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joel schmaltz

  1. Notes to self

    -In Jan, stay out of the confident GTD kool aid.
    -Swim more. My notes show that I swam faster when I swam more and did less dryland.
    -Stretch more
    -Warm down more. Sounds simple doesn't it.
    -DPS fly might be the way to go for me in my 4IM.
    -Chris's rating calculator shows my IM's are my best events on all three courses. One of them is at the top of the list. The other one or two are also in the top four.
    -The fly and br legs of the IM are my Achilles heel. Most of my energy gets used during fly. DPS fly might be the short term answer.
    -KICK! KICK! KICK! Make it more of a habit while swimming in practice. I am a strong kicker compared to the rest of our team but am a weak kicker compared to most of the USMS population.
    -Bilateral breath when possible in practice for stroke balance. Hard for me to do when we are swimming fast. I do like breathing every 4 strokes. Maybe this will help.
    -Continue to have fun! Should be easy to do.