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  1. Tuesday, July 30, 2013 6:30-7:30pm That's all folks!!

    by , July 31st, 2013 at 12:30 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Last practice with my USAS team. Made it an easy swim tonight, I just wanted to get in the water to stretch out a bit at my "mid-week" day, prior to my OW swim in Sandpoint, Idaho on Saturday. The famous Longbridge Swim is happening, and I'm not sure how many people there will be, but if it's anything like last year we're looking at over 900 swimmers. Possibly even hitting 1,000, which would be cool.


    1000 Swim (Alt. 100 Free/100 Stroke)
    I did 100 Free/100 Crawlstroke though I did have a 50 Fly in there around 800 or so

    Kick Set:
    10 x 100 Kick w/ board @ 3:00
    Odds Flutter, Evens Choice
    I did 100s Free Swim, and held a steady controlled 1:18ish pace.

    400 Free - supposed to swim EZ, and work it between the flags and the wall and back out again. I just decided to build the whole thing, and keep the Alaska girl behind me (which was actually tough). I went a 5:15 for my 400 Free.

    Did a 100 EZ and out

    2500 LC Meters.

    I just didn't want to kill myself with whatever was next in the practice with the kids, so I got out and began chatting with the parents.

    I also did a job interview today for a maintinence position at the Tree Top plant here in Wenatchee. It pays nearly $5.00 per hour more than I'm making now, and it has its pluses and minuses as well. I'd most likely be working on graveyard shift, and am a little unsure about doing that, plus stepping out of the comfort zone I'm in with my current job. We'll see how it goes, I'm one of four candidates for the job. Hey, at least I have another job already, and not unemployed looking for the job.
  2. Friday, July 26, 2013 Inland Empire Champs Meet Recap (USAS)

    by , July 27th, 2013 at 02:03 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I signed up for one and only one day of the champs meet this weekend, and chose the day with the 200 Fly. I also signed up for the 400 Free and 50 Free, since they were the next best choices, and I need to get my mileage worth for a day. No point of driving a few hours for one event, even if I do get to swim in twice!

    Started my day at 4:30am with the alarmclock, on the road before 5:00am, and at the pool around 7:15am. Warmups, etc. then sat till my first event around 12:00noon. Drank plenty of water, it was HOT today down there, and no wind at all to help. I stayed in the shade, but even that was unbearable at times.

    I shaved down for the meet, after having a week or so of taper and rest, plus squeezed my @ss into the FINIS Hydrospeed 2 jammer that I wore at Indy Nats last May. At least it still fits.

    7 lane pool in Pasco, kind of strange, but it still has water. Top 7 in the A Final, 8-14 in the B Final.



    50 Free - 27.73- qualified me 13th place for finals
    This was okay I guess. I went faster than a few weeks ago, but I still had a crappy breakout about 2 feet underwater and it just stopped me dead. I know why sprinters complain about things like this.

    Not really a lot of rest after this before the Fly, but that's how I roll...

    200 Fly - 2:26.11 - qualified me 2nd place for finals
    A new adult best time for me!! and a new LMSC Record for 35-39
    31.2 / 37.5
    37.8 / 38.9
    This felt unbelievably easy the whole way. I felt a little struggle on the final 20 meters or so, but it wasn't bad. Led my heat by a lot. The other circle seeded heat had the faster guy in it.

    400 Free - 4:42.46 - a timed final, placed me 6th
    Another adult best time for me!! and a new LMSC Record
    35.7 / 37.0
    36.3/ 36.3
    35.8 / 33.7
    I was a bit tired at the start of this race, but after the 200, I began preying on the swimmers in the two lanes next to me, as they began struggling a bit. I think the heat of the day got to a lot of people by this point, but I stayed well hydrated and was doing fine.
    I ran down one kid who was way ahead of me, and almost caught the other one at the end, but he touched me out at the finish. Still a great time for me.


    Break between sessions:

    I left in search of air conditioning since I had about an hour and a half till warmups for finals. Stopped at a quickie mart for Gatorade and an ice cream bar, then went for food. Found a McD's and stopped in for some nutrition overload. As I left, I refilled my Root Beer, and then realized there was a Baskin Robbins 31 flavors ice cream store down the road. Mmmmmmm... Root Beer Float, combo style from McD's soda, and Baskin Robbins "Triple Vanilla" ice cream. Sooooo good. I was soooo stuffed after all this, but it was worth it. I wasn't sure how finals would go though...


    50 Free - 29.50 (was seeded 13th, placed 14th)
    I dove in SDK'd great, and broke out even worse than in prelims. Once I did get to the surface I sprinted a bit, then realized it was a lost cause and just shut it down to save energy for later...which wasn't a lot later at all...

    200 Fly - 2:24.68 (seeded 2nd, placed 2nd) & lowered my record a little more!
    30.8 / 36.1
    37.8 / 40.0
    I went out strong, trying to stay within reach of the 17 year old next to me, praying that he might die a bit and I'd be within range to swoop in for the kill. He did die a bit on the final length, but so did I. It was a fun race to go out with though. My final USA-S race. Wow!!!


    I had a lot of fun swimming with Velocity Swimming this year, made a lot of friends, learned a lot, taught a lot, inspired a lot of people, and was inspired by the other's efforts as well. I will remember this time forever...and still wonder how Kirk can keep going with the kids in Seattle too!! Oh yeah...he doesn't have kids at home!
  3. Wednesday, July 24, 2013 6:30-8:00pm

    by , July 25th, 2013 at 12:32 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    The first 1/2 hour or more was handing out goody bags, t-shirts, water bottles, caps and such for the champs meet, plus having another last minute team meeting with all swimmers and parents about the meet and everything.


    800 Free
    500 EZ Kick w/ board (I did a 400)

    4 x 50 AFAP Choice @ 3:00
    Did Free, Fly, Fly, Free
    I ended up going really fast and was beating the kids next to me while I did Fly against their Free so that felt good.

    600 EZ Swim Free w/ fins
    I did really really EZ Free w/ short fins and did 400

    1800 LCMeters

    Talk about 'shutting it down'.
  4. Tuesday, July 23, 2013 6:30-8:00ish pm

    by , July 24th, 2013 at 12:32 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    400 Free
    300 Kick w/ short fins
    200 Free Pull

    8 x 50 Fast w/ short fins @ 2:00
    I did Odds Fly, Evens Free

    400 Free EZ

    4 x 50 Choice @ 2:00 - superspeed turnover to the middle, EZ to the wall
    Did Fly to the middle, EZ Free to the end

    300 Free EZ

    2 x 50 Free @ 3:00 AFAP like you're anchoring a come from behind relay
    I think I went :30 or so on these from a push.

    200 Free EZ

    4 x Dive 50s and walk back around @ coach's sendoff
    Did Fly Sprints to the middle, cruised Free to the wall

    2700 LC Meters

    Went over for a final group sit-down talk w/ coach John, for last minute reminders about rest, nutrition, and mainly hydration. With the 102+ degree days, we have to keep downing fluids. It's gonna be fast and fun this weekend. I've never been to the pool, but that doesn't matter. It has water, and that's about all I need to race!
  5. Monday, July 22, 2013 6:30-8:30pm Taper Taper

    by , July 23rd, 2013 at 01:26 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    It's almost here...coming up in 4 more days. The Inland Empire (LSC) Long Course Champs for USA swimming. I'm only swimming on Friday, since my best event, and another good one are that day. I'm swimming the 50 Free, then 200 Fly, and the 400 Free. I'll be swimming finals in the 200 Fly for sure as well, and maybe can make the top 14 in the 50 Free as well (It's a 7 lane pool).

    From the psych sheet:
    #30 Boys 15 & Over 200 LC Meter Butterfly
    IES: 2:02.37 Z DEWITZ-CUDA <-- The year Zane (my former teammate) did this, I was a 2:09.55 at Juniors
    MEET: 2:14.30 2010 DEREK FRENZEL
    2:08.39 JRS
    2:22.89 ZONE
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Hernandez-Mejia, L 1u5is RTCCC-IE 2:24.89
    2 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 2:26.62
    3 Bergstrom, Henry J 15 VS-IE 2:29.64
    4 Philip, Jeevan P 18 TCCC-IE 2:34.98
    5 Brock, Lucas W 17 GMSC-IE 2:40.36
    6 Halsey, Connor B 15 LCN-IE 2:40.89
    7 Maryon, Tyler O 19 CAST-IE 2:41.29
    8 Fillebrown, Charles 1W5 UN-01-IE 2:45.41

    While that time looks "out there", it really isn't. I did that time 2 summers ago, and last year was a 2:30, as well as this year in June also. I'm already visualizing getting top seed and getting to HOPEFULLY pick my own "walk up music" as they parade in the finalists. My choice is going to be GNR's "Welcome to the Jungle". Now to find the CD around here somewhere to have it ready.

    The 400 Free I'm seeded 9th overall, and should place well in it as well. The 50 Free, I'm seeded 6th, but my realistic time will be a crapshoot if I can make finals or consols. I'll give it my best effort though.

    I'm thinking shave for the meet, and I'm going to put on my FINIS Hydrospeed 2 suit that I used at Indy Nats as well. Might as well go out with a bang on my season ending meet!!


    Tonight's practice:

    600 (50 V-sit, 50 Free)

    16 x 50 SDK w/ short fins @ 1:30 = Odds EZ, Evens FAST
    Finally an interval I can handle with kicking, and I could put forth good effort too!

    400 Free Pull w/ no paddles - talk about TORTURE!!! I can't pull w/out paddles for the life of me. Put me in the 8 & under lane for gosh sakes!! I'm a kicker first type of distance swimmer, and I use the big paddles to keep my going on pull sets normally.

    200 EZ

    8 x 50 w/ paddles and fins @ 2:00 FAST (I did with short fins only)
    Odds I did Fly, Evens did Free
    Went fast on all of them.

    12 x 50 @ 1:20 (3 of each stroke), 1 Drill, 1 EZ, 1 Build

    Dives from the blocks x 6 = approx. 25 meters or so, then return back
    I did 5 Fly, and 1 Free. Felt really good with clean entries, fast SDKs, and awesome speed once I began swimming.
    Look at me...blogging like a (ewwwwww) sprinter...

    3300 LC Meters
  6. Tues, Wed, and Thursday (July 18, 2013) 6:30-8:30pm

    by , July 19th, 2013 at 01:13 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Tuesday was the awards ceremony from the Starlight Invititational Meet. I ended up being the last one called up, and John said some nice things about me and what I've done for the team over the past year with the kids. He told them all that I'll be leaving from the team at the end of July, but will still have one more race day with them next Friday at the Champs Meet in Pasco, WA. The "final hurrah" of sorts. Everyone gave me a nice applause, and it made me feel good inside.

    No swimming after the awards for me...I took a day off


    Wednesday I went to the pool, did the practice, but was so beat up and tired from work and swimming to remember what I'd done, plus I didn't write it down last night, but was around 5000 LCM. It was more laid back, kind of going into taper type of swimming.



    800 Free

    w/ fins (I used my short fins):
    8 x 150 Kick @ 2:30 (50 Fast/50 EZ/50 Fast)
    I did 50 Fast SDK on back/50 EZ SDK on back/50 Free Swim EZ, and was still barely making the interval

    16 x 50 Free Pull @ 1:15
    Odds EZ, Evens FAST

    200 EZ

    8 x 100 Broken @ 50 for :15 rest - whole thing @ 2:45 - Go FAST
    I did the first one Fly, and went fast, not sure of my time, but it felt good. After that I hopped to the back of the lane, and did moderately fast freestyle, but that depended on if I caught up to a backstroker, etc. Not really a whole lot of effort exerted here after #1

    200 EZ

    8 x 50 @ 2:00 Odds V-sit scull, Evens Front Scull

    500 Free Swim EZ cooldown
    on a couple of the lengths I showed the kids in my lane how I can complete a 50 meter length on 8 "dolphin dives". They didn't think it was possible, but I showed them.

    4900 LC Meters

    No practice on Friday, or Saturday this weekend. I'm just going to relax for the weekend, well, besides work duties. Only a few more days of practice next week, then I'll probably shave down for my final races: 200 Fly, 400 Free, and a stupid 50 Free, which may be Fly possibly.
  7. Monday, July 15, 2013 6:30-8:30pm Recovery Day

    by , July 16th, 2013 at 12:35 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    The day after that grueling Day 3 of my meet, and thankfully John was giving a recovery workout like he usually does after a meet. I'm going to begin tapering for my "final hurrah" with the team in 2 weeks anyway.

    1000 Free
    1000 Kick w/ fins (kick 'n chat) - I did 50 Free w/ short fins/50 SDK w/ short fins on my back instead
    1000 Free Pull

    16 x 50 @ 1:15 (4 of each stroke) (Drill/Build/Drill/Fast)
    I only went fast on the Fly, after that I found my spot at the back of the lane and was the caboose for the rest of workout.

    8 x 50 @ 2:00 Odds V-Sit scull, Evens Front Scull

    12 x 50 Free Build, or EZ as I did @ 1:15

    100 EZ and out

    4900 LC Meters

    Probably going to skip tomorrow's workout. I'll still go for the awards ceremony from the meet at the beginning of practice, but go home after that.
  8. Starlight Invitational (USAS) Meet Wrap-up - LCMeters

    by , July 14th, 2013 at 11:15 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Friday night:

    400 IM 5:29.75
    I felt good overall in this race. I did absolutely ZERO warmup prior to this as I missed the general warmup due to work, and it was way too cold and windy for me to even think about getting in the deep tank to get wet prior to the race, so I did it cold turkey and was happy with it. 10 seconds faster than a month ago when I was sick, and about 4 seconds away from last year I think.

    100 Free 1:02.67
    I felt good on the first 50, breathing to my right side, and was hanging with the guy to my breathing side. After the turn I came off the wall, took a breath to the other direction, and could only see whitewater all the way across the lanes. Nothing like being seeded with a time from when I was 24 years old or so. (57.mid) I was still happy with the swim. My legs were a bit tired at the last 20 or so meters.


    My day off from work...I slept in till almost 8:00am before my eyes first popped open. Amazing!!

    Started off with a coaches relay, where I was the flyer in a 200 Medley relay. It was a lot of fun. Felt a lot more like a masters meet than anything else. The kids and parents from all teams all around the pool were cheering loud. It was almost an OUTDOOR facility!! I checked my split from watching the video and was a 29.6 LCM 50 Fly. Not too bad.

    The Relay:

    I then went home for about 3 hours, since I didn't have to race again till after 6:00pm.

    400 Free - 4:50.24
    32.7 / 36.3
    37.1 / 36.8
    37.0 / 37.0
    37.2 / 35.7
    Not too bad of a race. I hung in there well, and wished I could've flipped and kept going for my 800 race...

    100 Fly - 1:08.52
    31.4/ 37.1
    Felt great going out...then I broke down on the 2nd 50. Work work work and lots of swimming makes you tired.

    800 Free - 10:02.22
    1:09.5 / 1:16.5
    1:17.5 / 1:17.2
    1:16.7 / 1:16.5
    1:15.2 / 1:12.9
    I had to pace myself and not let myself run with the big guys in the heat. I knew I wasn't capable of staying with them. After a couple hundred, I set my eyes on a kid two lanes over who was slightly ahead of me. He was watching me as well I found out after the race. I pulled up next to him within the 3rd and 4th 100s. On the 5th 100, I decided I was going to win this "race" with the boy, and dropped the hammer here and kept the gas pedal down. Yeah, it hurt, but I managed to keep going. I really had to go on the last 200 though to keep ahead of him. I managed to do it though.
    Finished this event just before 10:00pm...and off to bed later


    4:25am - woke up for work
    5:00am - work work work, lots of cherries, and a few mechanical breakdowns. Little bit of chain grease, and a bit of cold 34 degree water drenching me at times as well.
    3:30pm - outta to the meet.
    4:30pmish - 50 Free
    5:00pmish - 200 Fly
    5:04pmish - 1500 Free
    5:30pm, chowing on a $1.00 cheeseburger "last call" blowout special from the grill at the meet. Can't pass that up!

    50 Free - 28.72 #1 voted worst event ever...even worse than the 200 LCM Back!
    Only did 4 breaths, which was tough.

    200 Fly - 2:35.36
    32.7 / 38.9
    41.9 / 42.6
    I was feeling a bit iffy prior to this race...still feeling the effects of work all day, plus the 50 Free a half hour earlier. I tried to conserve a bit of energy, as much as you can in a 200 Fly.
    I had about a minute to huff and puff while waiting for a couple stragglers in my heat to finish up, plus the calling up of the next heat: my 1500 heat

    I moved over 1 lane, and just did an in-water start for the 1500. Bad things could've happened had I tried to jump out of the pool and climb up on the blocks.
    1500 Free - 19:52.xx
    36.5 / 39.8
    40.5 / 40.5
    40.2 / 40.3
    40.0 / 39.8
    40.4 / 40.6
    40.8 / 40.3
    40.7 / 40.5
    40.6 / 40.6
    40.4 / 39.9
    39.7 / 39.7
    40.0 / 39.6
    39.8 / 39.5
    39.7 / 39.6
    39.8 / 39.5
    39.7 / 37.2

    I managed to use the first 400-500 as a cooldown/warmup. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th 50s of the race felt the worst. After that, all the bad things started going away. I was a bit behind in the race, and had some catching up to do. One kid was a couple lanes over and about 3 bodylengths ahead of me. I worked for about 6-700 to finally catch and pass him, then I set my sights on the boy next to me. He was going out of the flags as I was coming into the flags at the turns. I figured I'd have a shot to catch him, so powered my kick up a bit and pulled a little harder. This was with about 600 to go or so. I reeled him in over the next 300 meters or so, and with 5 lengths to go, I decided it was now or never to try to catch him. I pulled even with him and passed him going into the 1400 turn, but knew it wasn't over yet. He was young and gave chase. The final 100 hurt, especially the final 50, but I wasn't going to get beat either!!

    That deadly double was probably one of the worst I've ever done...and probably wouldn't wish it on anyone...except for the coach of the Animal Lane workouts...he'd probably like it.
  9. Friday, July 11, 2013 6:30-8:00pm and Meet Preview

    by , July 12th, 2013 at 12:15 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Tonight the team just did a splash around workout. About 3000 LCM total. The only thing I did that was intense was the initial 800 Free of the warmup. I always like to get out and bash through this opening freestyle, for some reason it feels good. After that I tried not to hit triple digits with my heartrate the rest of the workout. Very very easy with little to no effort. The kids couldn't figure out why I was going at the back of the lane. They'll learn one of these days.

    I'm entered with my best times in the SWIMS database (which goes back to about 2000), most of which are from when I was 24 years old, but a few of them are from the past couple summers. I'm swimming 'close enough' to these times, but some may be unachievable. No worries here.

    My events:

    Friday: (will work an 8-10 hour day prior)

    Event 4 Boys 15 & Over 400 LC Meter IM
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Alpaugh, Spencer T 18 BISC-PN 4:42.32 _____
    2 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 4:48.82 _____
    3 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 5:04.22 _____
    4 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 5:06.85 _____
    5 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 5:10.60 _____
    6 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 5:13.37 _____
    7 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 5:15.96 _____
    8 Alpaugh, Samuel C 15 BISC-PN 5:22.95 _____
    9 Waite, CJ J 15 BISC-PN 5:36.08 _____
    10 Bergstrom, Henry J 15 VS-IE 5:39.52 _____

    Event 20 Boys 15 & Over 100 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Hoag, Sam R 15 VAST-PN 27.83 _____
    2 Weiner, Brendan A 19 BISC-PN 54.70 _____
    3 Sumnicht, Andrew J 21 SWAT-IE 55.75 _____
    4 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 56.25 _____
    5 Bocchi, Joseph P 18 PSA-PN 56.93 _____
    6 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 57.54 _____
    7 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 58.08 _____
    8 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 58.36 _____
    9 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 59.28 _____
    10 Alpaugh, Spencer T 18 BISC-PN 1:00.10 _____

    Saturday: (Day off from work)

    ***Will be participating in the unsanctioned unofficial coaches relay on Saturday. The team raised over $30,000 in the swim-a-thon this year, and the coaches were "forced" into swimming at the meet this summer in a relay. There are 4 female coaches and two male coaches on the team. They decided to make a men's and women's team. The men recruited another swimming dad, and also myself. John told me they'd have to "handicap" me to make it fair though. I came up with the idea to swim in jeans and a t-shirt. It'll be fun. We're also doing a 200 medley relay, so I'm going to be doing a 50 Fly in jeans and shirt. Even more fun. I think I'll go for the bellyflop entry off the start as well.

    Event 66 Boys 15 & Over 400 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 4:23.56 _____
    2 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 4:26.58 _____
    3 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 4:30.09 _____
    4 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 4:32.67 _____
    5 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 4:36.64 _____
    6 Bergstrom, Henry J 15 VS-IE 4:50.53 _____
    7 Hoag, Sam R 15 VAST-PN 4:56.03 _____
    8 Portzer, Kelton A 17 PSA-PN 5:00.41 _____
    9 Waite, CJ J 15 BISC-PN 5:01.18 _____
    10 Hofferth, Elliott H 15 TAC-PN 5:02.04 _____

    Event 74 Boys 15 & Over 100 LC Meter Butterfly
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 1:02.36 _____
    2 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 1:03.05 _____
    3 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 1:03.13 _____
    4 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 1:03.25 _____
    5 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 1:03.95 _____
    6 Alpaugh, Spencer T 18 BISC-PN 1:04.66 _____
    7 Bergstrom, Henry J 15 VS-IE 1:07.24 _____
    8 Halsey, Connor B 15 LCN-IE 1:10.56 _____
    9 Hofferth, Elliott H 15 TAC-PN 1:11.14 _____
    10 Comeau, Adam C 17 BISC-PN 1:11.41 _____

    Event 80 Mixed 15 & Over 800 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Weiner, Brendan A M19 BISC-PN 8:39.39 _____
    2 Alpaugh, Spencer T M18 BISC-PN 8:45.71 _____
    3 Gifford, Ryan R M18 Golds-PN 9:08.15 _____
    4 Sterner, Kay E W18 BISC-PN 9:41.54 _____
    5 Adams, James A M35 VS-IE 9:43.74 _____
    6 Rosen, Candice T W15 BISC-PN 9:44.96 _____
    7 Mergel, Mackenzie W15 VAST-PN 10:01.08 _____
    8 Alpaugh, Samuel C M15 BISC-PN 10:20.53 _____
    9 Bell, McKenzie A W15 BISC-PN 10:25.59 _____
    10 Speirs, Felicity M W16 Storm-PN 10:33.33 _____

    Sunday: (will have an unknown amount of hours workday - probably 8+)

    Event 116 Boys 15 & Over 200 LC Meter Freestyle - probably will have to scratch it
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Weiner, Brendan A 19 BISC-PN 1:56.19 _____
    2 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 2:03.55 _____
    3 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 2:04.48 _____
    4 Alpaugh, Spencer T 18 BISC-PN 2:07.21 _____
    5 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 2:07.75 _____
    6 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 2:08.25 _____
    7 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 2:08.27 _____
    8 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 2:08.27 _____
    9 Goodwin, Joshua N 15 TOSC-PN 2:12.48 _____
    10 Bocchi, Joseph P 18 PSA-PN 2:13.69 _____

    Event 128 Boys 15 & Over 50 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Bocchi, Joseph P 18 PSA-PN 13.63 _____
    2 Sumnicht, Andrew J 21 SWAT-IE 25.51 _____
    3 Weiner, Brendan A 19 BISC-PN 25.55 _____
    4 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 25.98 _____
    5 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 26.27 _____
    6 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 26.41 _____
    7 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 26.97 _____
    8 VanHoof, Bennon D 18 RFST-PN 27.00 _____
    9 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 27.10 _____
    10 Goodwin, Joshua N 15 TOSC-PN 27.28 _____

    Event 132 Boys 15 & Over 200 LC Meter Butterfly
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Weiner, Brendan A 19 BISC-PN 2:14.97 _____
    2 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 2:22.15 _____
    3 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 2:22.78 _____
    4 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 2:23.74 _____
    5 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 2:24.61 _____
    6 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 2:25.54 _____
    7 Bergstrom, Henry J 15 VS-IE 2:29.64 _____
    8 Comeau, Adam C 17 BISC-PN 2:38.70 _____
    9 Halsey, Connor B 15 LCN-IE 2:57.35 _____
    10 Pringle, Justin J 16 VS-IE 3:04.28 _____

    Event 133 Mixed 11 & Over 1500 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Alpaugh, Spencer T M18 BISC-PN 16:50.65 _____
    2 Gifford, Ryan R M18 Golds-PN 17:42.14 _____
    3 Adams, James A M35 VS-IE 18:47.50 _____
    4 McCoy, Sakaiya A W14 SWAT-IE 18:56.41 _____
    5 Mergel, Mackenzie W15 VAST-PN 18:57.23 _____
    6 Alpaugh, Samuel C M15 BISC-PN 18:57.92 _____
    7 Johnson, Naveed K M16 TOSC-PN 19:07.14 _____
    8 Van Troba, Ella S W13 YAC-IE 19:34.38 _____
    9 VanWell, Jack C M15 VS-IE 20:30.13 _____
    10 Miele, Mikaela E W13 VAST-PN 20:30.69 _____

    The last two events will be fun...or not fun, we'll have to see. Notice the event #'s. I'll be in the last heat of the 200 Fly, then step right up into the 1500 Free 1st heat (swum fast to slow). There's no scheduled break, but maybe I can 'take my time clearing the pool'.
  10. Wednesday, July 10, 2013 6:30-8:30pm Swam combined with BISC

    by , July 11th, 2013 at 01:15 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Velocity Swimming and Bainbridge Island Swim Club did a little co-mingling tonight at practice. The fast lane was all BISC besides myself and Henry. I was going pretty much #3 in the lane behind two studs, and Henry was going #6 or so in the lane, but he's nursing a sore shoulder and taking it easy.

    We did the sprint workout, which I honestly thought was a bore, but my coach John didn't want me to wear myself out doing the distance practice a few days before the meet. He knew my legs were already a bit sore with crampy feelings, and just wanted me to rest a bit.

    Here goes:

    600 (50 V-Sit, 50 Free Build) - I had to show our BISC kids what V-sit was. They didn't think it was too bad...for the first 50, but doing more and more of it...they weren't too thrilled. Like John says..."found something we're better than the others at".

    12 x 50 Kick w/ board @ 1:20

    12 x 50 @ 1:15 - 3 of each stroke (Drill, EZ Swim, Build Swim)
    I went 2nd for the Flys, then lagged near the back for the back and breast, then back up for the Frees

    12 x 100 Free w/ paddles @ 2:00 (50 reg. arms w/ overkick legs, 50 catchup Free EZ)
    - to me, this meant sprint Free with a slight kick, then EZ Free back.

    100 EZ

    12 x 50 Free Fast w/ paddles @ 1:15
    - yeah, ok. Went 200ish pace with a slight kick. Did try on the final one though.

    100 EZ

    4 x 50 Sprint choice stroke @ 1:30
    did 3 Fly, then 1 EZ Free - Flys went for 200ish pace, somewhere around :37/:38ish

    I did a 100 cooldown at this point and got out. They continued on with another kick set of really nothing for the next 15 minutes, but I didn't need that.

    4100 LC Meters

    Overall a very very easy practice. Even Henry had the same thoughts afterward. I guess that means we didn't do it right, huh?? Oh well, I was resting. Leslie would even agree that you don't want to waste yourself 2-3 days ahead of a meet.
  11. Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    by , July 10th, 2013 at 01:35 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    600 Free
    4 x 50 Free Build @ 1:00

    w/ paddles and fins (I used my short fins which I can kick flutter kick better with)
    6 Rounds of:
    • 200 Free (50 EZ/100 Fast/50 EZ) @ 3:00
    • 100 Free (50 EZ/50 Fast) @ 1:30
    • 50 Free Fast @ 1:00

    I was toast after about 3 rounds of this, but the kids just kept on going

    200 EZ

    Lane Rotation:
    8 x 50 Dolphin Kick fast w/ board @ 2:00 (UGH!!!!)

    8 x 50 Choice Stroke Sprint @ 2:00 (did 7 Fly, 1 Free) - felt really good

    8 x 50 Free Pull w/ buckets Fun Fun Fun, this is where my adulthood comes in handy with my developed muscle power over the kids.

    400 EZ and out

    4700 LC Meters

    Tomorrow we're supposed to mix-it-up with the Bainbridge Island Swim Club. I guess we're going to do one large combined practice. I better eat my Wheaties tomorrow, 'cause they've got a few kids that will be kicking my butt!!

    Meet coming up in 3 days for the entire weekend. Of course, I'll be fitting it in around my work schedule which will make for even more fun times.
  12. Monday, July 8, 2013 6:30-8:30pm

    by , July 9th, 2013 at 01:19 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    600 Free

    8 x 150 Kick w/ long fins @ 2:10
    I did 4 x 100 w/ short fins, and 4 x 100 w/ long fins, kicking somewhat easy on both. My left hamstring is recovering from a pretty good cramp I got yesterday after lots of yardwork, dehydration, and then sitting in the movie theater with my youngest on my leg most of the movie. Nothing like your leg cramping in the middle of a movie theater!!

    4 x 300 Free Pull @ 5:00
    Odds EZ (went ~ 4:15 & 4:05)
    Evens Fast (went 3:45 on both)

    12 x 100 @ 2:00
    4 times through:
    • 50 Fly Fast/50 Free EZ
    • 50 Back Fast/50 Free EZ
    • 50 Breast Fast/50 Free EZ


    12 x 50 EN3 work @ 1:30 - do same stroke in groups of 4
    I did all Free and went as fast as I could, but it wasn't truly fast...probably something I could hold for a 100 or 200 speed.

    200 EZ

    4 x 50 @ 2:00
    Odds V-sit scull, Evens Front Scull

    4800 LCMeters

    It was a fun day today. We had all the lanes full of swimmers at the pool, so I didn't have to look off into 5 open lanes next to me today. Bainbridge Island's age group team is visiting for the week at our pool, prior to the meet this coming weekend. I guess it's their chance for some outdoor and LCMeters training time. Our fast lane was in the middle right against their fast lane. I would've mixed in well with them, probably about middle of their lane. John told us we intermix the teams later in the week for some different training stuff. NExt week, we'll have 2 teams staying with us after the meet for a week of outdoor LCMeter training as well. Best part was watching them all lathering up the sunscreen prior to swim practice at 6:30 at night. The sun is already on the decline, and not very strong rays anymore...but I guess their pale white skin can't take that anyway.
  13. Friday, July 5, 2013 6:30-8:30pm

    by , July 6th, 2013 at 12:57 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    500 Free
    300 Free Pull
    200 Kick w/ board

    Main Set:

    3 Rounds of
    • 2 x 200 Free @ 3:30 (held around 2:45s)
    • 4 x 100 Free @ 1:30 (held between 1:20-1:24s)
    • 8 x 50 Free @ 1:00 (did EZ swim ~:45-:50)
    • 1:00 rest between rounds

    On the final round I did pull...I was getting fairly exhausted on that long set...and my energy reserves were on empty

    10 x "50 IMs" @ 1:10
    going 4 strokes of Fly, 4 strokes of Back, 4 strokes of Breast, then Free to the wall

    100 EZ and out

    5200 LC Meters

    I have to work tomorrow. This weekend my day off got switched from Saturday to Sunday, so I don't get to swim in the morning. Oh well, I'm beat tired anyway.
  14. Wednesday, July 3, 2013 6:30-8:15pm

    by , July 4th, 2013 at 12:27 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Casual day - Assistant Coach Anne was in charge, as John is taking a day off prior to his road trip to a large prelim/finals meet in Montana this weekend. Teams from the 4 LSC's in the area are all converging for a LC Meter competition.


    800 Free

    Anne was making this up as we went...I could tell as she was talking to herself trying to think of sets, intervals, etc.

    8 x 100 going 50 Front Scull/50 Free Fast @ 2:00
    did these with about :15/:20 rest

    12 x 50 w/ long fins @ LIFO
    going 8 SDKs then surface for 2 Fly strokes, submerge 8 SDKs, up for 2 Fly strokes, etc.

    4 Rounds of 4 x 50s, followed by 100 "EZ"
    Each round of 50s is one stroke, must do all 4 strokes, but not important the order.
    Intervals were given for the strokes, which were fast:
    We did:
    4 x 50 Free @ :45
    1 x 100 Free @ 2:30
    4 x 50 Back @ :55
    1 x 100 Free @ 2:30
    4 x 50 Fly @ :50 (this got fun)
    1 x 100 Free @ 2:30
    4 x 50 Breast @ 1:00
    1 x 100 Free @ 2:30

    1 x 400 IM Cruise - I ended up descending the 2nd half of the swim, passing Henry in the breast, and rocketing home in the free - went 6:00 - The fly was painful, and the backstroke was a cooldown from that pain.
    3 x 100 Free @ LIFO (approx. 1:40) Desc. 1-3
    went 1:20/1:16/1:12

    200 EZ

    4300 LC Meters

    Pretty easy practice overall. And a good mix of different stuff. It's good to switch coaches now and then, instead of the same ol' stuff all the time. Now we get the 4th of July off from the pool, and I get it off from work as well!! We usually work with the cherries going, but this year, my plant and day shift is off.
  15. Tuesday, July 2, 2013 6:30-8:00pm

    by , July 2nd, 2013 at 11:55 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Hot hot hot day today. While it is common for us to reach over 100 degrees, it usually happens much later into the summer - beginning of August or so...not the first of July. And today wasn't just a little over, it was way over - at 106!! Just last week we had highs of 70 and rain rain rain. Not even a transition period at all to get ready for it. Just over the weekend it went straight to the high 90s, and then 100s, and now
    The water was hot too. It seemed to change almost overnight too!


    600 Free

    Kick Set:
    3 rounds of:
    • 1 x 200 SDK w/ long fins @ 3:20
    • 2 x 100 SDK w/ long fins @ 1:35
    • 2 x 50 SDK w/ long fins @ :45

    I made them all, but took my fins off for the final round of 50s at the end. Blisters were killing me.

    Lane Rotation Day:
    started with the bucket pulling - paddles, buoy, and bucket
    12 x 50 @ 2:00
    Of course I got one of the "new" buckets, that only had six 3/8" holes drilled in the bottom!! Still, I rocked it!! Old guy still has muscle power over the kids.

    next lane:
    16 x 50 @ 1:30 Odds Drill, Evens Sprint, 4 of each stroke
    I did the 4 Fly, and 4 Back, then got out...It was 8:00, so I did get 90 minutes in...

    3100 LC Meters
  16. Monday, July 1, 2013 AM & PM (yep...a DOUBLE, my first)

    by , July 2nd, 2013 at 12:59 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    That's right, I threw in a double today, which I believe is my first daily double swim workout with Velocity Swimming since I joined them last September. Normally I don't get to swim in the mornings with my summer work schedule, but the cherry season just isn't what it normally is. This morning I didn't have to start till 9:00am, so I was able to swim for an hour and a half...then had time to return for more punishment in the evening. My coach John didn't expect to see me there tonight at all!!

    A.M. Workout/Warmup
    400 Free
    400 Kick w/ long fins
    400 Free Pull

    5 x 200 IM @ 4:00 (still warmupish)

    w/ Paddles and Long fins:
    8 x 350 broken into:
    • 200 IM cruise @ 3:30
    • 100 Stroke Fast @ 2:00
    • 50 Stroke Fast @ 1:30

    The 100s stroke went Fly, Back, Breast, Free
    The 50s stroke were reverse, going Free, Breast, Back, Fly

    I only did 4 of the 350s before I had to get out. I wasn't using any paddles at all with the IM/Fly stuff involved, and I just suck at swimming with fins on. I bet the YMCA lap swimmers could even swim faster than me with their fins on.

    3600 LCMeters

    ....then about 8 hours of work done, and...
    well over 100 degrees as well (about 103)

    P.M. Workout/Warmup:
    1000 Choice (all Free for me)

    8 x 150 Kick w/ long fins @ 2:20
    I did 2 x 150s, 2 x 100s, 2 x 150s, 2 x 100s

    **team water break**

    6 x 200 Choice (did Free) @ 4:00 (Desc. 1-3, 4-6)
    came down to a 2:28 on the final 200

    **team water break**

    16 x 50 Odds V-sit scull @ 1:45, Evens Front Scull @ 1:30
    not fun at all!!!

    Sprinting with a partner - we matched up with someone in our lane who was approximately our same speed - I got Henry, who is now faster than me, but I once was able to cream him. Ahhh...the youth...gotta love them.

    6 x 50 All Out @ 1:30
    4 of them Free, 1 Fly, then 1 Free
    I was around Henry's shoulder or so on each on at the finish, so I was able to hang with him at least.

    200 EZ

    4500 LCMeters
    3600 from the a.m.

    Wow...8100 LCMeters!!!