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joel schmaltz

  1. Monday 1/27/14

    A little different type of w/o this evening. Quite a bit of drill stuff mixed in with some fast swims.

    500 mix up
    Kick w/fins still warming up
    6 x through
    --50 mod w/board @ 60
    --2 x 25 SDK on back AFAP @ 30
    100 swim

    300 fast BUT every third 25 is 3/4 catch up
    8 x 50 @ 50 fast breathe 1/5
    300 fast BUT every third 25 is finger drag
    8 x 25 sprint @ 30

    6 x 75 drill r/10
    --fly/bk/br by 25

    4 x 75 with paddles r/10 done as
    --25 mod/25 scull/25 fast
    --went odds back/evens breast

    3 x through (fl/bk/br by round)
    --4 x 25 drill r/10
    --75 build r/5
    --25 sprint r/15

    100 w/d

    Not too bad. My back and breast feel pretty good considering my lack of pool time. Fly and free are a different story.

    The big news here at the beach is the ice and snow that is apparently coming tomorrow. It was 56 out when I left practice tonight at 8:00. Our schools have already been canceled for tomorrow. I understand that much of the nation has been pounded with snow and and extremely cold temps. SC just isn't set up to handle that nasty stuff. We are expecting about .5" of ice and possibly 3" of snow. Wonder where I can buy a couple of sleds down here. I grew up in MI, and think it is kind of funny to see the city shut down for a small amount of old man winter.

    I'm more accustomed to flip flops and board shorts.
  2. 5TH Swim of Jan

    Just starting to get back into it for the month. I haven't been a complete slacker.
    --Holidays messed up my training the beginning of Jan.
    --Squamous cell cancer cut out of face. 12 stitches right where my goggle strap goes. No pool time. Use your sunscreen people.
    --Youngest daughter had a gymnastics meet in Hilton Head.

    So, this was my 5TH time in the water this month. Looking forward to getting my feel for the water back.

    500 mix up

    Kick w/fins
    8 x (25 + 50)
    --25's SDK AFAP @ 30
    --even 50's , build @ 55
    --odd 50's , sprint @ 55

    100 EZ

    6 x (2x25, 50 ,75, 50 ,2x25)
    --25's build @ 30
    --50 at 200 pace @ 60
    --75 done as 50 at 200 pace, 25 sprint @ 1:20
    --50 faster than 200 pace
    --25's all out @ 60
    rest 30 and repeat

    100 EZ

    Pull 3 x through
    3 x 50 @ 200 pace (by round, 65, 60, 55)
    100 paddles only build (by round, 1:35, 1:30, 1:25)
    50 sprint w/paddles (by round, 60, 55, 50)
    rest 60 and repeat

    100 float and out

    i did fairly well considering my lack of pool time. lacking speed and that feel for the water. Back at it.