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  1. rxleakem's Avatar
    We'll have to make a team trip up that way to check out that pool. Glad you are where you are, it's a great thing.
  2. GregJS's Avatar
    Looks like a very interesting workout - although I can't say I'm too upset about missing all that vertical kicking. Got a decent swim in today at the Johnson State College pool, which has got to be a contender in the "pool with most gorgeous view" category.

    Still basking in the glow of the retreat (although looking after a house full of kids and animals for a few days definitely induces something of a shift in focus!)

    Glad to hear you're smelling "normal" again.
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    The hills in VT and NH are showing their fall colors generally from the end of Sept through the first couple of weeks of Oct. A great getaway for the family or excuse to tack on an extra couple of days to a business trip, and I can help you find some more pools to add to your list
  4. pwb's Avatar
    Gorgeous pictures. I definitely need to make it up to your neck of the woods in the fall. I've never been north (in the US) of Boston, but it's a part of the country I very much need to tour.
  5. rxleakem's Avatar
    Isn't it a small world, Bill? That is an awesome story - thanks for sharing!

    Keep progressing on the recovery, it would be great to meet you if we both can make it to Boston.
  6. Sojerz's Avatar

    In August of 1965 when I was 15 my sea scout group sailed along the LI Sound from Watch Hill to New Haven. We had 4 small sloops with 3 in each and camped on the beaches along the way. On August 6 my Dad intercepted me at the Westbrook beach, because my Mom had given birth to my youngest brother, Chris, that night. I guess he used the itinerary to find me, cause there weren't any phone booths on the beach nor cell phones.

    Hoping to come up for the December NE champs meet. Take care Mike.
  7. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks, Tim

    The Leaf Peeper meet is usually a fast one, although I have yet to make it. I'll again try to this year:

    I'm also planning to make it down again to BU - always fun and a great chance to catch up with my swimming friends
  8. aztimm's Avatar
    Great pictures! Sounds like some great open water swimming!

    I noticed a, "Leaf Peepers," meet in VT in late October. Are you doing that one too?

    Thanks for sharing the dates for the BU meet. I've been checking the NEM website, but hadn't seen it posted. I'll keep an eye on airfare now
    I've done that meet 3x now, and intend to keep going.
  9. rxleakem's Avatar
    I was struggling on those breathing swims too, Greg. Great attempts! It was fun that Bryan and Lena joined us.

    No pools there, but we did have a pond. I guess my open water swimming was started when I was very young!
  10. GregJS's Avatar
    Looks like a cool place to spend a childhood - but I bet you had some pretty heavy-duty chores to do too! But which building housed the pool complex? With so many great swimmers in your family, I've just got to assume y'all had your own world-class indoor facilities on the farm.

    Nice meeting your oldest brother and seeing Lena enjoying a swim. Good workout today. (And in spite of my being a wise-guy, I really did make an effort on that breathing pattern you gave us. Failed, but tried.)
  11. GregJS's Avatar
    Correction: I held an intensely UNcomfortable pace throughout the 400. (Hmm, maybe my soreness and stiffness was due to all that arm twisting?)

    As for the 100 breast, I have great news for all frogs out there. Never mind Cameron Van Der Burgh's extra SDKs that he sneaked in at the start of his WR Olympic race, I took an entire extra stroke in my pullout off the blocks and didn't get DQ'd. Apparently that's legal now - at least if you do it because you're fixing the goggles that slid down your face on the dive, and if you then swim the rest of the race blind because your goggles are full of water. (Take home lesson of the day: putting goggles back on face = not a good choice of how to spend time during a race.)

    Still, in spite of some physical challenges and equipment malfunctions, it was a very fun day and I really enjoyed watching the many excellent swims, not the least of which were your 400IM (very smart swimming, the way you conserved energy with the long glides on the fly while still keeping up a great pace) and the blazing but smooth-as-ever 100 back. Congrats on a great day of racing.

    And yes, they were quite generous with the swag. This jacket is already coming in handy with the cooler nights we've been having.

    FYI aztimm, the Springfield College pool is also convertible, having a moving bulkhead. It's where (back in the 70's-80's) we had our end of season age-group SCY championships every year. Haven't been back since. But you're right about not much space on the sides - although I remembered it being way bigger, so it was a real surprise to see how small it looked 30 years later.
  12. aztimm's Avatar
    Great job with that meet!
    Certainly sounds like some great swimming.
    That pool doesn't sound too nice though, only 6 lanes? doesn't look like much space on the sides either. well I'm used to convertible pools, where they can go from LCM to SCY.
  13. GregJS's Avatar
    Yep, I'm ready to watch you swim it! Ha ha.

    But seriously, let's just say I'm ready to start it. Finishing may be another matter, but we'll see...

    That's good you're feeling good in the water today. I felt much better on Thurs. than I did on Tues.
  14. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks for the encouragement, guys! I am looking forward to a new swimming adventure, and the opportunity to achieve masters best times
  15. aztimm's Avatar
    Yea I like LCM meets too, prefer swimming LCM whenever I can. I also hate turns.

    The 400 should be a great event for you. Good luck!
  16. tjrpatt's Avatar
    my first ever LCM meet.
    First ever, man you have been deprived! There is nothing like racing in LCM. Of course, I hate turns. The less walls, the better in my book.
  17. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Good luck at your meet. Swim fast and have fun.
  18. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks pwb - there are no motors allowed on the lake and we can carve a path away from folks in canoes or kayaks, or those fishing from the shore. The only downfall is the increase in weeds as the summer gets warmer.

    Greg - two more super moons coming! The lunar exposure is beautiful tonight over b-town
  19. GregJS's Avatar
    Now I know why that moon hanging over the lake looked so plump:
  20. pwb's Avatar
    That looks like a beautiful place to train.
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