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    Been doing 3 different types on the mill, not sure which (or if all) are responsible but I am definitely experiencing marked progression with these workouts, as well as in the pool kicking workouts. Aerobic system is being worked too since Iím seeing a 110-130 bpm recovery during the rest intervals and Iím pushing to 180 during the work.
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    Wine yoga! Love it!
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    I like your walk/run approach on the treadmill. I adopted that approach when I started to incorporate 2-3 runs per week as an aerobic-building and weight-control part of my training. It's really helped me, along with slow incremental volume, to gradually increase distance and speed without hurting my aging knees.
  4. __steve__'s Avatar
    It is solo yogo that works balancing systems a little more, maybe
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    What, pray tell, is "wine yoga?" Is that where every time someone says "namaste" or "om," you have to chug?
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    They are fun at times.
  7. JPEnge's Avatar
    Nice box jump there! Love me some leaping.
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    I believe those might actually be helping with kicking
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    Haven't done dreadmill intervals in a long time. They're fun, but this one looks ike a butt kicker.
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    True that.
    Weíve all seen videos of treadmill fails, but mostly of victims much younger. Thereís nothing funny about people our age crashing
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    I don't think I've ever taken a Tmill over 7 mph or so (my speed and balance just aren't that good anymore in my 60s). So I saved hard running for outside on the track. Be careful, cause a stumble at that speed could really hurt on a tmill.
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    Goal achieved in December 2016 - scored a 100% on USAF fitness test.

    waist: 30.5" (20 pts)
    1 min pushups: 50 (10 pts)
    1 min situps: 50 (10 pts)
    1.5 mile run: 10:32 (60 pts)
    Updated June 29th, 2017 at 06:48 PM by __steve__
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    haha there were 50's too.
    Not sure they worked anything, I'm not sore. Felt more like heavy manual labor lol
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    45 lb med ball?!?! That would break my shoulder, I'm sure.
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    C17 CAFB

    Thanks fly-storms
    It was just one of those day's that seems like it must happen, in order to make all the other days feel quite reasonable lol
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    Steve, where do you work and what type a/c are you working on? Yeah, that sounds like a great day, LOL! Sorry!
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  18. flystorms's Avatar
    Wow, I'm envious of the midnight swim. Sounds delightful.

    So you're in the Air Force?
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    Quote Originally Posted by joel schmaltz
    Nice meet Steve! It is always great to run up with you again. Maybe our schedules will work out where we can do it again in Columbia this fall. Congrats!
    You too Joel. Had a great time! Look forward to Cola, havent been to that one in a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    Yes be happy with PBs! I always nit pick every race too, but that is just for improving in the future.
    Absolutely! And once I figure out whats going on with the freestyle, my evil stroke might catch up with it. Very happy with significant strokes improvement
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