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joel schmaltz

  1. SC SCM State Meet (Fri & Sat)

    Two days down, one more to go. I am swimming well for me. I have only one small selfish complaint which will come later. I entered the same events as last year with the times from last year. I have my splits but left them in my truck and am too lazy to go get them.

    Fri night 1500
    -- This was not a race, strictly warm up for the weekend.
    Entered w/ 23:07.43 Went 22:33.39

    Sat **Self inflicted trouble
    100 IM
    Entered w/ 1:21.33 Went 1:21.15

    50 Breast (10 min later)
    Entered w/ 42.14 Went 40.43
    Personel best

    100 Back (30 min later)
    Entered w/ 1:22.74 Went 1:21.31
    Personel best. Best part of this race was I went 39.??/41.??. I have never split a 100 that well.

    Mixed 200 MR
    -Was stuck going bk and was a low 38
    State Record

    200 Breast (25 min later)
    Entered w/ 3:22.30 Went 3:21.11
    Long glide with little effort. I'm sorry, but this is just a silly event. I am sure it is a difficult event if you swim it hard and correctly. Not me.

    Mens 200 FR (40 min later)
    -I actually anchored this one butdon't know what i went yet.

    400 IM
    Here comes my complaint. Ususally the take a quick break after the Relays. I was still in the pool from the relay when the first whistle was blown for the my heat to swim. REALLY?? I was so frusrated that I just floated through it. I was looking forward to this one.
    Entered w/6:36.90 Went a mid 6:38

    I really have no reason to complain. I swam well and I was the one that signed upnfor this mess. I just was expecting a small break.

    Pasta √
    Couple of beers √