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  1. Tues, Nov. 20, 2012 7:30-9:00pm

    by , November 21st, 2012 at 01:02 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    The first half hour of practice from 7-7:30 was taken up by the awards from last weekend's meet over in eastern Washington. As a team we ended up in 3rd place. 1st and 2nd place teams had well over 100 swimmers each, and we only had 31 swimmers, but beat out another team with many more swimmers than us. Quality before quantity, right?

    We had a visiting swimmer who is in town for the holidays from the Sacremento, CA area. He's 17 and pretty quick. Said he was around a 4:55/5:00 500, a good breaststroker, and was a good IMer as well. Pretty much a duplicate of Jared who I normally chase in practice on a daily basis, so now I'm chasing two guys for a couple days.

    We got right to it with the workout, and basically skipped any type of true warmup...

    Our "warmup"/intro set:

    3 x 200 Free Desc. 1-3 @ LIFO + :15
    I went 2:20, 2:15, 2:11 hell of a way to warmup.
    3 x 200 IM Desc. 1-3 @ LIFO + :15
    went 2:40ish to maybe 2:35

    Kick Set:
    8 x 150 SDK on back w/ short fins @ 2:15

    Main Set:

    3 Rounds of 3 x 100 Free "get lots of rest" w/ 1:00 between rounds
    • Round 1 @ 1:20 (went 1:03/1:04/1:04)
    • Round 2 @ 1:15 (went 1:02/1:04/1:04)
    • Round 3 @ 1:10 (went 1:02/1:03/1:00) I tried to chase down the 'new guy' at the end
    200 EZ

    Main Set #2:
    3 x 200 IM @ 4:30 Desc. 1-3 starting @ 85% effort
    went 2:31, 2:25, 2:21 <--pretty sure 2:21 is my best effort in practice

    500 EZ cooldown...did Free Pull

    4600 Yards

    494.20 miles swum (=869,793 yards, =795,338 meters).
    View my monthly progress | my milestones/awards | Go The Distance 2012 results.
    Most recent milestone achievement: 400 miles on 10/02.
    5.80 miles (= 10,207 yards, = 9,334 meters) to next milestone (500 miles milestone).

    Looks like I'll potentially hit the mark for the Nike suit after Friday and Saturday's practices.

    Now I have two days off from the water, and wondering about Friday night's practice. Coach John is out of town this weekend, but his assistant will be running the practice. This could be good, or it could be really bad.
    She may really try to kill us, which I'm actually looking forward to. But sharks 'n minnows and relays is a very close 2nd.

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