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I love water for some reason

  1. 7|13|18 25.9 yd pool

    10 laps free with fins
    4 laps back with fins
    2 laps breast

    At physical therapy. Warm-up, stretches, then:
    3 x 30 reps ea of abductions to side, fwd, and between no rest using 1lb db (270 reps).

    PTA wasn’t watching and I was supposed to do 10 reps of 2 sets (PT was on vacation and I wanted to leave early to swim before thunder storms arrive)

    1 x 10 each, on belly 1 lb db arm raises to front and side

    My Shoulder improves every day with range of motion, strength, and decrease in pain. However I have no idear how to judge if I am doing too much or too little. According to the doctor I shouldn’t be even trying to swim for another 2 months, but he is not a swimmer and does not understand I can be fairly gentle with my arm using fins and moderately passive strokes.
  2. 7|7|18

    1:30 am nearby pool
    2500 yds kick on sides with fins
  3. 7|6|18 deadpool arm

    assault air bike
    5 x 030 on 4:00
    briefly hit 11XX so arm getting stronger

    weights and stretching doing what I can mostly light weight

    500 fr with surf fins 8:XX
    300 of various other fins stuff

    every day shoulder is better than before, but only just slightly. Really quite painful when I wake up. Stretching lightly in all ranges with both internal/external rotations.

    My right arm still slightly over an inch smaller than other, wife calls it my deadpool arm lol
  4. 7|3|18

    100 easy
    300 fr with fins
    500 one arm (non rehab arm) fr with fins
    50 br
    6 x 25 UW atlantis kick on 0:45 fins
    10 x 25 UW atlantis kick on 1:00 fins
    10 x 25 one arm fr on 1:00 fast

    Drylands yesterday
    Assault bike: 5 x 0:30 AFAP on 4:00 (easy with using right arm), hit 1015 watts
    Leg press 1 x 270 x 25
    10 min kicking heavy bag

    2 months since surgery (LHBT tenodesis, extensive posterior and inferior debridment, and chondroplasy), pain still there but finally letting off, range of movement and strength coming back - can finally push off wall with a quasi streamlined arm. It is difficult to tell if I am pushing too hard and aggravating healing. My PT says i can use weights next week at 10wks, but I’ve been doing that at 6 wks, albeit with 1-3 lb db. Good news for me though are signs that I will have promising results with this surgery, the “dead spot” I’ve had during power phase of stroke for 5 years seems to not exist anymore. I will never know if my aggressive approach to rehab gave me 120% or 80% than if I would have followed strict protocol. If I did anything else wrong with recovery, it would be not doing enough pendulum cycles as I am making up with painful stretches now, overdoing it (did active arm raises once at 2 wks), not resting enough. My right arm measures an entire inch smaller than my already skinny left arm

    If schedule permits, might participate in a local meet late next month, NT for all events of course.

    Aruba is around the corner, should be good to go to enjoy the ocean, no cliff jumping however. Plan on saving money and just stay at my in-laws home.

    Going to gym later tonight

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  5. 06|16|18

    10 x 25m 1arm free on 1:00 (non surgery arm)
    500 frg kick (arms passive) 14:00
    60 min various things: rehab shldr range of motion, active range, neuromuscular control, and super easy stroke with recovery not fully above surface. also did relaxing stuff: UW swims for CO2 tolerance, Bubble rings etc


    back machine 55 pounds left arm for 45 reps, 0 pounds right arm for 5 reps.
    Assisted dips: 100lbs 10 reps x 2
    assisted pull-ups: 100lbs 10 reps x 2
    arm bicycle: 3 minutes
    back extensions 60 reps
    calf raises 20 reps
  6. 6|1|18 26.2 yard pool

    snorkel throughout
    Kick, both arms trailing back passively (o: flutter, e: frog)
    20 x 52.4 yd on 0:80

    0-arm fly with surf fins, easy / moderate per length
    5 x 52.4 yd on 1:00

    25 min: sculling, slow kicking with arm at about 110° using frontal drag as mild resistance, and atlantis with and without fins

    31 days post surgery. Just started active range of motion on Tuesday. Md doesn’t want me to push the range too quickly, his theory is it will prevent instability later down the road. So I am keeping it no more than 100° now.

    been swimming 3 x wk doing 500 to 1500m kicking similar to above

    Maintaining base fitness 3 x wk with the Assault air bike (rehab arm free, in brace). 2 workouts:
    1) 6 x 0:45 (500-600 watts) on 4:15 (50-100 watts easy)
    2) 10 x 1:00 (300-400 watts on 2:00 (50-100 watts easy)

    Also doing RC scrap for the other shoulder, and whatever else I can manage.

    650 kick with fins, arms passive
    200 very slow sculling motion with rehab arm no more than 110 degrees
    12 min of one arm LP on assult bike, 4 x 40 sec 9550 watt) on 3:00
    active range of arm using arm weight to about 80 degrees

    524 yd kick with arms trailing back, o length frog/e length flutter, 15:00
    15 minutes with fins stretching rehab arm

    6|6|18 scm
    kicking as usual
    passive UW range of motion within comfort as usual

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  7. 5|18|18 scm

    the three entry wounds from surgery are closed- 18 d post op

    1150 kick with arms back

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  8. 3|31 to 4|3

    3|31 SCM / drylands
    3 x 200IMK on 5:00
    10 x 25 flutter kick (0:25’s) on 1:00

    upperbody high reps
    400m run 1:20

    4|1 drylands
    400m run 1:20

    4|2 drylands
    400m rum 1:20

    4|3 SCM drylands
    4 x 200 IMK on 5:00

    400m run 1:17.90
    lower body high reps

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  9. 3|28|18 scm

    3 x 200IMK on 5:00
    • arms down on bk kick
    • 12.5m UWDK/12.5m UWalantis on fl kick
    • board/snorkel on br and fr kick

    400m run 1:23

    3|29 drylands:
    400m run 1:19.70 :-)

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  10. to 3|27|18

    Ran barefoot 400M
    Ran fast 700M
    Upperbody light, high reps
    20 min of continuous cyclic yoga

    Ran 400M 1:24
    Lower body light, high reps
    10 min of continuous cyclic yoga

    5 x 200IMK on 5:00
    had to leave pool - grossed out over the floating film and how the water felt
  11. 3|20, 3|23, 3|24

    SCM Kicking as normal

    200 IMK's

    shoulder shot didn't help

    Been using a kickboard modified from an old skim board - good for UW's

    Used fins today for UW's - was fun

    also did 20 x 25 fr kick 0n 50 striving 4 30's

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  12. 3|18|18 scm

    500 kick, flutter, frog by the 25
    6 x 50 flutter as 25 AFAP / 25 easy kick
  13. 3|8|18 LCM

    1000 IM kick as touchngo 200’s
    • fly kick done UW alternating between atlantis per 12.5’s
    • board and snorkel for frog and free kicks
    • 25:33

    200 warmdown

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  14. 2|28|18 SCM solo per un calcio

    by , February 28th, 2018 at 05:34 PM (Blog)

    SCM just for kicks

    5 x 200IM kick - 23:45 (4:45 200's)
    • touch and go intervals
    • fly portion as 2x 12.5m UWDK/12.5m UW atlantis
    • grabbed lane line once each bk
    • br and fr - used board and snorkel

    Fastest kick yet, by good margin - pleased. Probably should do 5:00's now and work on split times until consistant at 0:20 r

    Felt right foot was about to cramp from start, but managed to keep relaxed enough to prevent.

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  15. 2|27|18 (and 21, 22, 25)

    by , February 27th, 2018 at 02:16 PM (Blog)

    2|21 SCM

    had injections in lower back at 9:30 am then did an easy swim about 6 hours later, still felt the sedative and swim was slow.

    200 IM kick
    • fly done in 12.5 UW increments alternating dolphin / atlantis *

    6 x 100 IM kick
    • fly done same as above *
    • each 50 on 1:30

    2|22 drylands treadmill and weights
    6mph 2:00 / 1:00 rest
    8mph 2:00 / 1:00 rest
    8mph 3% inc 2:00 / 1:00 rest
    8mph 6% inc 2:00 / 1:00 rest
    5 x 8mph 9% inc 0:30 / 0:30 rest

    2|25 SCM
    300 fr drill with fins
    4 x 200 IM kick
    • fly done same as above *

    2|27 SCM
    5 x 200 IM kick on 5:04
    • fly done same as above *

    500 drill kick with fins
    • arms back with 2 dolphin kick left, 2 mid, 2 right, and so forth

    Finally getting 2IM kick intervals down to 5:00. It does take about 10 seconds to put on snorkel and grab board at bk|br transition and about 5 seconds to remove before the fly. May soon have have time to rest between them

    Did various other dryland resistance activity throughout week
    Back feels 65% better
  16. 2|19|18 scm

    by , February 19th, 2018 at 09:53 PM (Blog)
    8 x 200 IM kick on 5:30


    5 x 200 IM kick on 5:10
    5 x 100 IM kick done on 1:30 per 50

    Md requested another mri, but using dye this time, for my slap tear
  17. 2|14|18 drylands and scm

    by , February 14th, 2018 at 06:55 PM (Blog)

    Treadmill and weights yesterday

    Treadmill done as 2 min run / 1 min walk
    5.5 mph / 2 mph
    6.5 mph / 2 mph
    7.5 mph / 2 mph
    8.5 mph / 2 mph
    8.5 mph @ 3% / 2 mph
    8.5 mph @ 6% for only 1:00

    realized 6% at that pace might be just too zealous of training for someone about to turn 52

    worked legs shoulders and chest briefly

    300 flutter kick with fins 5:00
    300 flutter kick with fins arms back 5:03
    550 flutter kick without fins

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  18. 2|11|18 SCM just kicking

    by , February 11th, 2018 at 02:52 PM (Blog)
    7 x 200m IM kick on 5:30
    • 4 x 12.5m UW kick (odds- dolphin, evens- atlantis)
    • 50 back kick
    • 50 frog (board, snorkel)
    • 50 flutter (board, snorkel)

    Weights yesterday: 70 min, upper and lower body
  19. 2|8|18 scm

    by , February 9th, 2018 at 08:07 PM (Blog)
    350 warmup
    4 x 25m fr afap - probably 14.9 - 15.1
    5 x 15m fr on 2:00 fast/10m easy/25m easy bk
    6 x 25m one arm fr fast on 2:00
    • left arm 18’s / right arm 21 - need to step back and reevaluate
  20. 2|7|18 SCM

    by , February 7th, 2018 at 11:52 PM (Blog)
    did some pushups, dips and pullups

    SCM LP
    250 easy warmup with snorkel

    3x (4 x 25 on 0:25) fr on 4:00

    3x 200 IM kick on 6:00
    • dolphin done UW in 12.5m stretches
    • used snorkel and board for frog and free kicks
    • done in 5:00's but it took few second to don/doff snorkel and grab board

    Starting to see improvement kicking, perhaps from prior treadmill lactate work. 500m is about all my shoulders can handle

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