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  1. getting back into swimming....

    by , October 12th, 2012 at 12:16 AM (Colleen Conway's blog)
    Here goes my first entry. My husband, and our little one have just moved to our first home in a new place. Luckily I have found a really awesome USMS club and place to swim in nj. There are great people to swim with, all different abilities and some good swimmers. The fact that they have a child watch is the main reason I can even do this because someone is there to watch my little one, such an amazing opportunity.

    I always felt like I have had unfinished business in swimming since I quit in college and senior year of highschool I really wasnt in it, even though I was a captain, just felt like there was so much pressure about getting into college, life, it wasnt fun. So now just feels like the right time, after having had my daughter last summer, getting back in and giving myself a year or so to see how I do will be fun.

    It helps that my husband was a swimmer, a flyer too, so I have actually taken his advice about my stroke, straightening my arms and not bending them. In the past, one of my old coaches said I swam like Tom Malchow with bent arms but it was ok bc it worked for him. So when my husband pointed out my bent arms I got defensive, but then I decided to take his advice, because he was a better flyer. I've been back swimming now for two months. At first the change felt weird now it feels amazing. Now I nag him to find out what I'm doing wrong.

    My 25's in the pool (doing 5-8 in a row) have gone from in two months from a 17 to a 15, from a push to touching the wall and looking up at the clock quickly. My three 25s off the blocks tonight were 13 but my dives felt horrible. Husband said I never kicked when I dove in haha. Just dove in and glided until I started swimming. I am also able to do 10 x 50s fly swim on .55 comfortably. My next goal is to do 100s fly in practice and for the 25s pushoffs hit 14 at least once or twice. (longterm goal 12!!) Off to sleeeeeeeeeeeep. Tomorrow I plan to attempt some 5x 100s fly in my practice.