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  1. old habits die hard.

    by , October 26th, 2012 at 08:14 PM (Colleen Conway's blog)
    Now that I am starting off fresh as a masters swimmer, I know I should be changing my training from what it was a long time ago, yes the crazy days of mega yardage, but for some reason it did work for me in the past, so I plan on using some of the crazy sets of the past occasionally maybe once a week or every other week, to build my endurance while I continue with speed work.

    This set is one from a training trip to Ft Lauderdale. 14x 1,000s. On the training trip this set was done in a long course pool, so obviously that will be different than now in a SCY pool. It wasnt as boring as a 10,000 for time, because it was broken up. There is lots of IM, 10x 100s kick, 1000 IM by 250, 1000 swim, 5x 200s, 10x 100 stroke etc. I actually need to look in my old log book to see what it was. Im going to change it to 10x 1000s now.

    What sparked this desire to kick my own butt? Lets just say I am a little bit competitive and it drives me nuttttttttttttttts when I'm working hard but someone kicks my a** because I'm not working as hard as I should be. LOL. So.

    Because of Hurricane Sandy, I will have to do it tomorrow or wait, possible a week depending on what happens. My husband will have the privilege of watching our daughter, because this will obviously take a few hours. He works for the power company so he is actually on call, and will be working crazy overtime as of Sunday so I guess I will have to do this set tomorrow if at all, otherwise in a week. So I will see if I can do it tomorrow, but I'll have to use this new pool/gym I just joined because there is an age group meet the whole weekend at my other pool. The pool is ok, small but it is cloudy as heck I felt like I was open water swimming, before every turn I had to lift my head to make sure where I was. Doing 10x 1000s in a cloudy pool might be craziness, but at the same time its a quiet place with non-swimmers so it might be pleasant.

    Tonight in that pool, because I did a lot of speedwork yesterday, I did 4x 500s mixed: 500 free (4th lap back), 500 pull w bouy, 500 breastroke (50 double kick drill, 50 swim), and 500 pull w/ bouy.