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Calvin S

  1. Wednesday 1/9/19

    PM SCY Solo @ LRRC “I.M. tired”
    CORE7 post swim


    10x100 @ 1:45 kick/scull/drill/swim w/ SNKL

    Odd: FL/BK/BR
    Even: BK/BR/FR
    6 @ 1:20 drill
    6 @ 1:05 STRONG

    10x50 @ :40 FL kick w/ fins + BD

    6x100 pull w/ SP
    Odd @ 1:15 FR
    Even @ 1:30 BK

    Total: 3000


    - high plank to low plank (RD3 switch on command)
    - crunch to sit up w/ 10# db (RD1), Statue of Liberty sit ups w/ 10# db (RD2 switch every :15, RD3 switch at :30)
    - leg lift to hip raise (RD3 switch on command)
    - bicycles (RD1), bicycles/flutter kick on command (RD2 switch at :30), bicycles to flutter kicks (RD3 switch on command)
    - oblique crunch (RD1), oblique v-ups (RD2/RD3 switch at :30)
    - half burpees (RD1), half burpees/mountain climbers (RD2 switch at :30), half burpees to mountain climbers (RD3 switch on command)
    - plank rotations (RD1/RD2), “beat boys” (RD3)

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