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Team: Grand Strand Masters Swimming

  1. 9|30|15 and 10|1|15 (SCM / drylands X2)

    about 600 of easy recovery swimming

    • 5 x 0:23 fast run on 1:00

    Leg Presses
    • 1 x 25 x 450

    Leg curls
    • 4 x 10 x 25 ea leg

    30" Box hops
    • 15 consecutive jumps in 0:45

    Straight leg hip exercise with 2lb DB's tied to shoe laces
    • 1 x 10 ea leg

    0.57mi easy run (4:20)

    150 fr (2:20)

    6 x 50 fr on 1:00
    • started sub 40's at an effortless pace then suddenly slowed down to sub 45's panting out of breath(suck at distance)

    30 x 15m on 0:40
    • work the UW's, kick, and aimed for clean breakouts with solid strokes

    50 fr no breather
    • strict form and easy (0:33)

    Superset 3 x (DBBP + negative PU's + upright rows + incline situps)
    5 sets of cable pulls laying belly down on bench, mimicking an arm catch/pull
    Worked rear with cables attached to shoes

    The 50 SCM NB was the first time I ever accomplished without fins on. Went out slow and relaxed planning on breathing once back for an easy 50, but I felt good after the turn and decided to take it to the wall. I had to pick the pace up to a good sprint the final 15M to accomplish this. Nevertheless, I am happy.

    In the middle of an all-out war against the effects of time and gravity. Time has much to do with gravity (mass) in the grand scheme of things, but this war is something different, like age and sagging (eew)

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  2. 9|29|15 SCM

    by , September 29th, 2015 at 03:14 PM (Blog)
    20 x 25 fr on 0:30 with snorkel
    10 x 50 fr sprint on 3:00: 25 nb, near all-out / 25 recover
    • odds - fins

    10 x 25 fr sprint on 1:00 as 12.5m near all-out / 12.5 recover
    • 4 UWSDK's + 4 strokes

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  3. 9|27|15 Drylands

    by , September 27th, 2015 at 10:39 PM (Blog)
    Run to gym from work 0.57 mi (3:44)

    did weights for chest, shoulders, RC with bands, lower back, abs

    Easy run back 0.57 mi (4:55)

    Measured the distance (with googlemaps) I originally assumed to be 0.6mi to in fact be 0.5681 miles
  4. 6|25|15 LCM

    by , September 26th, 2015 at 03:55 PM (Blog)
    10 x 100 on 5:00 as 50 fr strict (3 breaths) / 50 ez br (odd) bk (even)

    17 x 12.8M on 1:00 dive from side and 7-9 UWSDK's
  5. 9|23|15 SCY and ?

    by , September 23rd, 2015 at 06:58 PM (Blog)
    300 warmup with stuff

    20 x 15M fr + flip on 1:00, fast / 15M easy

    • 5 SDK's 4 - 5 strokes
    • concentrate on proper form in accordance to recent video review

    10 x 15M fr on 1:00, fast / 15M easy
    • same bullets as above

    100 easy

    Have been feeling unusually lazy like something is off. Maybe my nutrition is off

    Has anyone investigated the "finswimming" demonstration sport?

    Looked like 50m in 14 or so seconds

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  6. 9|22|15 SCY and drylands

    by , September 22nd, 2015 at 09:22 PM (Blog)
    500 warmup with snorkel
    6 x 25 fr hypoxic on 1:00
    6 x 25 fr hypoxic on 1:30
    500 of drills

    Weighed 165.8 at gym - too much running

    0.6 mi slow run (5:25)
    Weights: worked abs, shoulders and arms briefly
    0.6 mi run/walk
  7. 9|22|15 dry training

    by , September 22nd, 2015 at 12:47 AM (Blog)
    Busy today, crammed my workout and nourishment in to 80 minutes.

    Run from work to gym 0.6 mi in 3:50 (ooouuuch)

    Weights - warmed up for DBBP, LP, and lats
    DBBP: 1 x 24 x 65lbs
    Leg Press: 1 x 20 x 450lbs
    Leg curls: 1 x 17 x ??
    Dips: 1 x 23
    Single arm lat machine: 1 x 21 (r) 22 (l) x 90lbs
    Back extensions (with full hyperextension): 1 x 20
    Rear delts: 2 x 10 x 5 lbs

    out of time

    Run back to work 0.6 mi in 4:44 (smooth)

  8. 9|17 and 9|18 SCY and drylands

    by , September 19th, 2015 at 10:44 AM (Blog)
    9|17 was a recovery day in the water.

    Participated in our 24 hour MIA/POW relay from 11:30 PM to midnight. I ran at a slow pace (8.8 min/mi) but carried the flag along 2 miles of it making it trickier.

    9|18 SCY

    500 WU with fins

    20 x 25 on 1:00 hypoxic fr
    • monitored stroke counts
    • did a 4, 5, 6, 7, 6, 5, 4 SDK mini ladder within


    Flutter kicking

  9. 9|16|15 SCY UW kicks and breakout

    by , September 16th, 2015 at 08:59 PM (Blog)
    SCY on 9|15

    Water was mid 70's

    Yesterday I took the GoPro to the pool and did about ten 13M sprints from the block at two different angles. I edited each clip, starting at the moment my shadow hit a certain point seen at the side of pool, and ending when my chin reached a another point (depending on which angle). I kept each the quickest and most lasting swim for both angles. Then I did a side-by-side comparison for front view (at 0.50 sp), and over-under for the side view (at 0.25 sp). Here I could see what I did and didn't do to cause the difference in times.

    Factors that have an influence seem to be the angle of entry from start, the depth, the Δ angle up to the breakout, and when the flutter starts as the first arm makes it's pull back. Basically timing and angle is the key.

    My conclusion is that it could be possible to optimize these parts of the UW and BO, at least to some degree. However, also believe that luck and chance will always be a gamble worth several tenths of a second.

    Excuse the squished views (accidentally deleted some of the effects I needed to adjust these)

    Front side-by-side:

    I also appear to slow down too much after the 2nd dolphin kick, so I will continue to work UW's more.

    SCY on 9|16

    Did an easy 40 minutes of drills, UW's and vertical dolphins

    Did weights, and some yoga stretches for about 30 min

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  10. 9|14|15 drylands

    by , September 14th, 2015 at 08:59 PM (Blog)
    Ran to gym from work - 0.6 mi (3:55)

    single arm lat machine, 10 reps WU
    • 1 x 15(R)/16(L) x 95

    negative (BW) pullups - assist contraction with mild hop, spend 0:05 eccentrically
    • 1 x 10

    rear delts with cables
    • 3 x 10

    seated crunch mach with legs straight, up and out
    • 3 x 10 (70, 85, 100)


    side exercises

    RC exercises with band + 5lb

    side plank + lateral arm raises with 4lbs
    • 1 x 20 each side

    Ran to work - 0.6 mi (4:09)

    SCY on Friday: sprinter recovery swimming with drills

    Had reserve weekend, I am far overdue to retire this part of my career. It wears me down - the timing and stress - I don't sleep right, nutrition is effected, and my entire schedule is offset. Not only does it zap a weekend, it requires me to work a double on Sunday from 6:30 am to 1:00 am (i sign out then immediately start my civilian shift). Yesterday I did about 20 min of weights, however the DBBP with #65's only resulted 2 x 16 reps - I was drained of any strength.

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  11. 9|10|15 SCY easy day of form and drylands

    by , September 10th, 2015 at 03:08 PM (Blog)
    10 x 50 fr on 1:00
    13 x 50 fr on 1:30
    4 x 50 fr on 2:00
    4 x 50 one arm fist drill, bilateral breathing on 1:30
    • more like the drowning drill

    My kick has gotten lazy during free while sprinting. I believe this has been going on for awhile. I would kick alright alone for kicks, but during all-out swims I've been preoccupied with upper body and hip movements so much that I ignored the legs, and they naturally did their own thing in a lazy way.

    Made an effort to turn up the kick to max settings while swimming all out. For now on I will time my entire rhythm from my 6-kick

    Drylands (amendment)

    Ran from work to gym 0.6 mi (4:09)

    DBBP (WU with 35's - 20 reps): 1 x 25 (and a 3/4 fail) x 65 lbs
    Iso row machine (WU with 45 ea arm - 12 reps): 1 x 19(rt) / 21(lt) x 90 lbs
    Seated shoulder machine: 1 x 20 (10 ea) x 50
    • used two arms concentrically and (one arm eccentrically)

    Leg Press: 90 - 10r, 180 - 5r, 275 - 5r, 360 - 5r, 450 - 20r

    Planned to run back but there was a heavy thunderstorm out of nowhere happening. Two contract cleaners offered to give me a ride - some people are very nice

    I'm almost certain through experience over recent years, that my frame does not tolerate low-rep (< 10 r) heavy lifting for classic or major muscle group moves. First, I quickly peak with heavy weight and don't get any stronger. Second, I frequently get injured when I do. However I do respond rather well to incremental increases to repetition. I don't know why, but 20 - 30 reps seem to be ideal for me when going near 100%

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  12. 9|9|15 SCY and dryland

    by , September 9th, 2015 at 08:43 PM (Blog)
    About 300 of warmup counting strokes per easy 50's on 2:00 best - 0:38/23 strokes
    2 x 25 yd fr * hypoxic + turn
    4 x 25 yd fr * from block, hypoxic + turn
    3 x 15m fr * from block / 15m bk or br easy
    3 x 25 yd kick * as flutter / frog / dophin

    8 x 15m fr / 15m easy bk on 1:00 form
    4 x 10 sec on 1:00 VK
    50 yd 0 arm Fl

    Videoed first 4 sets for my random technical inspection review

    * = on ?


    Ran from work to gym - 0.6 mi (forgot to grab my watch)

    3 x 10 seated back extensions
    3 x 10 seated ab machine (with legs extended out front)
    2 x 20 back extensions (hyperextend back at top of rep)
    2 x 10 upright straight leg raises
    1 x 11 ea leg bent over, straight leg, hip exercise

    10 min of stretching

    Ran back to work from gym - 0.6 mi

    Left adductor started acting up again because I did frog kicking today.

    Weighed 168.5 (I should be 175 for my height)

  13. 9|8|15 SCY and drylands on yesterday

    by , September 8th, 2015 at 01:39 PM (Blog)

    Leg Press: 5 sets with 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 plates, 10 reps each except 15 on the last

    DBBP 1 set of 26 reps with 65's

    DB deadlifts kneeling on bench: 3 x 10 x 40's, 45's and 50's resp

    Leg curls: 1 x 14 x 95

    Single arm lat machine: 1 x 20 x 45, 1 x 11 x 90

    Dips with added elastic resistance: 1 x 10 reps

    Tricep ext: 2 x 10 x 44

    Shoulders: 5 sets of 4 different various DB and band exercises

    40 reps on rowing machine doing plank kneebends


    500 warmup fr with snorkel

    20 x 15m fast / 15 easy on 1:00
    • fasts were sprint free (3 were from backstroke start) / easy was various
    • some had flip turns at 15m mark

    5 x 15 easy / 15 easy
  14. 9|3|15 SCY and drylands

    by , September 3rd, 2015 at 09:36 PM (Blog)
    500 kick on back, arms back, with fins

    50 kick on back, arms back

    2 x 25 fr hypoxic on 1:00

    2 x 25 fr hypoxic on 2:00

    12 x 50 fr on 3:00, broken on 0:30 as 25 hypoxic - 50 pace / 25 - 200 pace
    • 15's down to 13's on the fasts

    2 x 50 flutter kick on 2:00, broken @ 25 on 0:30

    4 x 0:10 violent vertical dolphin kicking on 0:30

    10 x 0:30 sprint on 1:00
    0.5 mi easy running
    leg presses
    back extensions
    leg lifts
    butt exercises
    standing calf raises

    Getting over the last moments of the crud I picked up. Yesterday was the worst.

    Joel filmed our 1st place relay (2 wks ago) - it was the Mixed 18+ 200 freestyle relay. We were well over 150 yrs combined - LOL. Anyhow, I was the leadoff but there unfortunately wasn't any timing pads. So I clipped the video in GoPro, frame by frame, to begin video on the frame just prior to the start horn, and stopped when our second leg swimmer left the block. It turned out to be exactly 25.0.

    My head seemed to be up, my turn was crooked and my breakout from it was unstreamlined as I tried to straighten back

    Not an official time, but just an indicator a sub 25 this winter can easily happen. Nerves were the reason I didn't swim one under 25 on the 50 fr, though I think I was physically able to. I think I did a 25.53, I went way too deep.

    Did you know the start horn's sound travels at 340 m / s? So it takes about 0.08 seconds longer for the swimmer on the far lane from the horn to hear it. Unless multiple horns are used.

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  15. 9|1|15 SCY today, drylands yesterday

    by , September 1st, 2015 at 04:10 PM (Blog)
    1200 worth of drills
    3 x 500 worth of drills

    Didn't exert myself physically in the pool today. One drill accomplished today I feel will be very beneficial is the one arm free, fisted drill, breathing bilaterally every 2nd (one arm) stroke keeping one goggle lens under water.

    Yesterday I had a sore throat. Today I have a sore throat with mild flu symptoms. I feel somewhat lethargic. On a good note my physical injuries all seem to be fading.

    Ran to gym at my lunch hour, from parking lot at work (0.6 mi in just over 4 min)

    4 x Dips / Pullups superset
    • Dips - 8 reps with added bands resistance
    • Pullups - 5 reps done as 12 second negative resistance reps (mild hop up to top of rep then slowly extend down)

    RC and shoulder joint exercises

    Ran back to work place (0.6 mi in 4.5 min)

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  16. 8|29|15 open water

    Went to SCY pool - closed ()

    I needed to swim today, no matter what. Drove a few miles to a place where it's salt water on one side of the road, and fresh water on the other. It was low tide so I checked out the fresh water side - too much vegetation (cottonmouths, alligators, eukariotic pathogenic organisms) - nah.

    Drove up the road to the nearest boat launch to the cooper river, found nothing ideal. Drove on for about 20 minutes and found a spot at the Tail Race canal. The water seemed good enough for swimming: no wake zone, little vegetation near shoreline, and a nice current. So I jumped in starting against the flow of water.

    There was at least a 500m section within no-wake boat traffic to swim, and a giant bridge to go under. I estimated the current to be almost as slow as swimming a minute per 50M pace. This was quite interesting and fun, staying in one fixed location (under the bridge) with relaxed form focusing on my forearms, streamlines and so-forth where the current picked up through narrow structures of the bridge.

    On the way back to the beach cruising with the flow of water, I did a few sprints placing myself before a pontoon boat with intoxicated passengers aboard screaming at me. I stopped to hear what they had to say -"Alligator!" I looked and there was a floating log that resembled an alligator head about 15M between me and the boat. But it suddenly moved with a splash and started doing UW's. I hit the shore and got out.
    About 40 minutes of swimming today
  17. 8|28|15 SCY

    11 x 50 fr on 1:00 very slow

    10 x 25 fr from block on 2:20 at 100 yd effort
    • 13.0 - 13.5, 10 - 12 strokes
    • took a breath on each to practice sprint breathing

    1 backstroke start

    3 x 25 on 2:00 flutter kick fast
    • 17's

    Haven't logged GTD in a few months. Left adductor feels better because I haven't done Br
  18. 8|27|15 SCY address techinical errors

    12 x 50 fr on 2:00
    • as 2 x 25 (on 0:30 for 2nd 25)
    • flip turn, but rest feet on wall after 1st 25
    • average 13 strokes each length

    5 x 25 fr with fins on 1:00
    • try to swim super fast, lightly and on top of water

    22 x ~12-13M fast / ~12-13M easy
    • fast were 4 quick SDK's from push, into flutter kick - breakout, and 2-3 fr strokes

    Technical errors addressed from review of yesterdays personal video footage:
    During the 2nd fr stroke from breakout my right arm digs in hard for power but my right foot goes way out to side (out of streamline) cocked up for counter kick. This was something I thought I addressed awhile ago, but it is back.

    I know I am capable of faster meet times, just need to take care of a few performance killers first.
  19. 8|25|15 SCY and drylands

    500 worth of drills using fins

    50 fr off block 27 high - 28

    50 bk in 38

    50 br in 43

    100 fr from block in about 1:07

    10 x 30m on 1:00
    • as 15m back stroke start/SDK/breakout to fr and 15m easy

    11 x 50 fr on 1:00
    • held 38's for most

    Changed my sprint stroke recently, it's not quite as fast as the less efficient former one but maybe I can make it work in the future.

    Meet last weekend, and had a great time with my team, I missed the 100fr and 50 bk. I don't have any times, but I know there wasn't any PB's in my target event. I believe I did get personal best times in the 50 fl and br, However the br was a first time experience and I've somewhat sandbagged the fly (and bk) along the way through prior events to save the legs in target fr relays and 50s. The Growler meet was outside and quite enjoyable and the water was surprisingly chilly for being outside.

    My left adductor I believe is highly irritated. I think from breaststroke. It's upsetting, not that I'm fast at br, but because I'm finally figuring out br after 7 years swimming experience. It's been about 2 months like this. The worse part is it's almost impossible to ice the area due to location

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  20. 8|6|15 SCM

    50 fr easy

    DRILL 1

    15 x about 13-14M streamline pushoff and few strokes on 1:00

    DRILL 2

    10 x turn then about 13-14M streamline pushoff and few strokes on 1:00

    DRILL 3

    10 x turn in to shallow side wall starting with jump and 2 strokes (for speed) then about 13-14M of streamline pushoff and few strokes on 1:00

    DRILL 4

    10 x turn in to shallow side wall starting with jump and 2 strokes (for speed) then about 13-14M of streamline pushoff and few strokes on 0:40

    DRILL 5

    5 x turn attempts with fins on and everything completely submerged (to get legs over fast)

    A local SCY meet coming up soon, I plan to participate

    Triple bridge, Aruba
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    Diving down at Mangel Halto to boatwreak, Arubabob snorkeling tour
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