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  1. Need to build endurance

    by , October 22nd, 2012 at 08:18 PM (Colleen Conway's blog)
    After my first swim meet this weekend and a week off, getting back into the pool today I feel like poop, and at square one. Based on my time results, I realize I have a LOT of endurance work to do. The first 50 of my 100 fly at the meet was 28 and lets just say I diedÖ. Badly haha.
    Days of highschool and five hour practices are long behind me, I no longer have the ability to just go train for hours with having a 15 month old, so I will have to train smart to build endurance, and I never really had time restrictions on my training in the past. How am I planning on improving this?
    1. Change my warmup from a 500 free/pull to a 1,000.
    2. Instead of doing sets of 50s swim fly in practice, I will consider using my monofin and doing days with sets of 100s. Iím a bit wary of using fins because for some reason it feels like it actually makes my kick weaker. So maybe I can try just swimming it straight but I think my stroke would break down too much.
    3. I need to add time in the gym and do some running. My goal is to run 15-20mins each day before getting in the pool. Today I did 15 mins and it didnít feel bad at all.
    4. Start doing pushups and situps.
    5. I did find another local gym with a pool so I could train at night time for a second practice or do cardio,weights, hopefully this will make a big improvement.
    If anyone has any ideas about how to build endurance when it comes to fly or in general, feel free to share J