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I swim, therefore I am

Frank D Totten

I swim at Florida Gulf Coast University, (FGCU) Aquatic Center and sometimes/or as necessary at the
Fort Myers Aquatic Center, FMAC. My friend and former Coach Chuck Slaght has retired but we remain in contact. When the occasional circumstances require being close to home, I can do a dip and kick at the Catalina lsle Community HOA Pool. More about me...

  1. Thursday, May 17 2012

    by , May 17th, 2012 at 10:42 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    LCM at FGCU Aquatics Center.
    There was significent steady rain in Fort Myers, but it was just cloudy at FGCU. The pool water was very clear with temp of 78.

    10x100 FR on 1:30
    did 1-2 at 1:25, 3-4 at 1:21, 6-10 were 1:19 - 1:17

    *Set 1*
    5x400 IM combinations on 1:00 rest
    1. FR/BR by 100
    2. BK/BR by 100
    3. Fly/BK by 100
    4. as 2x200 IM
    5. as 400 IM

    *Set 2*
    1x1200 Fly K/S with fins
    as 8(100 DK on back, 50 Swim)

    200 EZ Swim

    *Set 3*
    Did 500 FR cruise and got out.

    The week's accumulated workouts had already caught up to me by Thursday. I was weak & tired before doing the warmup. Even so as I did the warm up I felt better and loosened up and was ready to go. After finishing the IM combinations set with the 400 IM, there was not much left. The set of kick-swim butterfly with the fins was meant to only 600, but I like the challenge to going fast using the (short) fins doing DK on my back and followed by a smooth & flowing butterfly. I did this a lot in SCY, but found out today it is a lot harder in LCM. Afterwards, I tried to swim a bit more, but clearly was done for the day.
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  2. Wednesday, May 16 2012

    by , May 16th, 2012 at 02:31 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    LCM at FGCU Aquatics Center. Steady rain thoughout the practice, water was clear with temp of 79.

    1x1200 FR as 8(150 desc by 50s 1-3)

    *Set 1*
    10x50 FR on :50 at steady pace
    did 38 ave

    *Set 2*
    5x100 FR on 1:45 at steady pace
    did 1:17 ave

    200 EZ Swim

    *Set 3*
    3(3x200) FR on 3:30 with 1 min rest: controlled desc 1-3 within each round
    target times: 1)2:50, 2)2:40, 3)2:30 ...results:

    1. 2:51, 2:42, 2:31
    2. 2:52, 2:39, 2:29
    3. 2:53, 2:40, 2:28

    200 EZ Swim

    *Set 4*
    4x500 FR with 1:00 rest: swim with paddles

    • 500s 1&3 - 100s 1-3-5 cruise, 100s 2-4 fast
    • 500s 2&4 - 100s 1-3-5 fast, 100s 2-4 cruise

    Warm Down

    My arms and shoulders were sore from dryland training and yersterday's IM sets. By the time I got to the set of 200s I just wanted to survive doing 2:30 pace. I am near the end of the first 30 days of my 90 day base-building training cycle, and swimming at 2:30 or below really wipes me out. Doing individual 100s from 1:15 - 1:10 are doable, but I have ways to go to hold that pace through 200s to 400s at this time.

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  3. Tuesday, May 15 2012

    by , May 15th, 2012 at 08:39 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    400 REV IM

    *Set 1*
    1x1000 FR/BR as 3(200FR,100BR) + 100BR: steady pace
    3x100 on :40 rest as 50BR, 50FR: build by 50

    *Set 2*
    1x1200 Fly/BK as 6x200 (100Fly, 100BK): build each 100
    3x100 on :40 rest as 50Fly, 50BK: build by 50

    *Set 3*
    4x400 on 2:00 rest (build all 50 swims)
    1. Fly: 4(25K, 25DR, 50S)
    2. BK: 4(50DR, 50S)
    3. BR: 4(50K, 50S) with snorkel
    4. IM: 400S

    100 EZ FR

    *Set 4*
    1x2100 FR Ladder Swim
    1. 3(50/50, 50/100, 50/150, 50/200)
    2. as EZ/Strong; 50-200, 200-50, 50-200

    Warm Down

    • Butterfly at aerobic pace feels steady and smooth, but I no illusions, race pace fitness for swimming competitive 100 & 200 races will take some grit and patience to build.
    • Backstroke works good for me when I get my shoulders close to my ears on entry and hug hips on finish.
    • Breastroke pull-kick timing feels like stop and go, so need to get coach to check it out.
    • Freestyle continues to progress, with stronger consistant EVF and more integrated linear breathing alignment with shoulder roll. But still getting some toe/arch cramps at the end of longer swims.
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  4. Monday, May 14 2012

    by , May 14th, 2012 at 05:49 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    LCM - FGCU Aquatics Center

    Staff was still taking down pads, canopies, etc from the big weekend meet. Water a bit cloudy - usually crystal clear.

    1x1000 FR build by 200 1-5
    10x50 FR on :50, did 3(39,38,37) + 37

    *Set 1*
    4(3x100) on 1:45 with 1 min rest, times:
    1. 1:19
    2. 1:18
    3. 1:17
    4. 1:16

    3x100 on 2:15, times:
    1. 1:14
    2. 1:13
    3. 1:12

    300 FR DPS Swim

    *Set 2*
    6x50 on 1:00
    • did :34 ave

    3x50 on 1:30
    • did :32 ave

    200 DPS Swim

    *Set 3*
    3x100 on 3:00, times:
    1. 1:10
    2. 1:09
    3. 1:08

    100 EZ FR

    *Set 4*
    1x2000 FR Swim w/paddles EVF
    • 1000 as 2x500 desc by 100 to 80%
    • 1000 as 5x200 desc 1-5 to 85%

    Warm Down
    2x200 EZ butterfly drill

    With no weekend dryland or pool activity, I felt a bit awkward in the water most of the time. During the 100s my stroke rhythm was on and off resulting with uneven 50 splits compared to my normal standard of even splits. But on the good side, I went under 1:10 LCM in practice for the first time as a masters swimmer. Will start dryland again tonight.
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  5. Friday, May 11 2012

    by , May 11th, 2012 at 06:15 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    Today swam SCY at Fort Myers Aquatic Center. LCM at the FGCU Aquatics Center was not available due to a swim meet. Coach Chuck was down in Naples at the GG pool with the rest of the group.

    Did not do any dryland training yesterday, but I felt like I did during those first several hours after waking up.

    *Set 1*
    Swim FR 1 hour 15 minutes: working on freestyle stroke technique building effort by 300s to maintain aerobic base for 5K OW swims.

    The constant SCY flip turns were disruptive for the first 30 min. Sure enough, after about 3,000 + yards I totally lost count - so just kept going for another 3,000+ completing a continuous swim of 1hr, 15min consisting of 300 builds after an initial 1000 cruise.

    Now aware of my lazy left side breathing against the right arm/should pull from years of casual lap swimming, the possibility of late breath and/or turning head out of linear alignment nagged at me.

    1. Trying to turn my face downward faster after the breath distracted my sense of rhythm, stroke flow, and I could not do it consistently.
    2. After a while I began focusing on the EVF as a timing element to start the head downward naturally with the stroke pull after the breath. That seemed to have some potential.
    3. Eventually I evolved towards extending my shoulders near my head/ears throughout the stroke cycle.

    Swimming with the shoulders around my head/ears appears to me to have helped the most to keep my rhythm flow intact, continue linear head alignment during breathing, and also facilitate the EVF extension and high elbow front catch of each arm stroke. There was no forced shoulder/elbow lifting or straining to do this, more like a natural extension my freestyle stroke. We shall see what Coach Chuck thinks about it on Monday.
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  6. Thursday - May 10, 2012

    by , May 10th, 2012 at 05:58 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    *Warm Up*
    1000 FR Desc by 300s, +100 75% smooth 6K, 2min rest
    1000 Swim as 100FR/100BK, build each 100

    *Set 1*
    5x200 BR on 1:00 min rest

    1. K with snorkel
    2. K/S by 50 with snorkel
    3. K/S by 50 with snorkel
    4. Swim build by 50
    5. Swim build by 100

    100 EZ

    *Set 2*

    5x200 FLY on 1:00 min rest

    1. 2(K25, RA25, LA25, S25) build swim
    2. 2(K25, RA25, LA25, S25) build swim
    3. By stroke count: 4(3RA, 3LA, 6S per 50)
    4. By stroke count: 4(3RA, 3LA, 6S per 50)
    5. Swim build by 50

    100 EZ

    *Set 3*

    4x500 FR on 1:00 min rest

    1. EVF focus with paddles, breath every 3rd
    2. Desc by 100 60%-80% effort, breath every 4 alt 50
    3. EVF focus with paddles, breath every 3rd
    4. Desc by 100 70%-90% effort, breath every 4 alt 50

    200 EZ

    Arms and shoulders continue to feel moderately sore and weak from circuit training last night and I experienced some toe cramping during last set (stopped to egg beater and push off pool bottom several times).

    Just trying to stay in touch with backstroke for now, will do more BK specific sets after a few more weeks.

    The BR kick was solid and coach worked with me to extend the body position with more lower back follow up upon kick closure.

    Fly was steady and linear: working on kick timing with forward arm extension. For some reason it feels slightly easier to get a EVF position set up with fly than free.

    During my warm-up and also the last free set I was sensing awkward stroke rhythm connected to my breathing. My theory is that gradually becoming stronger and fitter as a swimmer is making me more aware of the more subtle stroke flaws. Coach identified late and delayed breathing more specifically on my left side. I tried to apply his corrections and looked really stupid for a while. Then later I was able to get closer to correcting the issue by focusing on the timing of my breathing with my stroke pull and less so on the recovery. Hopefully I can integrate this adjustment forward from this point.

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  7. Masters 5K Mira Mar Lake, FL April 29, 2012

    by , May 9th, 2012 at 05:35 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    Swam first OW: Masters 5K OW event at Mira Mar Lake, FL on April 29. Time - 1hr 18min; First place in Masters Mens 55-59, and Third place Masters Mens overall (because many OW swimmers were at USMS Nationals that weekend)

    Women started five minutes later and (only) three went past me, the first one... Brooke Bennett, just flew by. At the bottom part of the dog leg course there was a surprising amount of wave and wind activity for what had appeared to be a calm lake at the start. I enjoyed the challenge. My finish was not the Bill Rose finish I hoped to do, but I was able to stagger up on to the beach having made my best effort.

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  8. Wed - May 9, 2012

    by , May 9th, 2012 at 05:18 PM (I swim, therefore I am)

    *Warm Up*
    1000 DPS -Desc by 100s 1-5,6-10
    10x50 on 50; 1-4@40, 5-8@38, 9-10@37

    *Set 1*
    3(3x200 on 3:30; 3:45; 4:00)
    Target times: 2:45, 2:40, 2:35

    2:45, 2:41, 2:38
    2:44, 2:37, 2:32
    2:41, 2:36, 2:29
    200 EZ

    *Set 2*
    1x2000 swim with paddles - EVF focus
    Build pace/effort 50-80% as 2x500, 3x300, 1x100

    200 EZ

    Arms and shoulders felt moderately sore and weak during warmup from Monday circuit training along with tired legs from Tuesday LCM breaststroke kicking with a snorkel.

    First round of the 200s was not focused, but got it together for the next two rounds. Final 50 of final 200 felt like a total failure and I was surprised at the time.

    ..first USMS blog post of 2012.. will to attempt posting my workouts - as inspired by those who are doing it.
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  9. Starting interval training

    by , March 11th, 2011 at 01:30 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    After about 15 years of on/off lap swimming, I now have an experienced training partner, a deep water 50 meter pool, and most of the time one person per lane.

    Since late December have been doing cruise free & IM workouts between 4k - 5K SCY Mon - Fri. Feeling somewhat more ambitious I tried some intervals this week. By Thursday, I was nearly wiped out, but managed a final set of Freestyle: 2(3X300)@4:00 desc 1-3; round one 3:50 to 3:42; round two 3:45 to 3:38.

    Today after 3.5K of SKP sets including 24x25@:30 drill/sprint 6 each/Im order, we did Freestyle: 3x100 pace @1:30 then 1000 for time. Did time of 12:31 where the final 700 yards were a total fail. As much as I wanted to stop, it was more important to at least finish and not get lapped.

    Definitely have a long ways to go.

    5/09/2012: after this post I continued to do some swimming, bus skipped 3-4 months during late Spring to mid Fall due to relocation to Fort Myers, FL.

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