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Team: Grand Strand Masters Swimming

  1. 9|3|15 SCY and drylands

    by , September 3rd, 2015 at 09:36 PM (Blog)
    500 kick on back, arms back, with fins

    50 kick on back, arms back

    2 x 25 fr hypoxic on 1:00

    2 x 25 fr hypoxic on 2:00

    12 x 50 fr on 3:00, broken on 0:30 as 25 hypoxic - 50 pace / 25 - 200 pace
    • 15's down to 13's on the fasts

    2 x 50 flutter kick on 2:00, broken @ 25 on 0:30

    4 x 0:10 violent vertical dolphin kicking on 0:30

    10 x 0:30 sprint on 1:00
    0.5 mi easy running
    leg presses
    back extensions
    leg lifts
    butt exercises
    standing calf raises

    Getting over the last moments of the crud I picked up. Yesterday was the worst.

    Joel filmed the our 1st place relay (2 wks ago) - it was the Mixed 18+ 200 freestyle relay. We were well over 150 yrs combined - LOL. Anyhow, I was the leadoff but there unfortunately wasn't any timing pads. So I clipped the video in GoPro, frame by frame, to begin video on the frame just prior to the start horn, and stopped when our second leg swimmer left the block. It turned out to be exactly 25.00. Not an official time, but just an indicator a sub 25 this winter can easily happen. Nerves were the reason I didn't swim one under 25 on the 50 fr, though I think I was physically able to. I think I did a 25.53, I went way too deep.

    Did you know the start horn's sound travels at 340 m / s? So it takes about 0.08 seconds longer for the swimmer on the far lane from the horn to hear it. Unless multiple horns are used.

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  2. 9|1|15 SCY today, drylands yesterday

    by , September 1st, 2015 at 04:10 PM (Blog)
    1200 worth of drills
    3 x 500 worth of drills

    Didn't exert myself physically in the pool today. One drill accomplished today I feel will be very beneficial is the one arm free, fisted drill, breathing bilaterally every 2nd (one arm) stroke keeping one goggle lens under water.

    Yesterday I had a sore throat. Today I have a sore throat with mild flu symptoms. I feel somewhat lethargic. On a good note my physical injuries all seem to be fading.

    Ran to gym at my lunch hour, from parking lot at work (0.6 mi in just over 4 min)

    4 x Dips / Pullups superset
    • Dips - 8 reps with added bands resistance
    • Pullups - 5 reps done as 12 second negative resistance reps (mild hop up to top of rep then slowly extend down)

    RC and shoulder joint exercises

    Ran back to work place (0.6 mi in 4.5 min)

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  3. 8|29|15 open water

    Went to SCY pool - closed ()

    I needed to swim today, no matter what. Drove a few miles to a place where it's salt water on one side of the road, and fresh water on the other. It was low tide so I checked out the fresh water side - too much vegetation (cottonmouths, alligators, eukariotic pathogenic organisms) - nah.

    Drove up the road to the nearest boat launch to the cooper river, found nothing ideal. Drove on for about 20 minutes and found a spot at the Tail Race canal. The water seemed good enough for swimming: no wake zone, little vegetation near shoreline, and a nice current. So I jumped in starting against the flow of water.

    There was at least a 500m section within no-wake boat traffic to swim, and a giant bridge to go under. I estimated the current to be almost as slow as swimming a minute per 50M pace. This was quite interesting and fun, staying in one fixed location (under the bridge) with relaxed form focusing on my forearms, streamlines and so-forth where the current picked up through narrow structures of the bridge.

    On the way back to the beach cruising with the flow of water, I did a few sprints placing myself before a pontoon boat with intoxicated passengers aboard screaming at me. I stopped to hear what they had to say -"Alligator!" I looked and there was a floating log that resembled an alligator head about 15M between me and the boat. But it suddenly moved with a splash and started doing UW's. I hit the shore and got out.
    About 40 minutes of swimming today
  4. 8|28|15 SCY

    11 x 50 fr on 1:00 very slow

    10 x 25 fr from block on 2:20 at 100 yd effort
    • 13.0 - 13.5, 10 - 12 strokes
    • took a breath on each to practice sprint breathing

    1 backstroke start

    3 x 25 on 2:00 flutter kick fast
    • 17's

    Haven't logged GTD in a few months. Left adductor feels better because I haven't done Br
  5. 8|27|15 SCY address techinical errors

    12 x 50 fr on 2:00
    • as 2 x 25 (on 0:30 for 2nd 25)
    • flip turn, but rest feet on wall after 1st 25
    • average 13 strokes each length

    5 x 25 fr with fins on 1:00
    • try to swim super fast, lightly and on top of water

    22 x ~12-13M fast / ~12-13M easy
    • fast were 4 quick SDK's from push, into flutter kick - breakout, and 2-3 fr strokes

    Technical errors addressed from review of yesterdays personal video footage:
    During the 2nd fr stroke from breakout my right arm digs in hard for power but my right foot goes way out to side (out of streamline) cocked up for counter kick. This was something I thought I addressed awhile ago, but it is back.

    I know I am capable of faster meet times, just need to take care of a few performance killers first.
  6. 8|25|15 SCY and drylands

    500 worth of drills using fins

    50 fr off block 27 high - 28

    50 bk in 38

    50 br in 43

    100 fr from block in about 1:07

    10 x 30m on 1:00
    • as 15m back stroke start/SDK/breakout to fr and 15m easy

    11 x 50 fr on 1:00
    • held 38's for most

    Changed my sprint stroke recently, it's not quite as fast as the less efficient former one but maybe I can make it work in the future.

    Meet last weekend, and had a great time with my team, I missed the 100fr and 50 bk. I don't have any times, but I know there wasn't any PB's in my target event. I believe I did get personal best times in the 50 fl and br, However the br was a first time experience and I've somewhat sandbagged the fly (and bk) along the way through prior events to save the legs in target fr relays and 50s. The Growler meet was outside and quite enjoyable and the water was surprisingly chilly for being outside.

    My left adductor I believe is highly irritated. I think from breaststroke. It's upsetting, not that I'm fast at br, but because I'm finally figuring out br after 7 years swimming experience. It's been about 2 months like this. The worse part is it's almost impossible to ice the area due to location

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  7. 8|6|15 SCM

    50 fr easy

    DRILL 1

    15 x about 13-14M streamline pushoff and few strokes on 1:00

    DRILL 2

    10 x turn then about 13-14M streamline pushoff and few strokes on 1:00

    DRILL 3

    10 x turn in to shallow side wall starting with jump and 2 strokes (for speed) then about 13-14M of streamline pushoff and few strokes on 1:00

    DRILL 4

    10 x turn in to shallow side wall starting with jump and 2 strokes (for speed) then about 13-14M of streamline pushoff and few strokes on 0:40

    DRILL 5

    5 x turn attempts with fins on and everything completely submerged (to get legs over fast)

    A local SCY meet coming up soon, I plan to participate

    Triple bridge, Aruba
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    Diving down at Mangel Halto to boatwreak, Arubabob snorkeling tour
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  8. 8|5|15 SCM

    10 x 15m fr on 1:00
    • streamlined form

    10 x 15m fr (odds) / br (evens) on 1:00
    • streamlined form / pullouts

    8 starts off the block

    1000 of various drills with / without fins
  9. 8|04|15 SCY

    10 x 50 fr/br on 1:00 with snorkel

    10 x 50 fr on 1:00

    300 drills

    10 x 50 fr on 2:00 with fins
    • several 27's, the rest were 28's

    10 starts from the blocks

    4 x 25 flutter kick on 0:30

    More Aruba vacation stuff:

    I need to add music to the videos
  10. 7|31|15 SCM

    200 fr
    5 x 50 fr (and br) on 1:00

    SET 1
    10 x 50 fr on 3:00
    • 25 + turn - sprint/hypoxic
    • remainder - moderate/breathe every stroke

    SET 2
    5 x 50 fr with fins/snorkel on 3:00 fast
    • 27-29's



    Sore neck is improving, been bugging me for about 4 weeks. Left adductor is sore, been about 2 months like that. Everything else works OK though.

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    12.549235, -69.968067
  11. 7|20|15 SCM

    Piscina Olimpico Roly Bislik (LCM set up as 25M)

    This was my 3rd masters practice ever done. Dropped in a little late, swam for about 45 min. Everyone was doing their own thing so it worked out for me

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    6 x 50 on 1:00
    • fr for all but one was br

    6 x 50 flutter kick on 2:00
    • first was 048, last was 053

    400 of drills with fins
    4 x 50 fr hypoxic on 2:00, broken to 25 on 0:30

    Neck has been sore for about 2 weeks but it's improving

    After masters workout I drove to the SE tip of the island
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  12. 6|30|15 SCM and a run

    SCM outside
    Did about 1200 of drills, fly, bk, br with and without fins, then a 12.5 sec 25m fr from the block

    2.5 mil jog in 20 min
    legs were aching and still quite sore from the leg workout 77 hours ago. Man, it takes forEVer to recover these days.
  13. 6|29|15 LCM

    2 x 50 fr on 2:00 with snorkel
    • 44, 39

    3 x 50 fr on 3:00, easy sprint, 50 sprint, 100 fr stroke pace (I wish)
    • 34, 31 flat, 33

    50 br
    • 50

    50 bk
    • 43

    100 drill

    2 x 50 headup dolphin kick fr with fins

    Legs are shot from leg presses yesterday. I did 7 x 5 x 540. Really felt it in pool. After the 50 bk, my legs felt like a rhinocerous was sitting on them. Also had that post lactosis feeling (metallic taste, slight nausea) driving off from pool.

    Endurance jammers arrived today, same size as the former ones but feel too tight!
  14. 6|26|15 SCY 25's from block

    300 warmup of various

    7 x 25 fr on 2-5 minutes filmed via GoPro HERO+LCD
    • all were above 90% effort, one was close to an all-out
    • sub 13's, some might be a sub 12's

    • technical feedback comments are more than welcome and highly appreciated

    100 of finned UW camera experimentation

    3 starts from block filmed for data review

    Due to various reasons I stayed up entire night. It was 5am, I opted for the sunrise-swim experience I rarely get. Glad I did though I was tired

    I have almost nothing but good things to say about GoPro and the software. It seems more suited for younger generations - I needed my readers on to operate the thing at first - but I'm getting accustomed to the functions, and the software is quite versatile. It does require updates and firmware mod's I haven't needed to do that yet. One thing I'm trying to get used to, which could be necessary for capturing peripherals, is the mild stretch at the boarders of videos which bends lines and changes perceptions of distance. Anyway, I feel this entry-level gadget was well worth it's affordable price and I see additional accessories in the future. Moreover, It should also physically withstand the rigors of Aruba (coming up), where my other camera buckled.

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  15. 6|24|15 SCM yesterdays swim

    11:00 to 12:00 - sunny, mid 90's, And plus, a crisp (Antonym) and nippy (Antonym) 90F body of water that was quite exhilarating (Antonym)

    6 x 25 fr on 1:00
    4 x 25 fr on 2:00 fast, hypoxic - 15L's
    6 x 25 fr on 3:00 fast, hypoxic - 14H's, maybe 15's
    3 x 25 fr from block on, say, 3:00 fast, hypoxic

    I might have optimal speed in 82-84F H2O, but bathing in hot water under the sun in these conditions absolutely zapped any fast twitch available. Perhaps this can be thought of as an extra-resistance training.

    Then, what melted the cake's icing was roasting on an aircrafts engine pylon for work later that afternoon.

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  16. 6|23|15 SCM

    1000 recovery
    500 flutter kick board/snorkel
    4 x 14m on 1:30 AFAP flutter

    Did LCM yesterday, and SCM on the 21st and 20th

    Won't be going to any LCM meet this year due to priorities. Unfortunately, I currently feel better than ever for a LC 50fr. I did however purchace a GoPro and plan to be on Vacation in Aruba next month, maybe I can get an unofficial time at a LCM pool there
  17. 6|17|15 SCM

    500 warmup fr

    10 x 25 afap, hypoxic fr, finned on 2:00
    • about 12's
    • wore two sagging jammers (first layer is a ripped endurance, 2nd is a 3 year old tech suit, unwoven and so stretched out it reaches near my upper calves)

    Worked upper body with weights tonight, ran 1 mile barefoot (on rubber track), did 12 plyometric vertical drops from industrial size tire, then did 12 streamline jumps from track position.

    Seem to positively respond to dryland start drills, even more than actual block use.

    yesterdays SCM
    500 warmup

    15 x 25 flutter kick on 0:40

    4 x 25 flutter kick on 2:00 (21, 21, 21, 23)

    500 drill various with fins

    12 starts off block (13 - 14 M), 4 of them were br type

    Might do easy swim tomorrow then do another LCM mock meet on Friday
  18. 6|13|15 LCM #2

    yesterday was easy because i was still recovering from weights and block starts, about 1500 SCM

    LCM today
    10 x 50 fr WU on 1:00 with fins and snorkel

    mock meet (from push)
    50 fr - 30h
    50 br - 48
    50 bk - 42
    *50 kick - 55 (oh boy)

    All times better than last week and my legs held up fine through the bk. As bonus I added a *50 kick, and then my legs felt it. Despite having a more reasonable WU than LCM #1, I do suspect some adaptive progress.
  19. 6|11|15 SCM


    500 warmup as 10 x 50 fr (and one ea bk and br) on 1:00

    5 x 25 fr from block on 3:00, fast with one breath

    4 x 25 fr from block on 4:00, fast hypoxic

    10 x 12.5M fr from block on 0:42


    Ran 0.75 miles barefoot - forces one to assume proper form. Also pads feet for explosive forces off block.
    stretching for 1 hour

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  20. 6|9|15 SCM recovery

    11 x 50 fr on 2:00 as 25 stroke count / 25 ez
    • ave was 14 / 0:17, best was 14 / 0:16

    50 fast kick as flutter / frog

    500 straight flutter kick, sub-lactate

    Various drills for 35 min, including one spectacular block start (IMO), some vertical dolphin kick jump-ups, fin stuff, and other SDK things


    Deadlifts on smith machine standing in front of bar, plates supported 5" from floor

    • 145 x 20
    • 235 x 10
    • 285 x 7

    Core exercise I do using the rowing machine chair

    • 30 reps

    Stiff leg deadlift with pelvis stationary throughout

    • 15 reps with 45 lb bar

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