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  1. 1st LC Meet USA-S as a Master :) preview

    by , May 12th, 2011 at 11:46 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Here's the psych sheet. I'm the in the heats.

    I'm using all my best times from last summer's LC meets that I did, so I should be able to improve on my times. I'm in way better condition that I was last year.

    Saturday I'm swimming:
    400 IM (seeded 2nd)
    200 Back (8th)
    100 Breast (6th)
    100 Free (5th)
    200 Fly (4th)

    400 Free (5th)
    100 Fly (tied 2nd)
    200 Free (6th)

    It's a 6 lane 50 meter pool, I've never swum in this size pool before, but at least I'm in the top heat in all of my races. 200 back isn't considered a race, if you want to get technical about's a survival swim.

    This will be one heck of a challenge too. Lots of events, and I get to start it all off with the hardest event possible (IMO) for LCM swimming.

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  2. Nationals Recap

    by , May 3rd, 2011 at 12:16 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Overall, I had a good time at the Nationals meet. I had a few good swims, but for the most part I was hugely dissappointed by my results. I felt that I could have performed much better, and this was basically my own fault...I tapered too much and lost my endurance for the longer races altogether. Oh and learn. At least I had season best swims in all events, and a few were even masters swimming bests.
    I've got a few videos that I need to upload, and they'll be here soon.
    I also did get to meet Elaine at the meet as well. She's a very good cheer person!

    200 Fly - 26.52/30.67/33.14/36.79 = 2:07.12 was a best masters time by .6 seconds, but I should have been able to bring back my last 2 50s in 31s/32s if all had gone well. Oh well. I finished 8th place
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 4-30-11 200 Fly Mesa Nationals[/nomedia]

    YouTube Doubler - 200 Fly PNA vs. 200 Fly Nats

    100 Back - 29.86/31.68 = 1:01.54 was a best masters time by a full second! I was happy with the race, other than the fact this was an OUTDOOR MEET IN ARIZONA!!! That sun was horrible!! I was able to beat 3 people in my age group though (does it count that 2 of them were N.S.???)

    200 Free - 25.67/28.76/30.17/30.33 = 1:54.93 was a best time for the season, .5 seconds slower than last year's time. I felt crummy on this race after the first 50. It was windy during the race and the water was splashing from my lead arm and I was breathing in a lot of water vapor mist that normally I don't have to deal with. That part sucked...
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - James Adams 200 free, Mesa Nationals[/nomedia]

    Courtesy of Patrick Brundage (pwb) - Thank you!

    500 Free - **note: make sure you're sitting down before viewing these splits!
    26.19/29.61 (55.80)
    33.31/32.19 = 5:14.22 11th place by 0.5 seconds! Missed a medal, not that this swim was deserving of a medal IMO. Still it was a season best time.
    I was in 3rd place at the 100 which is great and about where I wanted to be, body couldn't handle it this time.
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 5-1-11 500 Free Mesa Nationals[/nomedia]

    100 Fly - 26.28/30.56 = 56.84 masters best time by 0.6 seconds. I was happy with it, but thought I could've gone a little faster.
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - James Adams 100yd Butterfly[/nomedia]

    Courtesy of Elaine Krugman (ElaineK) - Thank you!

    200 IM - 26.70/33.17/38.83/30.12 = 2:08.82 Best masters time by 1.5 seconds. Finished in 9th place, but someone DQ'd so I got 8th! I was happy to end the meet on a good note. Very happy with the swim, though my freestyle was dragging at the end and I couldn't finish as fast as I had hoped to.
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 5-1-11 200 IM Mesa Nationals[/nomedia]

    Time to get back in the pool and train train train. Got to break this taper. I've got a LCM meet in 2 weeks swimming USA-S, and should be fine. I'm just going to get back in the pool and hit it hard, seems to make me swim the best anyways.

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  3. 4/29/11 Last swim before Nationals

    by , April 29th, 2011 at 10:14 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Got in the water this morning for a nice quick swim of about 800 yards or so. I had to test a few quick turns for my knee, and freestyle turns are okay, it's the open turns for fly that are putting a little bit of pain on the inside of my knee. Eventually I'll probably end up going to visit the doctor, but I'm waiting till after Nationals...that way she can't tell me no.

    I took a vacation day from work, and am just doing some last minute packing up for the meet, not that I need much. I'll be transforming from a hairy gorilla monster to a swimmer in a few hours from now.

    Again, good luck to all the swimmers in today's events (except of course the 30-34 mens 400 IMers) I'll be leaving Washington State this afternoon, and getting into Phoenix around 8:30pm. My day 1 will be everyone else's day 2 or 3, but the schedule of events actually worked out pretty good for almost all my best swims to be on Saturday and Sunday anyway.

    Time to be fast (or at least look good trying).
  4. Thursday, April 28th, 2011 5:15am & Nationals Weekend

    by , April 28th, 2011 at 11:17 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I just did my 2nd to last dip in the pool this morning...feeling pretty good too. I did a whoppin' 1200 Yards today, with a "meet warmup" type swim tomorrow morning. I'm full of energy this morning too, and that could be from the extra sleep (in bed by 8pm) I had last night from feeling sickish all day long yesterday.

    I'm going to be stuck at work for today, while everyone else is either having fun in the sun, or headed for the sunny weather of Arizona. Good luck to all in the 1000s and 1650s today, and the 400 IM tomorrow morning (except those 30-34 yr olds... hehehe) Need to try to maintain my TT chances, but nothing I can do except sit back and watch the results pour in.

    At least I took off all of Friday from work so I can relax for the trip. I'll be flying out from the Tri Cities, WA to Phoenix via Salt Lake City on Friday afternoon, arriving about 8:30 Friday night. My dad is getting to make the trip with me, so that will be fun. He really enjoys watching me swim...just like when I was a kid.

    200 Fly - entered a 2:04, swam a 2:06 a few weeks ago, looking for 2:02 or under. Knee or no knee pain, I'm going for it.
    100 Back - this is my 6th event (I'm hoping for cancellation due to a lightning storm) I'll try for under a 1:00, but no guarantees
    200 Free - I've only been a 1:56 this season, but that was a few minutes after I did the 1650 or the 1000 at 2 different meets. I've done a 1:58 in practice a few weeks ago, so I'm expecting greatness. 1:50 or so.

    Probably a relay or two (find out when I get there...relays don't bother me, they're only 50s)

    500 Free -I did a 5:17 this year at the end of a meet, but I was too tired to go really fast. Did a 5:11 last year, but I know I'm in way better shape this season. Looking for anything on the clock that starts with a 4:xx.xx
    100 Fly - This is my sprint event. I did a 57.3 in January after my 200 Fly. I'm shooting for under a 55, but anything can happen in a sprint.
    200 IM - This will be another sprint - 4 x 50 AFAP. I'll see how my knee fares with the breaststroke in the race. I haven't done one kick of breaststroke in the past couple weeks since it's been sore. Looking for 2:05 or under.
    Probably a relay (again find out later)

  5. Saturday, April 9, 2011 NW ZONE Results

    by , April 9th, 2011 at 10:45 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I had a great meet. 5 new masters best times out of 5 swims today!!!
    I didn't get a real chance to do any cool down, so I just did the whole meet "cold turkey", which I wouldn't advise to most people, but for me today it was working so I went with it.

    Note: These are unshaved, untapered, very tired James doing these swims, and I still did good. I can't wait till Nationals to see what comes then!!

    400 IM - 4:35.01 Best time by 4.7 seconds!
    29.91 / 31.56 = 58.47 (pretty ok)
    36.15 / 35.53 = 1:11.68 (this was good for me)
    40.57 / 41.20 = 1:21.77 (feeling the burn here)
    32.21 / 30.88 = 1:03.09 (ouch)
    Overall a great swim. The whole heat was pretty quick.
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 4-9-11 400 IM NW Zones.mp4[/nomedia]

    50 Breast - 31.18 Best time by .3 seconds!
    This swim was pretty good. 13 heats after the 400 IM...I think I warmed down a 50 aftert the 400 IM and that was the extent of my warming down for the meet.

    200 Free (as Fly) - 2:06.07 Best Fly time by 1.7 seconds!!
    31.71 (58.80)
    on a slight technicality it was a best time swim...I did do a couple 1 hand touches on purpose...didn't hit the timing correct coming into the walls, so I just dropped the arm down, took an extra breath, then turned. Even with 2 hand touches, I'm sure I still would have had a best time. It was finally nice to race a 200 Fly with "competition". Most of my meet swims are solo in a sense. Nationals will be fun in this one.
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 4-9-11 200 Fly in the Free event NW Zone.mp4[/nomedia]

    200 Back - 2:15.94 best time by .5 seconds!
    34.11 (1:05.36)
    KNelson and I were the 2 non backstrokers in the final heat, and it showed. I swam right next to John Keppler, who went a 1:58 or so. That Guy was out there too, doing something like a 2:08. There were a couple other times behind him before I hit the wall. Oh well, at least its over.

    100 IM - 59.76 - best time by .8 seconds!
    I was really surprised by this one. I knew I wanted to make it 5 for 5 on my best times for the meet, and in the back of my head I wanted to get under a 1:00, but I truly didn't expect to do it. I hate the 100 IM, it's just way too sprinty for my blood!! Still to break a minute I felt like a kid again...remember how happy you were to finally break a 1:00 in the 100 Free??? That's the kind of feeling I had this afternoon. After furthur review, I won the heat by .03, and .05 over 2nd and 3rd place!
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 4-9-11 100 IM NW Zone.mp4[/nomedia]

    The PNA meet will still be continuing tomorrow, but I was only headed there for 1 day, that's why I swam the 5 events all today. Good luck to everyone else out there tomorrow!!

    My kids also wrote on my back for the meet, here is the picture:

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  6. Tuesday, April 5, 2011 5:00am

    by , April 5th, 2011 at 10:15 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    300 Free
    300 Free Pull
    200 Kick
    200 IM Drill

    1 x 500 Free @ 7:00 (went 5:45)
    1 x 100 IM @ 1:45
    1 x 400 Free @ 5:30 (went 4:40)
    2 x 100 IM @ 1:45
    1 x 300 Free @ 4:00 (went 3:30)
    3 x 100 IM @ 1:45
    1 x 200 Free @ 2:45 (went 2:11)
    4 x 100 IM @ 1:45 (I skipped these due to time constraints for going to work)

    and did 200 EZ

    1 x 100 Free AFAP (went :57) This was tough this morning, but still okay.

    100 EZ
    3400 Yards

    PSYCH SHEET/HEAT SHEET for the PNA Champs/NW Zone

    Swimming the 400 IM, 50 Breast, 200 Free (as Fly), 200 Back, 100 IM.
    My main concentration for this meet is the 400 IM. Heat 6 is going to be a killer heat: All 8 swimmers between 4:25 and 4:45.
    The 200 Fly is going to be fun swimming with the freestylers...finally I get to have a good race with the whole heat right's either gonna make me swim really good, or I'm gonna look stupid when I die.
    Also, I don't know how I ended up in the backstrokers heat of the 200 back!! I'm gonna get slaughtered!!

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  7. Thursday, March 31, 2011 5:00am

    by , March 31st, 2011 at 10:23 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    200 Free
    300 Free Pull
    100 Free Kick

    12 x 75 (25 Kick w/ board, 50 Free) @ 1:05

    1 x 200 Fly from a push - went 2:19, felt so-so on it. Was getting waves from all the others in adjacent lanes doing their 200 Flys also.

    100 EZ

    10 x 50 Back @ 1:00
    did 8 SDKs on each length, easy swim
    The last 2 did 8 SDKs with fast backstroke (went :34, :35)

    100 EZ
    2300 Yards
    Also threw in 45 minutes of the Core Synergies P90X DVD last night...funfunfun!

    I'm excited about Mesa now that the psych sheets are up. There's some fast 30 year olds in my group - wow!
    Saturday @ Mesa:
    200 Fly - seed 7th - 2:04.71
    100 Back - seed 15th - 1:01.38
    200 Free - seed 9th - 1:52.52
    500 Free - seed 7th - 5:05.74
    100 Fly - seed 10th - 55.39
    200 IM - seed 10th - 2:06.33
    This is going to be fun! I can't wait.

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  8. 3/26 - 3/27 Inland NW Champs Recap

    by , March 27th, 2011 at 10:07 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    We only had 55 people entered in the meet. It was one of the lowest of all time for the area, and especially for this season where all other meets were a bit higher attended. Not a lot of rest for us.

    400 IM: 4:41.94 2 seconds slower than in February. I think that my sickness midway through the week took a toll on me for this event. I just got wiped out after the 75 point of the race. I was still faster at the 200 point of the race than before, but couldn't bring it home.

    200 Back: 2:16.33 Best time in SCY because it was my first time doing it. It was a little slow compared to my SCM conversion from 2:29 a few weeks ago.
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 3-26-11 200 Back.mp4[/nomedia] (I'm in Lane 4)

    100 Breast: 1:07.29 Best time in masters by 2 seconds. Missed my LIFETIME best by just over 1/2 second too! I was going up against "The Breaststroker"...a guy who swims only the 50, 100, and 200 in each meet, and nobody can really touch him. I was able to beat him in this one. Yippie!!
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 3-26-11 100 Breast.mp4[/nomedia] (I'm in lane 4)

    400 Medley Relay: Fly - split a 57 high

    Saturday evening at the social: We had our regular LMSC annual meeting, and awards for the year. I won the most dedicated swimmer award this year. I was not expecting it and am honored!

    Saturday night night: Halo on the XBOX 360 till about 1:00am...priorities you know...swimming/XBOX/swimming/XBOX...I figure I can swim anytime, the XBOX was a one time deal!!


    A little tired, but still having fun.

    50 Breast: 31.46 Another masters best time by default, 1st time. I was too deep on the dive and got stuck underwater during the breakout stroke. Got beat by the breaststroker dude by .3 seconds
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 3-27-11 50 Breast.mp4[/nomedia]

    200 Breast: 2:29.49 Best time for 4 seconds. Was out at a 1:10 at the 100. Just got tired, but came home strong and almost caught "the man".
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 3-27-11 200 Breast.mp4[/nomedia]

    200 Free Relay: leadoff 24.64

    400 Free Relay: leadoff 53.60 this was the next heat after the previous relay, so about 2 minutes of rest for me.

    Assigned: 1000 Free
    Did: 1000 Reverse IM (idea provided by That Guy): 12:45.59 - This was just a have fun race. Swam it pretty relaxed, to be ready for the 250 at the end. It didn't even hurt, and my stroke held strong. Basically my time was like putting two 5:00 400 IMs together, with a 2:45 200 IM not too bad.
    [nomedia=""]YouTube - 3-27-11 1000 Rev IM.mp4[/nomedia]

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  9. 7th meet in 60 days!

    by , March 26th, 2011 at 12:08 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Tomorrow will be (yes this is right) my 7th meet in a ~60 day period. The Inland NW Champs meet. I'm pretty much swimming my "off" events at this one...aside from the 400 IM or course.

    Here's my path:
    Jan. 23rd,
    Feb. 5th,
    Feb. 13th,
    Feb. 21st,
    Mar. 5th,
    Mar 12th,
    and now Mar. 26-27th!

    For the ~90 period I'll be adding the Apr. 9th for Zones, and April 30-May 1st for Nats for a total of 9 meets over a roughly 90 day period.

    Call me stupid, dumb, energizer bunny, or all 3!! I'm still swimming fast, and having fun!

    The key is rotating the events around too...there's no way I would repeat meet after meet of the same ol' stuff.
    Crazy thing is that at the awards/annual meeting there, I'm not even eligible for the "waterlogged award" (which they give to the people that attend all LMSC meets in the season), because I missed one of the LMSC meets to go to the NW SCM Zone meet outside the area in November!!
  10. Saturday, March, 12, 2011 ORCA Meet Results

    by , March 13th, 2011 at 12:03 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Just got back from yet another adventure in racing...part 6. I just counted it up...6 meets in an 8 week span!! If that doesn't count toward something other than being tired all the time...I don't even know...(I'm too tired right now to think straight)

    1000 Free 10:53.8 New Best Time

    27.1/30.8 = 58.0
    32.0/31.9 = 1:03.9
    32.4/32.8 = 1:05.2
    33.1/33.4 = 1:06.5
    33.2/33.3 = 1:06.5 (5:20.4)
    xx.x/xx.x = 1:07.4
    xx.x/xx.x = 1:06.8
    33.8/33.4 = 1:07.2
    33.7/33.7 = 1:07.4
    33.0/31.2 = 1:04.2 (5:33.4)

    I beat my 1000 split from my 1650 last month by 3 seconds which I guess is good. I wanted to go faster, but right after the 500 my brain wanted to still race, but my body was having nothing of it. I missed my LMSC Age group record by 4 seconds.

    100 Fly 58.32 (1 sec. slow)


    As you can tell by my 25 splits, the 1000 Free just moments before the race really came back to get me. They originally had a scheduled 30 minute break/warmup after the 1000s, but it was more like 10 minutes, and the 100 Fly came 2nd event after that!!

    200 Free 1:56.52 (.4 seconds slow)


    This race was the immediate one after the 100 Fly...and I knew it signing up for it too. I just figured there was going to be more time. I got a cramp in the arch of my left foot as I pushed off the 1st turn at the 25 (ouchy!!), and continued on kicking pretty much with 1 leg for the next 75, trying to stretch out my foot while racing. This is much like trying to drink out of a cup while hanging upside down...doesn't work that well! I managed to get most of the painful part of the cramp gone by the 100, and then tried to ramp it up again to finish strong...ended up just a few tenths off my season best.

    100 Free 53.40 (ugh!!!)


    This was just S*** to say the least. I just couldn't get myself moving in this one today. It didn't help that the guy in the lane next to me went a 50.0 either...he was gone after the 25, and mentally that can get you. Oh well, at least I swam the 100 once (and only once) this season.

    200 IM 2:11.83 (1.5 sec. slow)

    12.4/14.6 = 27.0
    17.6/17.2 = 34.8
    19.7/19.5 = 39.3
    15.8/14.5 = 30.3

    My slowness from a few weeks ago was in the fly and back splits...the 2nd half was the same. My fly to back transition was horrible, I was in that position where should I or should I not take the extra stroke?... I ended up taking the extra stroke and regretted it later, I had to pull out of it short so I didn't nail the wall with my nose, then got pretty much stuck on the wall at that point. Oh well.


    Pools I’ve competed in since starting Masters (Mar. 2009) SCY unless noted

    • King County Aquatics Center, Federal Way, WA
    • Whitworth University, Spokane, WA
    • Sandpoint West Athletic Club, Sandpoint, ID (SCM)
    • Briggs YMCA, Olympia, WA
    • Wenatchee High School, Wenatchee, WA
    • Helene Madison Swim Center, Seattle, WA
    • University of Idaho – Moscow, Moscow, ID
    • Hood River Aquatics Center, Hood River, OR (SCM)
    • Tualitan Hills Recreation Center, Beaverton, OR (LCM)
    • Mount Hood Community College, Gresham, OR (LCM)
    • Bainbridge H.S. Aquatic Center, Bainbridge, WA
    • South Davis Recreation Center, Bountiful, UT (SCM)
    • Oak Harbor Aquatic Center, Oak Harbor, WA (SCM)
    • Canby Swim Center, Canby, OR
    • Juanita H.S. Aquatics Center, Kirkland, WA
    • Ray & Joan Kroc Center, Coeur d’Alene, ID (SCM)
    • Seattle University – Connoly Center, Seattle, WA

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  11. Friday, March 11, 2011 5:00am & Seattle Meet Info

    by , March 11th, 2011 at 10:10 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    This morning I just got in and swam about 2000 yards of nice n easy stuff. The last 500 of it I did 10 x 50 Free working on extending my SDK off the wall to the halfway point. I may implement this on my meet tomorrow in the 100 Free to become Phelps-ish (at least in spirit).

    I attached a copy of the heat sheet for tomorrow's meet at Seattle University. I'm swimming the 1000 Free, 100 Fly, 200 Free, 100 Free, and 200 IM. I have some good races in all of them, which is a very nice challenge.
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  12. Saturday, Mar. 5, 2011 SCM Meet in CDA, Idaho

    by , March 6th, 2011 at 03:00 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    We went over to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for a SCM meet today...leaving Wenatchee at 6:45 am (3 1/2 hour drive) for 10:30 warmups. I just got home now at 11:30pm!! I'm exhausted, but had a great meet. In fact, everyone on our team had a great meet, so to all!!!

    I'm gonna give the really condensed version of my events, so I can sleep.

    We were also competing at 2200 feet of elevation, so it was a little fun. I normally train at 1200, so it's a little step up for me.

    I don't have splits, but I can give guesses.

    400 SCM IM - 5:08.06 (out in a 1:06), I saw that on the scoreboard...the rest of the race just hurt. Could have gone faster.
    Best time by 11 seconds!! New LMSC Age Group Record. Converts to a 4:36.02 in SCY (note: used's converter for all)

    200 Mixed Free Relay - swam a 50 Fly

    200 SCM Free - 2:08.29 - I went out a little slower than normal, and had more energy on the back half...imagine that!!! I think it was 1:03/1:04.5
    Best time by 2.3 seconds!! New LMSC Record. Converts to a 1:54.95 SCY

    400 Mixed Medley Relay - swam fly - actually tried on this one so we could set the LMSC record...I split a 1:03!

    200 SCM Back - 2:29.60 - Race of a lifetime...I swam this neck and neck with a great 57 year old swimmer who hasn't competed in over 3 years, and he and I matched each other stroke for stroke, kick for kick the whole way...he ended up touching my out at the end by a tenth of a second.
    Best time by over 4 seconds!! New LMSC Record. Converts to a 2:14.04 SCY

    800 Mixed Free Relay, another LMSC record by default (no prior for our age group)...we all just swam this easy as a cool down, I did a 150 really easy free then finished with the last 50 sprint fly, probably getting close to a 31 or so.

    200 SCM Fly - 2:24.22 - By this point of the meet we were I don't know how many hours into it, but everyone was exhausted. I just wanted to be able to beat my earlier 200 backstroke time so I could still call myself a flyer!!!
    New best time by 1.5 seconds. New LMSC Record. Converts to a 2:09.22 SCY

    400 SCM Free - 4:40.62 - I was shot before this race started, but I still tried to make a good attempt at it anyway. My best time was a 4:32, which was swum last year, and also was the first event of that meet, so to come with 8 seconds of it tonight was really good for how tired I was.
    Converts to a 5:20.75 SCY

    I think it was after 7:00pm when I started the last race, and my first swim of the day was at 11:00am. They did have 4 heats of the 1500 just after the 400 IM, and that took up a little over 2 hours, which gave a nice lunchbreak for me (TACO BELL!!!!)...this in addition the breakfast of champions at McDonalds, and the dinner of a lifetime a Burger King, make one day of well rounded meals!!! Can't forget the refilling of Mountain Dew on the drive home.

    Overall, best meet I've had in a while, 4 out of 5 best times, even some when I was so tired I shouldn't have been able to, but still found a way!!

    Got the idea from Patrick to keep track of this:
    Pools I’ve competed in since starting Masters (Mar. 2009) (SCY unless noted)

    • King County Aquatics Center, Federal Way, WA
    • Whitworth University, Spokane, WA
    • Sandpoint West Athletic Club, Sandpoint, ID (SCM)
    • Briggs YMCA, Olympia, WA
    • Wenatchee High School, Wenatchee, WA
    • Helene Madison Swim Center, Seattle, WA
    • University of Idaho – Moscow, Moscow, ID
    • Hood River Aquatics Center, Hood River, OR (SCM)
    • Tualitan Hills Recreation Center, Beaverton, OR (LCM)
    • Mount Hood Community College, Gresham, OR (LCM)
    • Bainbridge H.S. Aquatic Center, Bainbridge, WA
    • South Davis Recreation Center, Bountiful, UT (SCM)
    • Oak Harbor Aquatic Center, Oak Harbor, WA (SCM)
    • Canby Swim Center, Canby, OR
    • Juanita H.S. Aquatics Center, Kirkland, WA
    • Ray & Joan Kroc Center, Coeur d’Alene, ID (SCM)

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  13. Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011 Seattle Meet Recap (Meet #4)

    by , February 21st, 2011 at 01:40 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Just completed Meet #4 over a 5 week spread!! I'm just beat tired now. At least for the rest of the season I'll take it more at a "normal" pace for a Masters swimmer.
    The good news is that I am still swimming best times in lots of my events over the spread of the last few weeks, which is a good thing considering how tired I am with training/competition.

    The meet in Seattle was fairly large (165+ people), and took forever, especially waiting for the 500s at the end, which of course, I was in the last heat, along with KNelson, and That Guy (who was there as my counter and managed to get in a 43 into a 20 length race) . Thank you again!

    These are just rough splits from my "semi-coach", who is a friend from club swimming days who is now coaching for the Bainbridge Island masters team.

    200 Fly:
    27.2/31.8/34.2/35.8 = 2:08.51

    That Guy told me I was at a 58.99 on the clock at the 100, which is cool, but I was just way too tired to bring it home with any juice on it. I didn't really die, I just didn't have anything in the tank to draw from. Still a decent swim. The last 3 200 flys I've done have all been (207.7/208.5/208.5), so at least I'm consistently going quick!!
    Just need to take the next step now!

    200 IM:
    12.1/14.9 (27.0)
    16.8/16.9 (33.7)
    19.4/19.6 (39.0)
    15.8/14.6 (30.4)
    2:10.30 <-- This one is a Masters best time by 1/2 second! Yippie!!

    I don't think there was anyone within a second and a half of me after the fly, but a breaststroker almost caught my by the end of the breast, and we had a sprintout for the finish, which I won. The whole heat was fast (2 @ 2:10, 3 @ 2:12/2:13, 1 @ 2:16). Really was a good race to watch I'm sure.

    100 Back:
    14.9/15.4/16.3/16.0 = 1:02.59

    I was happy with this swim. Not being that good in backstroke I was happy to see a somewhat quick time, again getting my best time by over 3 seconds! Yippieeeee!!! I still like fly better though.

    100 Breast:
    14.6/17.5/18.6/18.5 = 1:09.24

    Another Masters best time! By a .15, but hey, that's still improvement!

    500 Free: ugghhhh!!! (over 2 hour wait for this one)

    30.8 (58.2)
    32.5 (1:04.4) (2:02.6)
    32.7 (1:05.3)
    33.1 (1:06.3)
    30.4 (1:02.6)

    The last 100 split only came down because I was trying to beat one of those dang 20-some year old kids across the pool who was hanging just a bodylength in front of my from the 200 point. I didn't quite catch him, but was close. Overall, I personally thought this 500 sucked! It's only 6 seconds off my time from last year, but I'm in way better shape than last year, and when I'm rested should probably by contending with the 5:00 mark, hopefully the 4:59 mark because that looks better. Oh well, you can't always do best times, but I did try my best, I was just tired at this point.

    Going home from the meet from Seattle to Wenatchee, my dad took me out for a big steak dinner in a small town named Sultan on Hwy 2 (Steven's Pass Hwy). I had a big 24 oz. Porterhouse steak, baked potato w/ sour cream, cheese, bacon, the works;, a huge salad also, and bread. I ate all of it too, I was starving. Probably put on at least 3 pounds in 30 minutes there.
    We made it home safe and sound about 10:00pm tonight, so that is good. Now it's off to bed, then hit the pool at 5:00am, so I can "cool down" from my 500 free a few hours ago.

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  14. Lake Washington Meet, Sunday 2/20 FAST TIMES :)

    by , February 17th, 2011 at 10:29 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Get ready for some fireworks. This one's gonna be a fun one!!! There are some really fast swimmers in most of the events, making the final heats some real showdowns. I'm really looking forward to the 200 IM heat. In the top 6, Kirk, That Guy, myself, and a couple others are going to have a race. The 500 free is another good showdown with Kirk at the end of the meet.
    I'm in 200 fly, 200 IM, 100 back, 100 breast, & 500 Free
    Here's a copy of the psych sheet for all to view. Enjoy.

    Updated February 17th, 2011 at 11:44 PM by jaadams1

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  15. Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011 Animal Meet Results

    by , February 13th, 2011 at 11:14 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Swam the Animal Meet tonight in Canby, OR. There were 3 versions to pick from, sprint, middle, and distance. I took the distance choice: 400 IM, 200 Fly, & 1000 Free.
    This is the pool/team that I used to asst. coach with after college for 4 or 5 years, so it was kind of a nice reunion to visit all the old coaches/parents/kids (who have really grown up a lot in the 7-8 years I've been away.)
    The meet went really fast, so not a lot of rest. There were only 38 people entered in the meet, and with the amount of No Shows, it went even quicker. Plus the pool was around 84-85 degrees, way too hot for racing, but I made it anyway.

    400 IM: 4:39.xx
    rough splits: 1:00.5/1:14.5/1:22ish/1:01.5
    I just couldn't get out fast enough in the race. The hot water in the pool just made me feel too relaxed. It was still a Masters swimming best time which is good (dropped 7 seconds, but I know I can go faster).

    about 15 minutes later:
    200 Fly: 2:08.50
    rough splits: 27.7/32.3 (1:00.0) 34/34.5
    On this one I just took it out relaxed, not even expecting to do as well as I did. The worst part was going toward the 125 point and beyond when the other swimmers waves started getting bigger and bigger every time I passed them in the opposite direction. Still it was just off my Masters best time which I can handle.

    1000 Free: 11:43
    This one was just a goof around swim. I didn't want to swim it after the other swims, I was just tired. But I'm not one to back out of a race. I just made it interesting by swimming the 1000 alternating 50 Fly/50 Free until the 700 point. Then I did a 200 free easy, and came home with my last 100 AFAP hitting I think a 1:01 or so for the last 100. I'll have another chance at the 1000 at our Inland NW Champs meet at the end of March for the TTs.

    Got the award for the fastest cumulative time for the distance category (cool trophy). It was nice to get an award like this in masters swimming, even though I didn't really have any competition in the events. Something good to show the kids when I get home.

    After the meet my buddy from Portland took me out to eat at Burgerville where I overstuffed myself on Cheeseburgers (4), a large strawberry shake and a Coke.

    One more meet to come next Sunday (2/20) out in Kirkland, WA. 200 fly (again), 200 IM, 100 Back, 100 Breast, 500 Free. After this I can have a weekend off.

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  16. Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011 meet tomorrow

    by , February 12th, 2011 at 12:34 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I had to go into work this least I'm getting a little bit of OT that will help pay for the gas to the meet tomorrow.

    I went for a swim at the YMCA last night, didn't really do much. There were 6 kids playing in the 1/2 of the pool for open swim, and the other 3 lanes were set for lap swim.. I was the only swimmer there, and I just splashed around. I probably got about 2000 yards in over the night, with nothing in particular...just loosening up the muscles. At the end of the swim, I took a minute of rest and went for a fast 100 fly from a push. I felt really sluggish though, and came in at 1:02. That's decent enough considering how I was feeling. Hopefully I'll be under a minute leading off my 400 IM tomorrow.

    400 IM, 200 Fly, 1000 Free

    I'm going to go for it in the IM, relax the 200 fly, and see how I feel for the 1000 at the end. Who knows, maybe I'll do great!!

    Now, to start my 5 hour drive to Oregon so I can visit my grandparents (and get a free night of sleep).
  17. Upcoming meets...

    by , February 6th, 2011 at 06:35 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I just registered for a couple more... 'tis the season!

    Sun, Feb. 13th: Animal Meet in Canby, OR:
    400 IM, 200 Fly, 1000 Free

    Sun, Feb. 20th: Lake Washington Meet in Kirkland, WA:
    200 Fly, 200 IM, 100 Back, 100 Breast, 500 Free

    Sat, Mar. 5th: SCM Meet @ Kroc Center in Cour D' Alene, ID:
    400 IM, 200 Free, 200 Back, 200 Fly, 400 Free

    Sat./Sun. Mar. 26-27: Inland NW SCY Champs in Moscow, ID:
    Sat. 400 IM, 200 Back, 100 Breast; Sun. 50 Breast, 200 Breast, 1000 Free

    Sat./Sun. Apr 9-10: PNA SCY/NW Zone SCY Champs:
    TBA...I may go over and back on one day depending on event selection, I hate to miss a good race.

    Sat./Sun. Apr 30/May 1: USMS SCY Nats:
    Sat. 200 Fly, 100 Back, 200 Free; Sun. 500 Free, 100 Fly, 200 IM

    Sun, May 15: SCM Meet in Hood River, OR:

    Summer 2011: 2 LCM meets here in Wenatchee swimming with the age groupers
    Gotta register USA-S for these, but the pool is only 2 miles away...

    Updated February 17th, 2011 at 09:01 PM by jaadams1

  18. Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011 Olympia Meet Results

    by , February 5th, 2011 at 10:04 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Had a good couple of swims today. Here they are:

    Oh yeah, I wore the Yingfa brand jammer that I just got in the mail last week, and loved it. Got a size L, and it was pretty good on size. I usually wear a size 30 for other suits.

    1650: splits by 100

    100 - 58.4
    200 - 1:04.2
    300 - 1:05.2
    400 - 1:06.0
    500 - 1:06.5 (5:20.6)
    600 - 1:06.5
    700 - 1:07.2
    800 - 1:07.4
    900 - 1:06.8
    1000 - 1:07.6 (5:35.8) (10:56.4)
    1100 - 1:06.9
    1200 - 1:07.3
    1300 - 1:08.0 ugh feeling it here...ready to get out...
    1400 - 1:07.1
    1500 - 1:06.4 (5:37.2)
    1600 - 1:04.7
    1650 - 30.3
    Total Time: 18:07.57

    I beat my age group LMSC record by 6 seconds!!! So much better than missing it by 3 tenths... I'd been looking at that time for the past 2 years but never thought I would actually have an attempt to beat it.
    Beforehand I told my split taker (who was a former teammate of mine in agegroup) that I wanted to hit 5:20, 5:35, 5:35 by 500s and come home fast... I pretty much nailed that.
    My triceps, lats, and pecs were just killing my about 5 minutes afterward, and never really got the feeling loosened up throughout the remainder of the meet/cooldowns, but I had an amazing swim! I also came about 2 minutes, 15 secs. from my lifetime college best time! WOOHOO!!!!!

    200 Free:
    26.1 / 29.4 / 30.1 / 30.1 = 1:56.16

    100 IM:
    12.2 / 16.0 / 18.1 / 13.9 = 1:00.41 <-- A masters best! I actually won the event due to my breaststroke if you can believe that!

    50 Free leadoff mixed 200 free relay:
    24.96 I was getting pretty pooped by this point.

    100 Fly:
    12.7 / 15.1 / 15.2 / 15.8 = 59.22
    Same thing least I broke a minute

    200 IM:
    12.8 / 16.1 = 28.9
    18.7 / 18.5 = 37.2
    19.5 / 20.8 = 40.1
    18.3 / 16.0 = 34.3 <--only sped this up the last 25 so I wouldn't get beat
    Total: 2:21.12

    The 200 IM was just a nice easy cooldown swim for me. I was originally entered with a 2:10, and the next fastest seeded time that showed up was a 2:23. I just swam it easy to stretch out, but I didn't let the 2nd place guy beat me at the end

    *** On a side note... I was just asked by our current Top Ten recorder person if I would be interested in the job since she's been doing it for so long. I said what the heck...ok. As of March I guess the job is mine. I'll find out how much work will be involved soon.

    Updated February 6th, 2011 at 12:41 AM by jaadams1

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  19. Preview of the Meet on Saturday

    by , February 2nd, 2011 at 08:06 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I'm swimming the 1650, 200 Free, 100 Fly, 100 IM & 200 IM. Should be fun after the 1650.
    I attached the psych sheet for everyone's viewing pleasure...

    Updated February 17th, 2011 at 09:02 PM by jaadams1

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  20. Sunday, Jan, 23, 2011 Meet Results from Flyapalooza

    by , January 23rd, 2011 at 08:13 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    My meet felt really good overall. Home meet at Wenatchee, had about 55 people there, but was well spaced out to give everyone plenty of rest (almost) almost...
    For being sick most of the week, I really swam quite well.

    200 Free Relay here - just swam a 50 (26 sec. or so) moderate speed (relays in our area are of no major importance other than scoring points toward the cumulative LMSC scoring champs for the duration of the season, so our home meet usually gets lots of points.

    200 Fly - 2:07.71 = This is the fastest I've gone since college days, and I finally got my age group LMSC record that I've been stalking for a while. The computer had a problem and wasn't able to get the splits posted on results, but I was told I went out in a 1:00 for the first 100. It felt really strong, and after finishing I gave the big fist pump in the air. I think I beat all the 200 free entries later in the meet with my time also.

    200 Medley Relay - 50 Fly (25.7)

    100 Fly - 57.39 = Also, the fastest I've done in Masters...someone said I was out in a 26.7 at the 50, so I guess it was 30.6 coming home...not bad, wanted to see a 56 though.

    200 Mixed Medley Relay - 50 Fly (nice and easy 15 meter dolphins off the walls both ways)

    50 Fly - 26.19 = This one was tough to get going fast enough over such a short distance. At least I beat the 50 split of my 100 earlier. I also swam it neck and neck with Lincoln Djang, and it came down to a fingernail at the end where I was 2nd overall, but still a good swim.

    100 Free - 56.27 = This was just a throwaway swim for me. It was a few minutes after the 50 fly, and I wasn't cooled down enough, so just swam it easy.

    Finally the 500 FLY - 6:11.74 = I was 2:20 at the 200 point. This was a really good swim, much easier than the 100 Free was...YES, I SAID EASIER THAN 100 FREE!!! I know you think I'm crazy, but I just settled into a pace and kept it going. Swam 3 strokes w/ breaths, 1 stroke head down. I only did 2 hand touches on the first 25, and the finish, and this was more so I could come into the walls with a double breath on the turns. BIG help.
    I ended up getting 2nd overall in the event to a girl going a 6:10. I was trying to run her down the last 100 since for some reason I was full of energy (not sure from where), but she accelerated also so as to not get beat by someone doing fly!!!

    Going to sleep well soon.

    Good job Packers!!!! I don't care who wins the 2nd game, because the Packers will beat them in the Superbowl anyway!!
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