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joel schmaltz

  1. 6/6/11 Solo Swim

    Well I started the week off by getting up a half a hour too late. I did make it to the pool and got a quick swim in. Felt really good once I woke up. Shortened my planned workout and decided to really work the stroke portions. I have been too close to the wall lately on my back turns and my legs have been scrunched up. I am blaming it on the fact that my underwater work has improved.

    300 Choice
    200 Pull
    4 x 50 @ 60 Kick Descend

    50 free
    2 x 50 bk
    100 free
    2 x 100 bk
    200 free
    200 bk
    2 x 100 free
    100 bk
    2 x 50 free
    50 bk

    100 EZ

    200 breast build

    200 w/d
  2. Sat with the team

    Spent the entire day with the team today. After practice they all went to breakfast and then to the beach for the day. I skipped breakfast because I needed to get home to help the wife get my two girls ready plus two friends that were going also. Have you ever tried to get out the the door with five women?

    I really felt the my lack of swimming lately at practice today. School is now out so I will have more time to refocus myself. I have three weeks to get it all back before our LCM state meet. Plenty of work to do!

    Practice went like this...

    300 Choice

    12 x 50 @ 60
    1-6 fly/back by 25
    7-12 breast/free by 25

    5 x 200 @ 2:40 (90%)

    100 EZ

    10 x 100 @ 1:30 (90%)

    12 x 50 pull
    1-4 back @ 60
    5-8 free @ 50
    9-12 fr @40

    200 w/d


    Our team is participating in the Swimming Saves Lives program next week by offering free swim lessons to those would need it. I was surprised at how the slots filled up so quickly. I am really pumped to be a part of this. Because of this my plan is to shake my tail out of bed and get my pool time in before work since I will be busy with lessons each night after work. It is a shame that people don't know how to swim especially living so close to water. Can't wait!!!!
  3. Wed. Team Practice

    I had not been in the the water since Sat. and boy did I feel it. Personally, I do much better by swimming five or six times throughout the week even if two or three of them are not very intense. Just couldn't get it going and felt like I was a foot below the water surface. School is out this week so I won't have to take the little ones to school for awhile. This will free up my mornings a lot.

    I sent in my entry for the South Carolina Long Course State Championships today. I have not been in a 50M pool since I was 18.
    I am now 41.

    I am actually really looking forward to it. Signed up for a bunch of events just to see how I'll do.

    Practice went as follows:

    2 x 200 swim, 100 kick

    10 x 50 @ 60 drill/swim by 50

    8 x 100 pull @ 1:35 breathe 3/5 by 50

    6 times through
    100 strong @ 1:30
    50 all out sprint

    4 x 200 w/fins kick/swim by 50
    odds backstroke
    evens free

    250 free done as
    50 mod,50 sprint,50 mod,50 sprint,50 mod

    200 w/d

    Kind of a bunch of different things and I was glad that that it was not a killer. Looking forward to doing some serious training now.
  4. Low Country Swim

    Yesterday, a crew of us made the two hour drive down to Mount Pleasant to take part in a 2.4 mile swim in the Cooper River.

    Even though open water swimming is not my "gig" I had a blast with this swim. Good company, very well organized event , and a awesome party afterwards to top off the day. I didn't wait around long enough for the results but I think I had a time of low to mid 40 min. My only complaint about the event is that it takes forever for the results to be announced and posted online. I needed to hit the road to get back home.

    There is a strong current as we catch the tide rolling out. However, the wind was blowing pretty good directly into our faces which created choppy waves throught the entire race. Very hard to get into a groove with your stroke.

    Over 500 swimmers in two waves. The first mile and a half I tried not to use my legs much. Felt great and was still passing people which took my mind off of how much I had left to go. Once I got next to the Yorktown I found a bit of a groove and kicked the legs in.

    Afterwards I didn't feel like I had pushed it hard enough but my legs were pretty drained.

    This was strictly a fun event for me to participate in. Absolutely no pressure or nerves. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
  5. Quick & EZ Friday

    I actually borrowed a workout from SJ Black and trimmed it down to fit within my short time frame this morning. I only have roughly 45 min. of pool time when I go to the pool in the morning. A great time to work on some little things though.

    200 Swim
    200 Kick
    200 Pull

    4 x 250 w/20
    odds pull
    evens swim

    12 x 25 w/10
    Went IM order
    1. count strokes
    2. faster & hold stroke count
    3. faster & hold stroke count

    200 w/d


    I had posted earlier that I was planning on getting back into my old dryland routine. Maybe if I put it in writing here I will be more motivated to really stick with it. It worked last summer.

    M am. weights (high reps)
    pm. team practice

    T am. solo pool time
    pm. P90 core

    W am. weights (high reps)
    pm. team practice

    T am. P90 yoga
    pm. P90 abs

    F am. solo pool time
    pm. P90 choice (kempo, cardio, or plyo)

    S am. team practice
    pm. P90 abs

    S P90 stretch (my favorite!!)

    I have to do it now that I have posted it. Except for practicing with the team I try to workout mostly when the kids are asleep. Either early in the morning or after bed time at night. We will see.
  6. Team Practice

    This was just what I needed for the middle of the week. A workout with some low intensity swimming. All we were expected to do was keep good form and really work the turns. It was a great opportunity for me to really concentrate on what I was doing without worrying about the clock.

    400 Choice
    400 IM Drill
    12 x 75 Pull @ 1:05
    50 EZ
    8 x 50 fly/back by 25 @ 65
    8 x 125 @ 2:00 (4 SDK off each wall)
    50 EZ
    8 x 50 back/breast @65
    6 x 100 dolphin kick w/fins @ 1:30
    8 x 50 breast/free @ 65
    100 w/d


    We actually cut out two of the 100's kick because of time constraints. I was so glad to be able to really pay attention on my strokes on a easy interval.

    I have decided to get back into doing my old dryland routine that I was doing last summer. It was a mix of P90, yoga, a little bit of weights, and a lot of stretching. I miss the way I felt while I was doing all the extra dryland. It will all work out fine unless the wife starts to complain about not seeing me much. She probably thinks that she sees me too much already.
  7. The "N" Workout

    A little something different today.The idea was to get as many reps in as possible for each exercise. Then coach would record them, probably for some kind of punishment later on.After all recordings were made, we had approx. 30 sec. of rest before the next one. Kind of fun to do something different and it all went by very fast.

    10 min. Warm up

    10 min. N x 100 kick w/fins R:5

    10 min. N x 200 pull R:20

    10 min. N x 100 stroke(all the same) R:10
    I chose backstroke

    10 min. N x 50 free work the turns R:10

    10 min. N x 25 shooters w/fins R:10

    10 min. N x 75 free R:5


    Felt great during the 100's stroke. It has been a long time since my backstroke has felt worth a flip.

    I was dreading the 75's at the end. My legs actually stayed with me and I cruised right along on them.

    I have already been working on my goals for next SCY season. We don't have any LC pools anywhere around here so I don't have much else to think about.

    My focus events will be the 200 IM and the 500. I am so close to bettering my 200 IM B70 time, so I am pumped about that. I still have this burning desire to swim the 400 IM just to to say " I DID IT!" My fly is what I need to spend time on and that scares me.
  8. Watching The BIG fish

    Today I traveled up to Charlotte to watch the prelims of the Ultraswim meet. What an awesome experience! Way too many things to comment on with so many fast swims. Very nice to have that much talent 3.5 hrs away.

    My schedule for the this weekend cleared out this past Monday, the day after they stopped selling tickets online. Aquageek did his best to advise me and even try to find me a ticket. It all worked out fine and now I owe Bill for his time and efforts during his own busy schedule.

    The meet ran very fast. The first session was finished by 11:50. Less than three hours!

    A few things that really stuck with me.

    1.Coughlin has the smoothest backstroke if have ever seen and some awesome underwater skills.

    2.Shanteau's hands are very fast and he "rides" the glide.

    3.Lochte's underwaters are crazy fast and long.

    4.Soni looks much smaller in person than on TV.

    5.Even when Phelps is standing by other tall and lean athletes his arms look twice as long as theirs. His 200 fly looked effortless.

    Just a few of my thoughts. A extremely fun day and probably the fastest three hours of my life.

    Now back to the real world of chores and problems at work.
  9. Team Practice 4/27/11

    Very small group tonight at practice. I even got my own lane the second half of practice which was nice.

    Continued to work on some pacing. Used the tempo trainer a lot tonight. Coach and I are really working hard trying to get my pacing right.

    200 CHOICE
    200 KICK (100 BREAST, 100 FLY)
    10 X 50 @ 1:15
    EVENS: FREE (25 1 BREATH, 25 EZ)

    15 X 100
    1-5 @ 1:45 DESCEND
    6-9 @ 1:35 DESCEND
    10-12 @ 1:25 DESCEND
    13-14 @ 1:15 DESCEND
    REST 1:00
    15 SPRINT

    10 X 50 KICK
    1-5 @ 1:05
    6-10 @ 45 W/FINS


    200 W/D


  10. Freestyle pace work

    A quick little freestyle workout with the team. It was all about pacing today.

    400 Choice

    12 x 25 kick w/fins @ 30
    alternate front, back, and side

    500 pull @ 6:45
    500 swim @ 6:45
    10 x 100 @ 1:25
    500 swim @ 6:45 breathe 1/3
    500 pull @ 6:45 breathe 1/3

    200 w/d


    I have found that bilateral breathing really kills me. It is getting easier for me but it is hard to teach a old dog new tricks. I figure even if I don't do it in a race, doing it in practice will even my stroke out.
  11. IM Day With The Team

    A lot of stroke work today. The intervals were not to tough so we could really work our turns and SDKs. I tried to keep a even pace throughout all of the swims.

    Not very many people came to practice this morning and I actually got my own lane which was nice.

    300 Choice

    200 Fly kick
    alternate front/back by 50

    2000 IM Broken
    5 x 100 fly @ 1:45
    4 x 125 back @ 2:15
    2 x 250 breast @ 4:15
    500 fr @ 6:30

    4 x 25 scull choice (no interval)

    1200 IM Broken
    6 x 50 fly @ 60
    4 x 75 bk @ 1:30
    2 x 150 br @ 2:45
    300 fr @ 4:00

    10 x 50 kick/swim by 25 @ 60
    mix up strokes

    200 very EZ


    I love doing IM or stroke workouts. I have a burning desire to swim a 400 IM sometime just to say I did it. My fly is the major problem. Along with technical issues the fly is a big mental problem for me. I had an opportunity to work on it today.
  12. Bilateral breathing cont...

    Bilateral breathing shouldn't be that hard but it is for a forty year old that doesn't swim that way. I have no problem doing it when the intervals are not extremely tough for me or when I am warming up. I need to make it a habit.

    I think coach wrote this workout with me in mind. It was designed so we could get a good bit of distance in while concentrating on our breathing pattern.

    300 Choice (snorkel and bouy)

    10 x 25 kick
    odds. fly on belly
    evens. fly on back

    Broken 2500 w/10 @ each break breathe 1/3
    This was like the Davis Mile only longer.
    Increase effort as distance decreases.

    400 pull cruise

    10 x 25 @ 30
    odd. fly
    even. breast

    500 for time breathe 1/3

    200 w/d


    I actually loved this workout because I could really concentrate on what I suppose to do and not worry about a interval.

    I moved over one lane and let the "real" distance swimmers go ahead and do what they do best. They worst thing thing about the Davis Mile type swims is when your mind wanders off for a bit and you lose track of where you are.
  13. Monday Evening 4-11-11

    Not very many people came to practice tonight. There must be something good going on around town that I didn't get the memo.

    Had a great practice tonight and actually felt longer then I usually do. Maybe I am catching on to something. I guess if you listen to your coach you may even improve.

    We had a very short warm up so I used the first little bit of the main set to keep warming up a little.

    300 choice (snorkel and bouy for me)

    3 x 125 @ 1:35
    rest 30
    1 x 125 @ 1:30
    rest 35
    2 x 100 @ 1:30
    rest 35
    3 x 100 @ 1:25
    rest 40
    3 x 100 @ 1:20
    rest 45
    3 x 100 @ 1:15
    rest 50
    3 x 100 @ 1:10
    100 EZ

    Put some fins on for some fly kick

    2 x 125 @ 2:00 cruise
    25 shooter @ 1:00 fast
    1 x 150 @ 2:00 fast
    2 x 100 @ 1:30 cruise
    1 x 125 @ 1:30 fast
    25 shooter @ 1:00 fast
    3 x 75 @ 1:00 moderate
    1 x 100 swim EZ

    2 x 250 pull w/snorkel @ 3:30 cruise


    I did really well on the 100's until the 1:10 interval came around. I ended up just giving it all I had and taking 3-4 seconds rest since I couldn't make it.

    My quads really felt it during the rather long kick set. They didn't cramp up but they really hurt in the end.
  14. Sat. Team practice

    This morning was just one of those quiet morning practices. I think everyone was thinking about getting home to enjoy the nice weather we finally have here on the coast.

    I think we all just kind of swam through practice. Not too slow but definitely not very many high quality swims.

    Coach had a great workout though. I am trying to learn how to bilateral breathe so I worked on that as much as I could .

    600 (200 swim/100 kick)
    8 x 50 (odds kick/swim , evens drill/swim)

    2 x the following

    4 x 100 @ 1:30 hold a good pace
    400 pull negative split w/30

    8 x 50 @ 60 (IM order/free)

    4 x 100 IM @ 1:50

    400 pull negative split

    8 x 50 @ 55 ( descend stroke count 1-4)

    200 w/d


    The intervals were not difficult I just was not all there today. Nothing very impressive but I'll take it and move on.

    Time to get some chores done and then get outside to enjoy some sunshine this weekend.
  15. Pace change

    We worked on more pacing tonight. Started out with a nice long warm up followed by a rather long main set.

    My lane mate tonight is definitely the distance diva of the entire team. I knew I wouldn't be able to hang with her for very long so I just swam practice like I was by myself.

    4 x 100 choice w/15
    8 x 25 @ 45 choice drill
    4 x 100 pull w/20
    2 x 200 kick w/20
    4 x 25 @ 45 swim @ 90% effort

    The following was concentrating on switching between 90% effort and about 80%.

    6 x 400 w/30
    #1 last 100 90%
    #2 third 100 and last 50 90%
    #3 second 100 and last 50 90%
    #4 first 100 and last 50 90%
    #5 first and last 100 90%
    #6 alternate effort by 50

    200 EZ


    The first three felt fast, long, and smooth. Number four got sloppy quickly. Number five was awful and I was not having fun any more. The last one I was able to pull it all back together. I think I was really looking forward to the warm down followed by a nice long hot shower.

    I probably should to some serious stretching tonight but my chair feels so good.

    Looking forward to some basketball in the next couple of weeks. Lets what the Spartans can do now that it is show time.
  16. Technique Monday

    I absolutely love to do these kind of workouts every now and then. Lots of rest, don't worry about how fast you are going. Just concentrate on what you are doing.

    Since today was a typical Monday I was especially grateful for not having a killer workout.

    600 Choice

    4 x 50 25 fly/25 dolphin kick on back
    4 x 50 25 fly/25 back

    2 x through the following
    100 IM kick
    100 IM drill
    100 IM build

    4 x 50 25 back/25 back kick
    4 x 50 25 back/25 breast

    2 x through the following
    100 IM kick
    100 IM drill
    100 IM build

    4 x 50 25 breast/25 breast kick
    4 x 50 25 breast/25 free

    300 w/d


    I could bet my pay check that practice on Wed. will not be easy since coach threw us a bone tonight.

    BTW , what the heck is this?

    Now that I clicked on it I now know that it is a "bighug".
  17. Morning wake up

    Worked on some more pacing today. I really need it. Felt good through most of it I just didn't swim quite as well as I felt. That's alright, I'll take what I can get.

    10 Min. mix up w/u
    4 x 50 free drill (coaches choice)

    2 x 500 w/10
    Hold 1:15's for me. Did good on the first one, second one got sloppy.

    50 EZ

    Broken 500
    (3 x 100 w/10, 4 x 50 w/10)

    50 EZ

    6 x 50
    Drill to flag, hit turn hard and sprint 25 AFAP.

    50 EZ

    4 x 225
    (150 free, 50 stroke , 25 stroke sprint)

    6 x 75 w/20
    (25 drill, 25 build, 25 sprint with 10 push ups after each 75)

    300 w/d


    We were running out of time so we took a vote and skipped the 4 x 225. So actually we only went 3600. I may have cast my vote for the wrong item. The push ups after the sprints were not very fun.

    I was glad to be able to mix in some stroke swims after all the free we did on Monday. Not too much fast swimming tonight. Mostly working on some technique with a few fast sprints mixed in.

    10 min. choice w/u
    200 dolphin kick on back

    3 x the following
    200 stroke moderate @ 4:00
    2 x 100 stroke build @ 1:50
    2 x 50 sprint @ 1:30

    Went back on rounds one and three, breast on round two.

    8 x 75 pull cruise
    1 - 2 fly @ 1:20
    3 - 4 back @ 1:20
    5 - 8 free @ 1:05

    16 x 25
    1 - 8 stroke build @ 35
    9 - 12 stroke sprint @ 40
    13 - 16 free DPS @ 30

    Went odds back and evens breast.

    300 w/d


    Backstroke felt very smooth tonight. My breaststroke kick was not very powerful but my turns were nice and long.
  19. 500s w/toys

    We don't use toys that often during team practice. I was surprised to see the workout tonight. The focus of the main set was to hold a fast pace with the use of various toys. I had fun with this and felt strong on the final set of sprints.

    I tried lifting some weights this morning. High reps. with some light weight just to ease into it. I haven't lifted in about a year. I got hooked on P90 but needed a change. So I took my favorite P90 workouts and have tried to add in some weights also. We will see how long this lasts or how long it takes for the wife to say that she never sees me anymore.

    200 SWIM
    200 IM DRILL

    6 X 500 REST 60
    6. EZ (25 SWIM/ 25 KICK/ 50 BUOY)

    5 X 100 @ 3:00 ALL OUT SPRINT

    300 W/D

  20. 2/26 Team Practice

    The focus for today was to keep my stroke long and work on a little bit of pacing. I have really let my stroke fall apart when my body has had enough lately. Plus, I have struggled with pacing my swims.

    Pacing will be my focus for awhile.

    The last bit of the "broken" 1000 was a little to fast for me today. I did the best I could and am happy with what I did.

    The little sets afterward were really designed to get our strokes back to normal and stretch out.

    400 FREE
    100 STROKE

    100 @ 1:20
    200 @ 2:34
    300 @ 3:45
    400 @ 4:48

    5 x 100 @ 2:00 BREATHE 3/5/3/5 BY 25 LONG AND SMOOTH

    50 @ 50 SMOOTH PULL
    50 @ 50 BUILD (PADDLES ONLY)
    50 @ 1:20 ALL OUT (PADDLES ONLY)

    8 X 50 @ 60

    450 W/D


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