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joel schmaltz

  1. Sat 2/1/14

    Odd week here in North Myrtle Beach with the ice and snow. The town basically shut down for a couple of days. The city did a good job with the salt, sand and brine. We had a little over an inch of ice at our house that stayed for a couple of days.

    Back to the routine. Quick one today.

    500 mix up
    10 x 50 on coaches whistle
    -- A mix of kick, drill, fast, and stroke
    100 swim

    Choice set of broken 3 x (4 x150's)
    -- Went free, back, breast by round
    Round 1
    50 fast r/5
    50 perfect form r/5
    50 fast r/20

    Round 2
    25 perfect form r/5
    50 @ 200 pace r/5
    25 sprint r/5
    50 perfect form r/20

    Round 3
    25 perfect form r/5
    75 fast r/5
    25 perfect form r/5
    25 sprint r/20

    4 x through , IM order @ coaches whistle
    3 x 25 kick ~ 40
    50 drill ~ 60
    75 swim ~ 1:20

    100 cruise and out


    We are doing the polar plunge this afternoon for the SC Special Olympics. This could be interesting. I have teased our oldest daughter by asking her which one of my bright drag suits or briefs I should wear. "Daddy, PLEASE wear some board shorts!" Hahaha.