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  1. 10/20-21 - NW SCM Zone Champs Results Day 1 & 2

    by , October 21st, 2012 at 07:51 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    What a meet! There was lots of fast swimming all around from most of the swimmers in the meet. NW Forumites did quite well too.

    The only negative to everyone having such a good meet is that a lot of records were broken as well I'm sure. Now why is that a negative you ask?? Because YOURS TRULY is the admin-dude for the NW Zone SCM Zone records, and will be preoccupied over the next few days re-writing the record book...

    I swam my normal practices this week, with a cutback on my normal fin kicking to about 75% of the distances the kids were doing on the same interval, then cut back on Thursday pretty good (about 3200 yards), and didn't swim Friday as practice was cancelled for the team. I did shave down for this meet, but not exactly a full taper. It was my last shot this year at my good events in a SCM pool for TTs in 2012. Wore a TYR Fusion 2 brief for the meet.

    400 Free - 4:28.93 +3.5 seconds from my Canadian Nats time
    30.38 / 33.03 (1:03.4)
    33.92 / 34.16 (1:08.1)
    34.42 / 34.62 (1:09.0)
    34.62 / 34.78 (1:08.4)
    Good splits overall, at least I held semi-even, though they gradually climbed up and up, and I just couldn't bring it back at the end. Dead tired. TG beat me...he'd better remember this one, 'cause it won't happen very often. Very nice swim by TG...he came home very well, and in my head I thought I was doing sooooo poorly, when in reality it wasn't too bad.

    200 Fly - 2:18.84 -3.5 seconds and a new LMSC record!
    31.11 / 34.99
    36.29 / 36.45
    This was a very good swim, and I was honestly surprised with the result after my previous 400 event 10-15 minutes prior. I had a psychological race against a young woman (18-24) a couple lanes over, and she hung with me pretty close till around the 125/150 or so...then bye bye.
    Also in the same heat, PNA's Scott Lautman set a new WR in the Mens 60-64 200 SCM Fly with a 2:29.40!!!
    [nomedia=""]10-20-12 - 200 SCM Fly - NW Zone Federal Way, WA - YouTube[/nomedia]

    200 IM - 2:23.82 -5 seconds
    30.00 / 38.90
    41.82 / 33.10
    Got out good, backstroke was so-so , breaststroke, I had the 4th fastest split of all competitors!, and free I just tried to keep KNelson from catching me!

    200 Breast - 2:45.51 -3 seconds, and a new LMSC record!! I'm surprised by this one!
    37.01 / 42.71
    43.77 / 42.02
    The final 50 I gave it all I could 'cause I knew there was a shot that Allen Stark would be a coming!!
    I told Allen I was going to take it out "relaxed", and he misunderstood my definition of this and was out with me pretty close at the 100...then I guess he got tired, or took a breath of water.
    [nomedia=""]10-20-12 - 200 SCM Breast - NW Zone Federal Way, WA - YouTube[/nomedia]

    800 IM - 10:42.58
    Fly - 32.60 / 37.47 / 38.94 / 39.56 (2:28.57)
    Back - 43.66 / 41.77 / 41.67 / 41.74 (2:48.84)
    Breast - 45.88 / 45.94 / 45.69 / 46.15 (3:03.66)
    Free - 35.97 / 35.62 / 35.41 / 34.51 (2:21.51)

    In the whole scheme of things, this race wasn't truly that difficult. Granted, I am a natural 200 Flyer, so the beginning was no problem for me, and the first 50 of backstroke was my "recovery". If you look at each stroke as a whole, they were basically even or descended throughout the stroke, so I swam it well. I looked up the Austrailian masters record for my age group, and missed it by a mere 5 seconds. 99% sure I'll never do this again.

    400 IM - 5:06.11 +2 seconds from my best
    30.72 / 35.32 (1:06.04)
    41.47 / 40.93 (1:22.40)
    43.95 / 44.75 (1:28.70)
    35.14 / 33.83 (1:08.97)
    My fly was out about perfect split, backstroke was arm turnover, breaststroke didn't get my feet snapping around, and freestyle I was dead. Still a decent overall swim. I need to be about 3 seconds faster in the back and breast, and another 3 or so faster on the free coming home for my goal time.
    KNelson was a few seconds behind me through the whole race just to keep me honest.
    The overall winner young-dude was a 4:56, but was DQ'd for something...must've cheated to beat me by 10 seconds!
    [nomedia=""]10-21-12 400 SCM IM, NW Zone Federal Way, WA - YouTube[/nomedia]