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  1. Sun, Dec. 2, 2012 USAS Meet Results Day 2 - Wenatchee

    by , December 2nd, 2012 at 06:17 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    In hindsight...I should've not even gone to the meet today. 2nd days of events like this just aren't the same as when we were younger.

    I again did the standard team warmup:

    600 Free
    3 x 200 IM (stroke down/Free back)
    4 x 50 @ 1:00 EZ/Fast
    2 x Dive 25s

    After this I just went into relaxation mode, and used a 2 hour+ window to sit down with my laptop and update the records for the Inland NW SCM records that were broken (I'm still waiting for a full update of the NW Zone SCM records from the NW Zone meet in October) <-- That Guy?? any help here? I can weed through them, but it'll take time.

    Finally, my events:

    200 Free - 1:57.61 - 2nd place
    My legs were just tired and hurt on the second 100 of this race. I figure that's the "getting old" part of me kicking in.

    200 Breast - 2:34.15 - 1st place
    Beat the 12 year old girl on our team my less than a second! but paid for it too...
    I did alright on this race, tried to stretch it out a bit, and increase the turnover near the end. Overall it was a bit slow, and afterward I had a little soreness on my left side groin area.

    After cooldown and sitting in the chair for a while, the pain began to get a little more pronounced. ouchy.
    I talked with John about it, and I may have overdone it a little. I told him I'd give the next race a shot, plus do the relay as well (since we had 7 relays in the 13&Over age group, and I didn't want him to have to rewrite all of them if not needed).

    100 Back - 1:06.03 - 4th place
    That's gotta be the most even split back race I've ever done!! Granted I didn't exactly explode off the wall for my start, and didn't kick too much either. I was hurting for sure, and after this race we made the final decision to scratch my remaining races for the day.

    50 Free anchor leg on the 200 Free Relay - not sure on the split, but John thinks it was 22-high/23-low. The team from Moses Lake had a 5 yard lead on us when I dove in, and their 4th swimmer wasn't the greatest out there, so I knew we had a shot to possibly catch him. I gave it all I had, good relay exchange, 1 breath down, 1 breath back, but just couldn't quite catch him. It was fun though! Relays get me pumped, especially for these kind of situations.

    100 Fly - SCRATCH

    50 Free - SCRATCH

    My first two races I've skipped out on since returning to swimming. Oh well, no sense in hurting myself, right? Now I just need to ice and rest my injury, unless I can find a good massage therapist.