nights rest, it is race day! At 3am...

    Aquageek advised me to eat a large breakfast so off we went to Starbucks and McDonalds for a latte, cimmanmon swirl cake and egg McMuffin. That brings us to 5am, where I then sat on the lanai pondering WTF I signed up for this and stressing about dying at sea.

    Truth be told, my number one worry is being miserable on the flight home. After yesterday's swims, I am not too concerned about finishing.

    We make our way down to Sans Souci about an hour before the start and get someone from the incredibly well staffed bag service table to tell me how to checkin. Get your number, get your chip, easy. Go to get my number written on me in marker. Nope, wrong place. Go get the little kid next to that board on the ground to write your number on your hand first. Ok, step one was easy enough but if anyone found step one with being pointed directly to this 4' tall hand numbering kid working by himself, they should buy a lotto ticket. Every other step had at least 5 people standing around waiting to help with signs high up on trees. It was pretty funny.

    After that, got my numbers and my chip and headed to the shore. I see Eney Jones, and to my horror see I have a number much lower than hers. Oops.

    I line up behind Bobby Patten (whose number is thankfully much lower than mine and I start to hope Eney sandbagged her time), Eney Jones and KPN. At least I know if I follow these 3 I will be headed in the right direction.

    3 minute warning is announced, KPN is chatting with someone, I am zoning out, BOOM! The canon goes off, several oh ***** followed by running into the water.

    Out to the first buoy, about 700m, is just an attempt by everyone not to kill anyone or be killed. I started on the outside and try to stay there following the pack more than sighting my own swim.

    Around the first buoy things self organize and the long stretch to the final turn is for the most part good.

    For the most part. At one point I sync up nicely with a girl half my size and probably age as well. She is leading a small group that I was drafting off of and made my way even with her. Everything was going swimmingly until the girl (not so little) decided to swim over the top of me to over take the group. I lost the group after that.

    Not much more to tell but I have to head to the airport now. I will finish later.

  3. Do your thighs touch?

    ... when kicking?

    Move on if you are looking for something intelligent, I am going to walk through my thought process during a set this morning.

    I am swimming along, inside a straw and I must have kicked funny for a second and my thighs rubbed together. Couldn't I swim in a smaller straw if I kept my legs closer together? Would the drag coefficient mid thigh be less with the thighs touching, creating a figure eight cross section, than the thighs not touching? Would this help my kick?

    When I say thighs touch, what I really mean is that the knees are as close together as possible while still allowing for the feet to pass each other. Normal for me would be close to shoulder width apart, which might be creating unnecessary drag.

    I know nothing about kick intellectually or innately, so this thought process could be meaningless drivel.
  4. Retirement Party

    Big swim meet today, meet of the year, the meet that would determine if I quit swimming.*

    I am not a long course person, I pretty much don't care about the season and never have. This year I wanted to focus on the Waikiki Roughwater to keep me motivated to do more than float through the summer. Since the lunacy of swimming 2.4 miles in Hawaii infected my mind, I have been more focused on volume than speed and have had 4 solid workouts on that front leading up to the meet.

    A little background about the meet. This is the fastest meet I have ever been to, and most of the local meets are pretty fast. The 400 free was before the meet and the 400IM and 1500 frees were the last two events. The meet started at 9:00 for the non-400ers and at 10:50 the 400IM started. Every event but 3 was swum, men and women separately, in under an hour and 50 minutes. This meet is very much an LT set and I talked to several people who think of the meet as a pre-meet for Senior Games/Zones/Nationals instead of a place to go to get solid times.

    Enough background, the most interesting statistic from the meet:
    Fluid consumption:
    - 32oz tap water
    - 32oz Gatorade
    - 2L of smart water
    - 1 packet of puresport.

    That is over a gallon in a couple hours and I didn't slosh during the 1500. Low 90s, 58% humidity and sunny. I can't imagine what the meets will be like later in the summer.

    I am done delaying. My times in order
    - 200 free 2:22.62
    - 100 free 1:02.19
    - 050 free 0:27.59
    All of those are within a second of this meet last year. Not thrilled, but not horrible.

    The fate deciding 1500? 21:15ish. After the timer told me 21 I stopped caring, but it is also right around last years time, but last year the 1500 (with the 400IM) while everything else was on Saturday.

    So I guess I will be quitting swimming. On the plus side, I will be taking up speed boating in the summers touring the lakes of the Carolinas. Unlike swimming, I probably won't spend any time learning about driving a boat or lake courtesy, but I will just learn as I go. Maybe try to slalom any buoys, flags or kayaks I see.

    I am going to miss swimming, but I will still stop by the forums to give Jazz advice on lifting, get into arguments about where to grocery shop and make fun of the crazy open water swimmers. Really, the only difference will be that I will stop pestering people about how they train and why they are so much faster than I am even when they don't look fast.

    One last thing. Laura, the editor from Swimmer magazine, has contacted me about doing both side of the lane line on the topic "If you can't live up to the ideals others set for you, should you quit swimming?" Obviously I am taking the "Yes of course" side, but we are having trouble finding people who could take the other side, there are just too many forumites that have never failed to meet the ideals of their peers that they wouldn't make good counter points. If you have ever failed to meet someone else's expectations but maintain the gumption to soldier on and want to call me a dumbass in print, please contact Laura. Or I guess you could comment on my blog...

    * Geek made some comment (in Speedo's blog maybe?) that if I didn't break 19:30 in the 1500 I might as well quit swimming.
  5. Partners, Progression, Popov and Periodization


    First, today's main set, team practice scy, had my own lane.

    4x400 on 5:05 hold 1:10 pace
    - rest went from ~25s to 20 on last
    - started at just over 1:10 and faded to just over 1:11.
    - only 6 hours sleep last night (low for me)
    - calorie debt

    Because of the last two points, I was actually worried I wouldn't be able to make the interval at all, but ended up surprised with the set. Lack of sleep usually impacts my workout a lot. Being in calorie debt for two weeks, I expected to fade toward then end, that and the fact my endurance still kinda sucks.

    After practice coach Anna asked me if I work harder when I trained solo or when Josh (the new fast guy) was swimming next to me. I thought it was a good question and the answer probably varies for everyone, so here is my answer. I work consistently harder when Josh is swimming beside me (or behind). Not having Josh at practice for the 400 set made no difference, but I took the set after the 400 set much easier than I would have if he had been there. He still lacks the endurance to push me on the longer distances, but he is never more than a stroke or two behind on short rest 100s and speed work is usually a race.


    On the way home from practice I was thinking about how hard it is to determine if you are moving in the right direction in swimming. Lifting is very straight forward, lift more weight or more reps or you are not progressing. Meet times are infrequent and test sets are either so frequent that they don't consistently show improvement or so infrequent that they don't provide regular progress updates. I am not saying that test sets and meet times are ineffective just less obviously define progress. To avoid falling into a rut with training, constant tracking of practice times seems necessary. My training seems to be more consistently intense when I am logging my practices with details on pace for the main sets.


    Driving to work I was thinking of the mental discipline swimming takes. I get up at 4:18am most mornings to go swim, and I am pretty happy with that as far as discipline goes, but imagine Popov back in the day training with Gennadi Touretski. The mental discipline to put forth the effort to go within a couple percent of your goal time every time he stepped up on the block must have been ridiculous. I am looking for a tiny bit more mental discipline, to push just a little outside my comfort level regularly, and that should result in speed improvements. Assuming that whole adaption to stress theory is right.


    Hans Selye is known for his work on the biological stress/adapt relationship. He had a theory that an exercise was nocuous to the point of being able to cause death if the load was too large or too frequent, but repeated sub-lethal exposures to an exercise would lead to tolerance of the exercise.*

    I like the idea that my training is sub lethal but I need to spend more time closer to death and seek failure more often

    This stress/adapt effect leads organizers to plan around projected adaption rates and thus we have periodization (one version). At a low level, periodization is starting to seem more of a distraction than a help. It makes sense as a time management tool, for example if you have 6 training objectives of equal value and time cost and six training days per week, one day per objective. But maximizing progression would seemed hindered if a three workouts week consisted of 1 hard 1 moderate 1 hard, disregarding how the swimmer feels.

    On a macro level it still makes sense to me. It is pretty obvious that tapering should be done before a meet and not randomly at the beginning or in the middle of a season. For now, my micro period only specifies donkey distance on Sunday, when I consistently have time to train more than an hour.

    * Practical Programming for Strength Training Rippetoe & Kilgore
  6. Ran into Steve at Lifetime again

    Again... the last time was over a year ago.

    Lifetime SCM
    Warm up
    - 400 swim
    - 200 back
    - 200 kick
    Main Set
    - 10x100 on 1:30 did 4x1:15, 3x1:14, 1:13, 1:12, 1:10
    Cool Down
    - 200 back ez
    - 200 free ez

    Went to lifetime a little later than normal, around 6:30am and someone was swimming well (shocker) in the lane next to the one I got into. He was doing some distance pulling when I did warm up and I had to intentionally ignore him to avoid racing through warm up.

    The plan for the main set was to descend from 1:25 to 1:15.*

    At this point I still have not recognized Steve as we have not been on the wall at the same time, but I start my 10 100s the same time he is flipping with fins, and pace off him maybe stay a little ahead of him.

    Oh 1:15 was faster than I wanted to start. Now the plan is to hold 1:15s the entire set.

    The plan works pretty well until we happen to line up again, out popped a 1:14 low. Now I feel that I need to step up the pace just to maintain my times since it is getting towards the end of the set, but times keep dropping. Motivated by "let's just get this over with" the last one was pretty speedy... for me.

    Steve finally stops while I am at the wall and I look over, "Hey your Steve right?". Look of shock on his face. "Yeah, we swam a set together last year."

    So thanks again Steve. A little motivation goes a long way.

    * This was not planned sandbagging, it was planned slacking.
  7. Failure

    I thought I would write about something near and dear to my heart, Jazz and Geek's relationship... uh, or my recent failure.

    This was the plan yesterday

    Warm Up
    - 1x600 warm up
    Main Set
    -- 1:25 base scm for the main set
    - 2x500
    - 3x400
    - 4x300
    - 5x200
    - 6x100
    Cool down

    Everything was going grand until the 300s, where I miscounted the 2nd, adjusted the 3rd to get back on track, then miscounted the 4th. After miscounting 50% of the set, I needed to take a break. Swam an easy 200 back, then started where I left off and promptly missed the interval by 4 seconds on the very first 200. Missing the 200 interval by 4 seconds on an aerobic set is a sure indicator that the workout is over.

    Experimenting with failure has become a hobby of mine lately. Our team workouts LCM create a fast lane with a diverse ability level, thus a 1:40 base is about as fast as the intervals get. When not acting a blob, 1:40 provides about 20 seconds rest on a 100, so my goal is to maintain a 1:20 pace for every set on 1:40 base. The failure begins at 300s.

    Speaking of blobs, LW has made it perfectly clear that I am a revolting sack of suet. Self control failure?

    Which brings me back to Monday's failure. Breakfast was a 8oz latte, about 160 calories before my attempted 6k swim*. Not right before my swim, but a few hours before my swim. Diet failure... or success if the goal is to minimize suet and suck at swimming.

    Finally, I failed to get up and swim this morning. Motivation failure.

    Failing at Monday's set is perfectly acceptable but a little disturbing. The Waikiki Roughwater is about 4km, so that main set short course probably reflects the stroke count of a 4k open water swim and I would think that 1:25scm is a reasonable pace, but based on this, I would die going around the last buoy. Maybe more than a latte prerace.

    Maybe train with openwater addict who has been killing the dirty water swims lately?

    * Assuming I didn't Chris Stevenson the cool down
  8. Starts with nerdy references

    PSA: Don't even read this if you are swimming in Mesa this weekend, bookmark it for Monday when the only muscles that aren't sore are your eye ball muscles.

    Seriously, I will make fun of you if you change your start right before nationals.

    Review of starts

    John Mullen authors Swimming Science, which is usually very blurbish, but yesterday he wrote up some nice stuff (first link) with references (2nd and 3rd links) on starts.

    This is what I got out of it:

    Think of the start as the first 15M of the race, not just getting off the block. From the time the gun going off to the 15M mark allows the focus on all the things unique to the start and provides a tangible measure of how they work together. For example, a modification that gets the feet off the block faster (a faster reaction time measured by a block pad) at the expense of aerial distance may not improve the time to the 15M mark, even though the reaction time is faster.

    Grab with all ten fingers. I am pretty sure I have never done that.

    The arms are straight in the ready position and under tension. Mine surely are bent.

    Elbows go straight back when pulling the start, I think my elbows go to the side.

    Underwater distance is strongly correlated to a faster start (to the 15M), but given the test subjects, I think this requires a strong dolphin kick.

    Those were some obvious gems for me. Now I just need to find more block time and a way to easily time to the 15M mark.

  9. Sleep, training and Bob Bowman


    I have been getting horrible sleep for the last month or two, and I blamed the pets until yesterday.

    We have wood floors, two dogs one of which is a nocturnal breed and a cat who like to sleep next to my head and walk across my pillow to get to the edge of the bed. Obviously clacking toe nails, a large dog patrolling the house and a cat using my pillow as a highway would inhibit sleep, but the problem really seemed to be new and the pets are not.

    Wednesday night I turned on the fan and fell asleep with it still on. Slept like a rock. Exhaustion? Again last night, left the fan on, slept very well and woke up refreshed.

    It is that time of year where humidity inside the house is high because the temperature isn't high enough for the AC to run long enough to dehumidify the air significantly. I will be researching the heat index so I can figure out how to maintain a constant comfort level.

    I am glad to have solved this problem, because to say that I have been pissed off since about the beginning of March would be pretty accurate.


    Training partners are significant. A new guy, Josh, joined my team last month; a little younger than me, swam in college, has a middle distance training background and is currently still slower than I am after his 10 year break. Obviously he is getting faster fast, and I have to stay faster than he is.

    This resulted in me jokingly saying "do you want to do the 8x100s on 1:15" and him saying seriously, "Yeah, I think we should give it a try." We made it, with rest even. That made the workout, if we hadn't pushed the 8x100s, the following fast work would have been rather easy. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have pushed as hard for the entire workout as I did if Josh wasn't swimming next to me.

    I have a middle distance training mentality. It is much easier for me to get into the right mindset for a short rest set than it is for a high rest speed work set. Unlike Natty Light ICE drinkers, I don't think this is ideal, and instead need to make conscience effort to make the most of high rest short sprints.

    Bob Bowman

    LW sent me this:

    Which included this middle distance main set from NBAC

    5 x 200 (two groups) A on 2:25, B on 2:30
    8 x 50 on :50 easy
    4 x 200 A on 2:20, B on 2:25
    8 x 50 on :50 easy
    3 x 200 A on 2:15, B on 2:20
    8 x 50 on :50 easy
    2 x 200 A on 2:10, B on 2:15
    8 x 50 on :50 easy
    1 x 200 A on 2:05 B on 2:10 (Mr. Phelps did this set IM)
    This might be doable in the near future as a short rest set. This set might also make some geeky swimmers very excited even if there is a MAC/NBAC rivalry.
  10. Since Mr. Wolf isn't around ...

    to come up with the impossible, I have had a lot of boring, unmotivated workouts.

    Until Jazz came along.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz Hands
    I would be very impressed if any male swimmer here (other than funkyfish) could do two sets of ten deadlifts at 200 pounds. Something about a barbell on the ground seems to scare people.
    Today's weight workout?
    Deadlifts 200x10x2

    I will be sore tomorrow, but not stumble around difficult to walk sore. Just sore like I have not done a deadlift since August of last year, DOMS sore.

    Fort could probably do 200x10x2 and there are at least a couple bloggers I think could do it today and probably many with a little ramp up time.


    I got nothin'.

    Future challenges: I am not going to just do anything That Guy comes up with, but it is fun to let performance determine a disagreement like this.

    * 200lbs was possible today because I know where my 2.5lb weights are
  11. Antigeek workout

    I got back in the water in Feb after a two month unintentional break, and most of my workouts have been moderate to hard aerobic, 5 or 6 days a week. Today I thought I would try something different.

    Goal swim, break 1:00 in the 100M. First attempt is a straight 100, second attempt is 2x50, third attempt is 4x25s. My prediction was that I would do it on the 25s.

    Lifetime lap pool was full, so spent about 10 minutes in the kiddie pool playing around with streamlines and SDK. Then all 5 lanes cleared out of the lap pool!

    Warm up
    - 200 swim, 200 back, 200 kick ez
    Goal Set
    - 1x100 all out (1:03)
    -- at this point I thought I had a shot at making the goal set at the 50s.
    - 200 ez back + lots of wall rest
    - 2x50 all out (:29, :29-)
    -- 50 ez between plus tons of rest; ~2:30 between
    -- DONE
    Cool down
    - maybe 400 ez mixed back/free

    Finis Swimsense: I bought a swimsense, a watch thing that keeps stroke count, lap count, splits etc. This toy should be really helpful, but it isn't accurate enough to be useful to competitive pool swimmers in my opinion. Ex: Yesterday I did an 100 IM set and my back splits was something like a 33 while my breast splits were around 23... I am a much better at back than breast. Another problem I have with the watch is that the times only resolve to 1 second, aka you split is 23, not a 22.6. In theory, this is not a big deal, but the way it has been implemented is that the splits can sum to more than the interval. The error seems to be +/- 2s, which is a huge error for fast swims in a short course pool. What irritates me the most about the watch would annoy any swimmer during a short rest set, or any swimmer wanting a time off a fast effort swim, the watch has to be manually started and stopped to record the interval. When you are trying to remember to breath, it takes a while to remember to press the button, and on short rest sets, especially near the end, having time to press the button twice might not actually exist.

    The watch is accurate for recording distance, so for fitness swimmers who are interested in overall distance swam and stroke counts, it is a decent device. It just seems a little expensive for something that is limited to stroke and lap counting.
    Swim Workouts
  12. Me and my lunchbox*

    * The lunchbox reference

    The pictures from my last post were of Barbados, and that was the first time I swam any serious yardage open water. It was a easy test to determine if I hated open water swimming or not.

    The ultimate goal is this in September

    The general plan between now and September is this:
    - regular team practices (~3-3.5k) MWF
    - 2-3 solo practices building the shoulders back to 5km tolerance
    - get a couple 2-3k ocean swims off Isla Verde, San Juan, PR in May
    - starting June, 1 hour outdoor swims Saturday (sun and warm water training), 2 hour indoor swims Sundays

    I am not giving up on the breaking 50 and 1:50 in the 100 and 200 free, but I am not interested in swimming at Mesa, so my scy season is over and I am not much of an LCM swimmer, so this should keep me interested in showing up at practice.

    There is an idea fermenting in my head about training that might aide with maintaining short term motivation and long term goal achievement, but it isn't ready to be poured out of my head just quite yet.
  13. Friday and Saturday's workouts

    Swim from here to there.

  14. Done with USAS meets

    by , October 29th, 2010 at 11:17 PM (Random Nonsense)
    50 free: 24.54

    No missed turn, no bad start, just slow.

    I am not happy with that time and am not planning on swimming Saturday or Sunday.
  15. 10/29 Practice

    by , October 29th, 2010 at 01:15 PM (Random Nonsense)
    Meet Info: 50 free tonight, 100 free tomorrow, 200 free Sunday.

    Did a trial meet warm up yesterday, the geezer 1500 including 2 fast 25s and 2 breakouts. I was comfortable in the water by 900 yards, did the fast stuff spread over 400 yards then 200 ez. This seems like a good plan for tonight.

    Was going to do about the same fast stuff today, but someone wanted to race a 25 after I had already done 2 off the blocks. Who am I to deny them?

    Warm up
    - 300 free
    - 300 back
    - 300 kick with fins ez
    - 300 back
    - 300 free
    - 3x25 AFAP off the blocks, 75 easy
    Cool down
    - 300 ez

    Tonight only one end of the pool will run, the other end of the pool will be free for warm up/cool down. The pool was built by the same company who built my team pool and I have been training in the same configuration as will be used for the meet, so a lot of things will be going right for the 50 tonight. Saturday and Sunday there will be two lanes for warm up/cool down for 16 lanes of competition. Should be a total cluster trying to get into that.

    Goals: 23 high, 52 high and 1:58 high.
  16. 10/27 Practice

    by , October 27th, 2010 at 11:33 AM (Random Nonsense)
    Warm up
    - 200 swim
    - 150 drill/swim/drill
    - 200 kick w/fins
    - 150 drill/swim/drill
    - 4x150 odd free, even back/breast/free on :20 rest
    Main Set
    - 400 swim
    - 5x150 on 2:00 just make
    - 400 swim
    - 5x150 on 2:00 just make
    Cool down
    - 200 back ez

    Easy aerobic <yawn>. I would have been happy with this next week, but this seems a waste 2 days before a meet. I was just too dumb at 4:50 to come up with my own sets.
  17. 10/25 Practice

    by , October 25th, 2010 at 09:42 AM (Random Nonsense)
    Next/Last USAS meet starts Friday.

    No lane ropes in today and whoever removed them, removed them randomly, so when we showed up it wasn't even obvious if we should try to put them in widths or lengths. The bulkheads were set for either. Did widths thus no blocks.

    I was achy before practice, no good idea why, but my left shoulder is still bothering me. Everything else got worked out.

    Warm up
    - 300 swim
    - 300 back
    - 5x100 drill swim
    Main Set
    - 200 fast (2:13)
    - 4x50 kick ez
    - 200 back
    - 4x50 fast (:32?*, 29high, 29high, 29high)
    * Coach was standing in front of my clock, but it didn't look good
    - 200 kick
    - 4x50 back
    - 4x100 on 1:20 (just make)
    Cool down
    - 300 back/free

    Took it pretty easy for most of the workout. The fast stuff was pretty disappointing.

    I can't say I am excited about this meet. It is a fast pool, but 13+ will be in the deep end and <13 will be in the shallow end. Thus no seating space, 2 lanes for warm up cool down during the meet. My events are in the middle the event line up.

    My plan is to warm up at Lifetime Sat and Sun morning then head to the meet after it has started hopefully getting there not too early before my event.
  18. 10/22 Practice

    by , October 22nd, 2010 at 10:35 AM (Random Nonsense)
    Today was our monthly group sprint day, but with a slight change. Usually the leaders of each lane are the fastest people in the pool so there can be racing. Today we were grouped into lanes by speed, meaning the coach was concerned that people would get lapped. On a previous group sprint day, we did 200s, and lots of people were battling not to be lapped.

    Warm up
    - 200 free
    - 200 kick w/ fins
    - 200 free
    - 2x150 done 100 drill/50 swim
    Extra for being the first lane done
    - 200 IM
    Group Sprint (no real intervals, coach says go, calls out times, rest varies by how much elaboration we get from the coach about what we are and aren't doing wrong)
    - 10(?)x100 free w/ fins 1:45-2:00 rest (1:00,:59, :58s, :57, :58, :56s) all fast
    -- slower lanes did 75s
    - 8x50 descend 1-4 on ~1:00 (:29,:28)
    - 8x25 all fast 0 or 1 breath (:15s & :14s, last from blocks :11)
    Cool down
    - 300 easy

    I used to do IM with a previous team but rarely do any fly or breast now and it was very obvious after only 1 200.

    No idea why the 100s got faster and it concerns me a bit. The coach apologized to me about how much rest I was getting. I told him I liked rest.

    The 50s were paddles and buoy and although I like paddles, my paddles are large enough that they change the exit of my stroke, so I rarely use them. On the first 3 of the descend I was able to push the guy next to me so if he worked he could keep up and out touch me.

    Someone said, "The last 25 from the blocks" and the coach said "Not everyone can do that" and I responded "my lane can", so we hopped out and everyone who wanted to went off the blocks for the last one. I was surprised, there were a lot of people who went off the blocks without any prompting. We have very few ex-competitive swimmers and usually the coach will goad people out of the comfort zone. Of course some of the more experienced swimmers were talking loudly about how much easier it is to do a no breath 25 with a block start, which might have influenced a few people to try off the blocks.
  19. 10/20 Practice

    by , October 20th, 2010 at 11:54 AM (Random Nonsense)
    Warm up (900)
    - 400 swim
    - 200 kick w/fins
    - 300 swim
    Transition (600)
    - 4x150 free, free, back, back
    Time Trial (200)
    - 200 free (2:00.38) (28, 30.3, 30.4, 31.4)
    Main Set (1000)
    - 4x200 blah back, free, back, free ez
    - 200 kick with fins
    Cool down (100)
    - 100 ez

    First the good news: The 200 was a good time, only a half second off what I went in the meet a week and a half ago. I swam against a 5x50 relay in the next lane which was fun. The relay beat me by quite a bit at the 200, but I was leading at the 100 and beat them by quite a bit on the 250. They were happy because they beat me at the 200, and also were happy they didn't have to swim 200s The last 50 was pretty painful and I was far enough behind at that point that it wasn't much of a race. If it was a little closer, it really would have made a difference but I don't think the 4th person was even in sight.

    The bad news: I am pretty frustrated with swimming. Today's practice felt like a meet warm up, a race and a meet cool down. The racing practice is great, but I need to accomplish more in the water than 3 hard races and 7000 yards of recovery a week. I skipped practice Monday to sleep in, which is adding to my immediate frustration.

    The Halloween meet is 10 days away, so I am not changing anything now.
  20. 10/15 Practice

    by , October 15th, 2010 at 09:37 AM (Random Nonsense)
    Felt very sloppy during practice, was very groggy when I woke up and thought my knees were going to buckle walking out to the kitchen. Slept really well, but spent a lot of time worrying about logistics problems (aka nothing serious) recently, so maybe that plus fall allergies and the recent illness might explain it? No idea, but health is very good.

    Warm up
    - 200 free
    - 100 kick
    - 200 back
    Main Set
    - 4x100 ez/fast on 1:20
    - 50 free wall clock 24.xx (4 people raced today)
    -- LW started up and watched our times.
    Main Set continued
    - 200 pull
    - 4x100 back/free on 1:30
    - 300 pull
    - 4x100 fast/ez on 1:20
    - 300 pull
    - 4x100 fast on 1:20* (1:08, 1:07, 1:05, 1:04)
    Cool Down
    - 200 back ez

    * Was supposed to be long rest, but since my stroke felt very disconnected all practice, I wanted to just try to hold it together and stay under 1:10. Things started to come together during this set.
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