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I love water for some reason

  1. 12/13/12

    by , December 13th, 2012 at 08:12 PM (Blog)
    500 warm-up (drills)

    Same kick set as yesterday, but with 1 less pint of blood (red cross yesterday), and stretched ankels
    20x25m flutter-kick (without board) on 1:00 (24,24,24,24,24,24,24,23,23,23,23,23,22,22,22,22,2 2,23,21,22)
    300 drill and back to work with 1300m done

    Felt tired but it's interesting this set was unaffected from donation. Perhaps lack of aerobic-ish activity. My kick splits started about half second slower but became a little faster toward the end. I also did not have heavyness in my legs as I did yesterday.

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  2. 12/12/12

    by , December 12th, 2012 at 05:49 PM (Blog)
    500m warm-up [8:20]

    Flutter kick (boardless, snorkel)
    20x25m on 1:00 [0:23-0:24]

    30 minutes

    Swim was at lunch and lifted weights after work. I noticed the red cross blood donation setup in the basketball couet.. Haven't donated since 1989 (in basic training) and decided "Why not" since I don't have any meets coming up.

    One pint in 6:22

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