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Mr. Pacemaker

  1. ICDs - Pacemaker/Defibrillator swimmers

    I'm still looking for USMS swimmers who are swimming with a pacemaker/defibrillator.

    As far as I know, there are only 3 in the United States. Surely, there are more than that!

    If you are one or if you know one, please let me know.


    Mr. Pacemaker
  2. Pacemakers and ICDs

    I had open heart surgery (quadruple by-pass) in 2004 and was given a pacemaker. I weghted 265 lbs. at the time. ( I weighted 305 lbs. in 1992). I started rehab and lost 35 lbs. I started swimming (no high school or college experience).

    My heart continued to get weaker and in 2006 they gave me an ICD (Implantable Cardio Difribullator).

    By 2008, I had dropped my weight to 195 lbs. and had learned all the strokes. I went to the Nationals in Austin that year and won 5 medals including the 50 yard butterfly. (I had disc surgery on my back in 1976.)

    The Yale Medical school is conducting a study on athletes from ages 10-60 who compete on a regular basis. (I am 69 and there is a runner 80.) After several years of recruiting, they currently have 300 athletes but only two (2) swimmers. They want 100 more athletes.

    I would like to here from any swimmers who compete with these devices or from anyone who might know of someone who competes with these devices. There are 100,000 ICDs implanted every year and almost all recipents chose to sit on their big fat sofas!

    I want to get the word out that this device is not a "death sentence".

    Jim Oster
    a/k/a - Mr. Pacemaker