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Calvin S

  1. Sunday 12/8/13

    Sunday 12/8

    PM only SCY

    300 swim every 3rd 25 scull
    12x25 @ :40 odd: drill, even: under H2O kick w/ fins
    3x100 @ 1:15 pull w/ buoy + paddles + snorkel

    3x (RD1/2 first interval, RD3 w/ fins second interval)
    200 @ 2:10/2:00
    100 @ 1:05/1:00
    4x25 @ :25 FAST FR kick w/ board (RD3 under H2O kick)

    300 EZ

    Total: 3300

    Weather really ruined practices the latter half of this week. Was able to sneak in an hour and a half at the pool during the small window it was open today.