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Calvin S

  1. Friday 12/14/12

    Friday 12/14

    AM only SCY

    AM swim:

    500 swim
    5x100 @ 1:40 k/s/dr/bld

    3x100 @ 1:20 D1-3
    100 EZ

    50 BR kick
    50 BR drill
    4x25 @ :30 V.S. BR

    100 Breaststroke: 1:03.8

    Not a great swim. My groin felt sore during warm-up and after the race. I think I strained it slightly (trying to race breaststroke when I am out of shape still). I will probably scratch the 200 BR tomorrow and just do some scouting for my college team and use the rest of the weekend to train. The groin needs rest so I will be laying off the breaststroke for a few weeks.

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  2. Thursday 12/13/12

    Thursday 12/13

    PM only SCY

    at the Chesapeake Pro-Am.

    500 warm-up I.M.
    5x100 @ 1:40 k/s/dr/bld

    3x100 @ 1:20 D1-3
    4x50 @ 1:00 15M burst off each wall


    BR leg of the 200 Medley Relay
    1:39.81 (28.6)

    3rd leg of 800 Free Relay
    7:12.91 (1:54.4)

    This meet will end up being an eye-opener for me in terms of how bad a shape I am in. I need to buckle down over the next 4-5 weeks to get back in racing shape.
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