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Calvin S

  1. Saturday 12/21/13

    Saturday 12/21

    "Chesapeake Elite Meet Day 3"

    50 FR - 23.07

    I had a bad flip-turn and finish on this race. As soon as I climbed out of the water and saw the time, I wanted that race back. Frustrating to go a time you can normally do in practice on any given day!

    200 BR - 2:13.38 (29.83/33.52 [1:03.35] 34.56/35.47 [1:10.03])

    I faded down the stretch more than I expected. My stroke just unraveled. I think my nagging knee pain over the past few weeks is partially to blame. Not directly during the race, but the pain made me cut down my breaststroke training during the crucial pre-taper and taper period. I think I need to just use the next month to get it healthy and then work in practice on keeping my form when I am broken down...not mentally checking out of the race when it comes to the little things.

    Total: 5000 (ish)
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