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  1. Starlight Invitational (USAS) Meet Wrap-up - LCMeters

    by , July 14th, 2013 at 11:15 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Friday night:

    400 IM 5:29.75
    I felt good overall in this race. I did absolutely ZERO warmup prior to this as I missed the general warmup due to work, and it was way too cold and windy for me to even think about getting in the deep tank to get wet prior to the race, so I did it cold turkey and was happy with it. 10 seconds faster than a month ago when I was sick, and about 4 seconds away from last year I think.

    100 Free 1:02.67
    I felt good on the first 50, breathing to my right side, and was hanging with the guy to my breathing side. After the turn I came off the wall, took a breath to the other direction, and could only see whitewater all the way across the lanes. Nothing like being seeded with a time from when I was 24 years old or so. (57.mid) I was still happy with the swim. My legs were a bit tired at the last 20 or so meters.


    My day off from work...I slept in till almost 8:00am before my eyes first popped open. Amazing!!

    Started off with a coaches relay, where I was the flyer in a 200 Medley relay. It was a lot of fun. Felt a lot more like a masters meet than anything else. The kids and parents from all teams all around the pool were cheering loud. It was almost an OUTDOOR facility!! I checked my split from watching the video and was a 29.6 LCM 50 Fly. Not too bad.

    The Relay:

    I then went home for about 3 hours, since I didn't have to race again till after 6:00pm.

    400 Free - 4:50.24
    32.7 / 36.3
    37.1 / 36.8
    37.0 / 37.0
    37.2 / 35.7
    Not too bad of a race. I hung in there well, and wished I could've flipped and kept going for my 800 race...

    100 Fly - 1:08.52
    31.4/ 37.1
    Felt great going out...then I broke down on the 2nd 50. Work work work and lots of swimming makes you tired.

    800 Free - 10:02.22
    1:09.5 / 1:16.5
    1:17.5 / 1:17.2
    1:16.7 / 1:16.5
    1:15.2 / 1:12.9
    I had to pace myself and not let myself run with the big guys in the heat. I knew I wasn't capable of staying with them. After a couple hundred, I set my eyes on a kid two lanes over who was slightly ahead of me. He was watching me as well I found out after the race. I pulled up next to him within the 3rd and 4th 100s. On the 5th 100, I decided I was going to win this "race" with the boy, and dropped the hammer here and kept the gas pedal down. Yeah, it hurt, but I managed to keep going. I really had to go on the last 200 though to keep ahead of him. I managed to do it though.
    Finished this event just before 10:00pm...and off to bed later


    4:25am - woke up for work
    5:00am - work work work, lots of cherries, and a few mechanical breakdowns. Little bit of chain grease, and a bit of cold 34 degree water drenching me at times as well.
    3:30pm - outta to the meet.
    4:30pmish - 50 Free
    5:00pmish - 200 Fly
    5:04pmish - 1500 Free
    5:30pm, chowing on a $1.00 cheeseburger "last call" blowout special from the grill at the meet. Can't pass that up!

    50 Free - 28.72 #1 voted worst event ever...even worse than the 200 LCM Back!
    Only did 4 breaths, which was tough.

    200 Fly - 2:35.36
    32.7 / 38.9
    41.9 / 42.6
    I was feeling a bit iffy prior to this race...still feeling the effects of work all day, plus the 50 Free a half hour earlier. I tried to conserve a bit of energy, as much as you can in a 200 Fly.
    I had about a minute to huff and puff while waiting for a couple stragglers in my heat to finish up, plus the calling up of the next heat: my 1500 heat

    I moved over 1 lane, and just did an in-water start for the 1500. Bad things could've happened had I tried to jump out of the pool and climb up on the blocks.
    1500 Free - 19:52.xx
    36.5 / 39.8
    40.5 / 40.5
    40.2 / 40.3
    40.0 / 39.8
    40.4 / 40.6
    40.8 / 40.3
    40.7 / 40.5
    40.6 / 40.6
    40.4 / 39.9
    39.7 / 39.7
    40.0 / 39.6
    39.8 / 39.5
    39.7 / 39.6
    39.8 / 39.5
    39.7 / 37.2

    I managed to use the first 400-500 as a cooldown/warmup. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th 50s of the race felt the worst. After that, all the bad things started going away. I was a bit behind in the race, and had some catching up to do. One kid was a couple lanes over and about 3 bodylengths ahead of me. I worked for about 6-700 to finally catch and pass him, then I set my sights on the boy next to me. He was going out of the flags as I was coming into the flags at the turns. I figured I'd have a shot to catch him, so powered my kick up a bit and pulled a little harder. This was with about 600 to go or so. I reeled him in over the next 300 meters or so, and with 5 lengths to go, I decided it was now or never to try to catch him. I pulled even with him and passed him going into the 1400 turn, but knew it wasn't over yet. He was young and gave chase. The final 100 hurt, especially the final 50, but I wasn't going to get beat either!!

    That deadly double was probably one of the worst I've ever done...and probably wouldn't wish it on anyone...except for the coach of the Animal Lane workouts...he'd probably like it.