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joel schmaltz

  1. Monday 3/11/13

    500 mix up
    4 x 150 @ 3:00 (k/dr/sw by 50)
    --went bk,fr,br,fr
    6 x 50 @ 55 (breath 5/7/9 repeat)

    3 x thru
    150 @ 2:15 build to sprint
    100 sprint

    50 cruise
    500 pull (25 sprint, 75 cruise)

    4 x thru
    100 @ 1:30 build to sprint
    50 @ 1:00 sprint

    50 cruise
    500 no walls, 10 fast strokes off turns (not my favorite thing to do)

    100 w/d

    Not much gas in the tank this evening. I am not diasappointed with my times but should have been really moving on the sprints. I was too close to the wall on EVERY turn tonight. Maybe I am gaining a little more DPS or a little more distance of the wall. I plan to do a solo swim in the morning and mix in some stroke work since our last few workouts have been mainly freestyle.
    Pollen in the air in SC already. Nasty stuff!!
  2. Sat 3/9/13

    Only six of us in the pool today. Everyone is sick or out of town. I still don't feel great and was glad that this morning wasn't too bad. Had no energy through this "200 pacing" workout. The good thing about having a small group is that we get a lot more attention from coach. The bad thing is that she knows EXACTLY how fast/slow we are going. No slacking today.

    500 mix up
    5 x 100 @ 1:35 free, -1 stroke each 25
    5 x 100 @ 1:45 back, -1 stroke each 25

    200 (25 scull/50 drill/25 swim) r/20
    2 x 50, hold 200 race pace r/20
    200 same as above
    2 x 75, hold 200 race pace r/20
    200 same as above
    2 x 100, 50 build to pace/ 50 hold 200 pace

    100 cruise

    200 choice, announce your time and see if you can swim it
    A minute or so for some coaching
    200 2-3 sec faster than first

    3 x 50 br @ 1:15 3 kick/1 pull
    3 x 50 br @ 1:10 with flutter kick
    4 x 50 br @ 1:00 build
    100 back cruise
    2 x 75 br @ 1:30 50 build to sprint/ 25 hold sprint

    100 w/d

    Even without a lot of energy I still had a decent workout.
  3. Pace night 3/6/13

    500 mix up

    My goal was to hold 1:14 pace through this set
    8 x 50 @ 50
    400 @ 6:20
    4 x 100 @ 1:35
    400 @ 6:20
    2 x 200 @ 3:00
    400 @ 6:20
    400 faster than pace

    100 cruise

    pull 2 x through
    200 @ 2:40 neg split
    2 x 100 @ 1:35 neg split
    4 x 50 @ 50 des
    2 x 25 ez kick r/15
    rest 60 between sets

    100 w/d


    I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and a head full of nasty stuff. I don't feel too bad, just not 100%. Is it bad when your coach texts you in the middle of the day "I hope you aren't tired when you come to swim tonight." The intervals weren't hard but holding my 1:14 pace got tough for me. That number is where I end up on the last 300 of my 500. Pacing is something that I have been working hard at for a long time now. I have to say that I am moving in the right direction but have a lot of work to do. The back half of every race at my last meet has improved dramatically.
  4. Tuesday solo swim

    This is an altered version of one I stole from jaadams a long time ago. I had written it down and found it in my "folder of swim stuff". I believe that James pulled a third round and my intervals aren't nearly as fast as his.

    My short version

    300 free
    300 pull
    200 IM drill

    2 times through
    -- round 1 free , round 2 IM
    200 @ 2:50 , 3:15
    50 relax @ 60
    150 @ 2:10, (fl,bk,br) 2:30
    50 relax @ 60
    100 @ 1:25, (fl,bk) 2:00
    50 relax @ 60
    50 @ 40, (fl) 50
    50 relax

    4 x 75 r/10 (25 stroke/50 free) EZ

    2500 and off to work

    i needed this one after my sloppy performance last night. Freestyle felt much better and I actually swam pretty fast for me and should have tightened the intervals a little more and then utilized the 50's relaxing more. Thanks for the workout James.
  5. Monday 3/4/13

    500 mix up
    6 x 50 @ 60 (25 sprint/25 ez)
    --went fl,bk,br x 2

    4 x 200 @ 3:10 pull
    4 x 150 @ 2:25 50 fl. 50 bk, 50 br
    5 x 100 @ 1:35
    6 x 50 @ 55 (2 fl, 2 bk, 2 br)

    100 cruise

    100 fr @ 80% r/10
    100 (50 fl, 50 bk) r/20
    100 fr @ 80% r/10
    100 (50 bk, 50 br) r/20
    100 fr @ 80% r/10
    100 (50 br, 50 fl) r/20
    100 fr @ 80% r/20
    100 IM SPRINT

    100 w/d


    I hadn't been in the water since Thurs. Everything felt fine except freestyle. No power and a bit sloppy. It did feel good to be back in the water. I am always amazed at how nasty it feels even with a mere three days out of the water. Child obligations kept me out so at least I had a good excuse. Glad to be back!
  6. 2/28/13 Quick solo stretch out

    I woke up late but managed to get a short stretch out in. I don't have much time in the morning anyways. I did have something planned but I felt so good on the first swim that I just kept going.

    1000 w/buoy and snorkel
    200 backstroke kick work walls only
    6 x 25 dolphin kick on front w/snorkel
    6 x 25 breast swim w/snorkel
    6 x 25 fly swim playing around
    150 swim

    This is hardly worth writing down. The entire session was spent playing around with body/head position and some stroke work. I do some real work tomorrow.
  7. Wed 2/27/13

    10 min choice
    3 x 100 kick w/fins descend @ 1:45
    --alternate hands at side/streamline by 25
    4 x 25 kick w/fins dolphin kick on back @ 30
    4 x 25 kick w/fins flutter kick on back AFAP @ 30
    --stay on top of water, fast feet
    3 x 100 kick on back no fins descend @ 2:30

    50 EZ

    5 x 500 @ 8:00 done as
    1. 100's at 70,90,100,70,100 %
    2. 75's at 70,90,100 % ,50 cruise, 75's at 70,90,100 %
    3. build 50's 1-5 and 6-10
    4. swim for time
    5. w/d


    No energy tonight. Ended up skipping lunch and working late. This would explain a lot. I did fairly well but was disappointed in my timed swim. I did get myself entered for the Pan Am games today. Early registration ends tomorrow. It will save you $20.
    Due to child obligations, I won't be able to make it to any meets this spring so now I have something to train for. As much as I like to swim, I always need something to work towards.
  8. Monday 2/25/13

    Tonight was a mixed bag of smal sets. We were given a good bit of rest so we could pick up the intensity a little.

    10 min choice

    50 fast vert kick/6 spin strokes/fast flip/sprint back to wall rest 15
    three more but with 7,8,9 spin strokes
    repeat set

    400 (50,cruise/50 sprint/50 overkick swim/50 sprint)
    9 x 50 @ 50 descend groups of 3
    6 x 50 back @ 55 (6 SDK of walls/4 fast strokes/ez to wall)
    400 pull (3,5,7,9 by 25 exhale the entire time face is in water)

    2 times through
    2 x 100 neg split r/45
    2 x 50 build r/30
    4 x 25 sprint r/15
    rest 60 and repeat

    3 x 150 @ 2:45 (100 @ 500 pace/50 stroke choice sprint)

    100 w/d


    I pushed myself harder tonight than I have in a long time. Maybe it was the added rest. Maybe it was the full moon. Six SDK of the walls for backstroke is about right for me. Any more and I am faster on top of the water. I have a lot of catch and head position work to do on freestyle. Bad habits are hard to change.
  9. Rainy Sat 2/23/13

    10 min choice

    8 x 25 @ 60
    --swim a 25 then kick hard with arms straight against wall
    400 moderate swim w/bouy
    --do fast open turns w/focus on keeping knees tight like for fly and br

    3 times through
    200 (75 strong/25 build to 90%) r/30
    6 x 25 @ 30 (alternate moderate and sprint)

    9 x 150 rest 15
    1-3, 100 free build/50 back
    4-6, 100 IM 90%/50 back
    7-9, free w/bouy even split 50's

    8 x 50 @ 60 3/5/7/9 by 50 focus on core

    100 w/d


    I climbed out of bed 15 min before practice started this morning. Missed most of the 10 min warm up and wasn't feelin' it the rest of practice. Thankfully it wasn't bad this morning. Second day of rain here at the beach. Last Sat night it snowed here. Looks like a good day to do nothing.
  10. Monday 2/18/13

    We have had a small showing at practice following our meet last weekend. Coach is out of town and asked if I would bring in a workout. I guess she needed a break from all of us. Not feeling creative again, I stole this one from Tall Paul and part of one from Laurie.

    200 swim
    200 IM drill/swim by 25
    200 pull DPS

    "Thorpe test set" 40 x 50
    We started at base/2 + 5 and added 10 each set
    16 x 50 every 4th at 200 pace
    12 x 50 every 3rd at 200 pace
    8 x 50 every other one at 200 pace
    4 x 50 all at 200 pace

    16 x 25 kick @ 45 IMO
    8 x 50 @ 60 IMO cruise/build by 25
    400 (25 stroke/75 DPS free)

  11. 2/16/13

    Not feeling very creative so I decided to borrow one of the workouts from the Stroke and IM workout forums. I used most of it and made a few minor changes. Thanks Laurie!

    200 free drill/free swim by 25
    100 kick
    100 pull
    200 IM drill/swim by 25
    4 x 50 IMO build R/15

    700 alternate 100 free/100 back R/30
    4 x 150 alt. 25 stroke kick/50 free R/20
    500 alt. 100IM/100 stroke R/20
    4 x 100 stroke R/15 (odds bk, evens br)
    4 x 75 (25 stroke/50 free) R/10
    100 EZ
    masters minute or two
    4 x 25 IMO sprint @ 45

    200 w/d


    I swam about 4500 on Wed but other than that I have not been in the pool at all this week for various reasons. It felt good to be back and this one went by quickly. Didn't push any of the main set and just focused on form and turns.
  12. Day three is in the books

    Was a bit tight this morning but it all seemed to work itself out during warm up. I had another good day of swimming for me.

    First up, 4IM. Had a lot butterflies in my stomach before this and decided to take the fly out easy and see what I would feel like afterwards. My fly sucks but I like this event. This is about the 5Th or 6TH time I have tried the 4IM
    Greensboro Today
    33.34 34.95
    42.19 43.08 OUCH!!
    41.76 42.51
    41.85 43.63
    48.02 47.01
    49.08 48.62
    39.96 37.45
    39.83 37.21
    5:36.13 5:34.46
    Happy with the time drop but not thrilled with the fl and bk splits. Lots of work to do here and if I get my fly technique down I have the potntial to drop some more time.

    50 breast
    previous best 36.63
    went 35.86
    I have broken 35 on a relay before and hoped for a little more but this is fine.

    200 free. I entered this just to see what I could do.
    previous best 2:20.43
    35.37 1:07.39
    34.86 1:10.68 2:18.07

    I am happy with these splits and probably could have pushed the whole race a little more. Lack of experience.

    200 breast. Filler event and I think it might help out with my IM's.
    previous best 2:57.69
    45.61 1:25.79
    45.40 1:31.37 2:57.16
    I just tried to stay long and work the turns a little. Defintely not my race but again I am happy with the splits.

    Today I was laid back after the 4IM was over. My better events were yesterday so there was little self inflicted pressure today. Back to lab tomorrow in the pool and next stop will probably be Sarasota unless I can find another meet that doesn't interfere with dance and gymnastics.
  13. Day two is in the past

    I had a decent meet today.
    First up the 500. Self inflicted pressure on this one. I was 6:11.38 in Greensboro last year.
    34.94 1:06.88
    37.05 1:13.20
    37.58 1:14.97
    38.30 1:16.42
    37.06 1:15.78 6:07.25
    Absolutely thrilled with this. As you can see my pacing is not very good. This is the fastest I have been since 2010.

    Next was the 200 back. I really wanted this one. Entered with 2:38.96 from last year.
    39.83 1:17.09
    39.57 1:19.61 2:36.70
    Again I think this is the fastest I have been since 2010. I think I was a little too relaxed on this race and probably could have pushed this a bit more.

    50 free. I never swim this except for relays. I never heard the "take your mark" command. EVERYONE was gone before I realized what was going on. Ended up with a 29.17. No further comments except two others had the same issue in other events.

    Mens medley relay, went backstroke. Not my best event.
    Previous best 50 bk is 36.22.
    Went 33.75 NICE!

    Mixed medley relay, went backstroke two heats later.
    Went 34.04 The 33.75 wasn't a fluke.

    50 back went another 34.04

    200 IM. Was 2:34.66 in Greensboro last year.
    46.58 Piano always falls here
    35.87 2:37.28

    Was too relaxed and went out way too slow and never got going. It was race number seven of the day but I am better than this. No complaints and I am glad the day is over. I am happy with my swims and my crazy 50 gave us something to talk about.
  14. The night before

    SC SCY state meet starts tonight with the mile. Usually before a big meet I send out some sort of message to my teammates to try to pump them up a little. This year I went cheesy with this little message. Keep in mind it was done quickly with not much thought.

    'twas the night before race day and all through the house not a swimmer could sleep not even there spouse.
    I had packed up my swim bag and it lay by the stair.
    Extra goggles, caps and my racing suit with a small tear.
    My children were all asleep in their beds.
    While 14 races played out continuously through my head.
    14 races, have I completely lost my darn mind?
    All I can do is hope the stroke and turn judge will be rather kind.
    I trust my coach and all of the work I have done.
    Hangin with my teammates is the best kind of fun.
    Should I check my bag AGAIN to make sure its all there.
    I glance through it quickly with a very intense stare.
    Will my body make it through race one, the unforgiving mile?
    Would I get the "mercy clap" cause my race took quite awhile?
    13 races still to follow that beast.
    Social Sat night with friends to enjoy a grand feast.
    Two of my favs come on Sat, the 500 and the 200 back.
    Thankfully they are not scheduled to be back to back.
    In the 4IM I made to the fast heat.
    But seriously doubt there is anyone there I will beat.
    In that race I will be swimming in lane eight.
    Maybe "outside smoke" is the nickname I will soon take.
    If I make through that one I will feel very proud.
    And know that my two girls will be cheering so loud.
    I have swum these races over and over in my mind.
    I'm sure the championship trophy we will soon find.

    Yes I know it is goofy and slightly on the cheesy side, but who cares.

    Swam my usual 1650 race/warm up for the rest of the weekend. The mile and I don't like each other much. A teammate and I took turns drafting of each other and cruised the entire way. So I guess I can't really count this one as a race.
  15. 2/06/13

    Last team practice before our SCY state meet. Short, fast stuff tonight. Went a little some like this.

    400 mix up
    8 x 50 @ 60 25 dr/25 build
    -went IM order

    4 x "100" done as
    -50 stroke at 90% r/10, 50 free ez r/30
    4 x 100 choice w/perfect form @ 1:50
    -went IM ,bk ,br, fr
    4 x 50 choice descend @ 60
    -went bk

    10-15 min of turn work

    4 x 25 sprint r/10 , 75 float @ 3:00

    start work and hot tub

    Nothing exciting here. Just a little speed work and feeling fast.
  16. Back and Breast day

    400 mix up
    100 swim
    300 3 stroke burst off walls (alt. fr/stroke by 50)

    2 x through , rest 10 between everything
    4 x 50 drill
    50 build
    100 build
    200 build
    4 x 50 drill
    50 build
    100 sprint
    50 EZ
    100 sprint
    50 EZ
    masters min
    **went back for round 1, br for round 2 (ouch!)

    turn practice and starts
    hot tub

    Getting ready for our meet this weekend. I don't have a large enough base to taper from but will rest a little bit this week. No dryland this week, only some stretching and we will see what happens.
  17. Sat with the team

    450 (100 fr/50 stroke)
    100 ez kick
    6 min kick
    -30 sec ez, 20 sec sprint
    -IM order

    2 x through
    50's at 90%, pulls are cruise with perfect form
    2 x 50 @ 45
    100 pull @ 1:45
    4 x 50 @ 50
    200 pull @ 3:30
    6 x 50 @ 55
    300 pull @ 5:00

    Hot Tub

    We had another set to do but worked on starts instead. I felt better today than I have the past couple of weekends. This will help my confidence level leading into our state meet next weekend. I am starting to bet excited about next weekend and am happy with the spacing of my events. I think that I only have two events each day that will be back to back. Time to go to work to make a little extra cash for our Sarasota trip in June.
  18. 1/30/13

    300 w/bouy and snorkel
    200 kick w/fins (various ez SDK body positions)

    30 x 100 done as
    5 x 100 free @ 1:35 build
    3 x 100 backstroke kick r/20
    2 x 100 free @ 1:30 strong swims, work walls
    3 x 100 IM @ 1:45 slow and steady, perfect stroke
    4 x 100 fly kick r/20
    3 x 100 IM @ 1:35 sprint best stroke
    4 x 100 free @ 1:25 maintain effort and pace
    2 x 100 kick r/20 3rd 25 underwater AFAP
    4 x 100 free @ 1:25 descend

    200 w/d


    I liked this one. Mostly because we were mixing up the 100's. I don't think that those sets of 100 x 100's are for me no matter how much switching up there is. Huge difference between 30 and 100 anyways. Everything felt good tonight except breaststroke. I need to get it under control (in my head) for my IM races that are coming up soon.
  19. Its Monday all day long

    500 mix up
    6 x 75 @ 1:30 w/fins
    --50 sprint kick
    --25 sprint swim
    --went fl,bk,fr by 75
    100 cruise

    2 x through (focus on form and turns)
    2 x 50 fly r/10
    100 bk r/10
    2 x 50 br r/10
    100 free r/60
    100 fly r/10
    2 x 50 bk r/10
    100 br r/10
    2 x 50 fr r/60

    Talked to coach for a few about my stroke

    2 x through
    200 @ 3:20 even split
    2 x 100 @ 1:40 negative split
    4 x 50 @ 55 descend
    --pulled round one and went back on two

    100 w/d


    Felt pretty good tonight. The stroke set was nice to work on form and turns while not stressed with a interval. On the last set I should have pulled on a faster interval but did well on the the backstroke round. Backstroke is feeling really good latly. I have been working on my pacing and I think it is paying off.
  20. Sat 1/26/13

    500 mix up
    6 x 50 kick sprint @ 1:30
    *1-4 w/board
    *5-6 no board w/fins

    6 x 250 done as
    *200 build r/5
    *50 stroke sprint r/30

    16 x 50 choice @ 1:00
    *1-4 hold 200 pace + 2
    rest extra 60
    *5-8 hold 200 pace + 1
    rest extra 60
    *9-12 at 200 pace
    rest extra 60
    *13-16 hold 200 pace - 1

    200 w/d

    3300 in and out quickly

    I liked the workout but I didn't have any impressive swims today. Sat morning practices have been a little off for me lately. I think I have just been worn out from the week. No more crying the blues today.
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