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I swim on a small team (Madison Titans) with 4 regulars and a couple others that can't make the morning workout. On Saturdays and occasional weekdays, I drop by HSA in Huntsville for a swim in the big pool.

  1. 11.18.12 - NAC Sprinting Turkey Meet

    by , November 18th, 2012 at 11:08 PM (Pete's swim blog)
    Did the NAC Sprinting Turkey Meet. Met Swimosaur and Wookie. Both great guys and awesome swimmers. Packed up all 4 kids and left at 6:45 AM with plenty of time to make it to Nashville by 8:00-8:15 AM, warm up and be ready to go. My youngest has food allergies so we had to got a little out of the way to Chic-fil-a because they don't put barley in their flower. Chic-fil-a was closed Sunday morning so we went to Hardee's instead. We got my youngest some hash browns because there's no flour in those right? My wife drove which was awesome except she didn't take the shortcut. No problem... lots of time and I'm relaxing instead of driving. Half way to Nashville we found out that the hash browns are indeed made from flour mixed with barley. My youngest throws up all over himself and his car seat. Fortunately it was contained in a small area. Got to a gas station and bought their last roll of paper towels for $4.25. There's something wrong about cleaning up vomit with paper towels that expensive. Got things cleaned up and back on the road. Now, I'm late. The 2000 yd warm up I was planning wasn't going to happen anymore.
    Got to the NAC about 8:45 AM. First event was at 9:25. Managed about 1100 yds of warm up.

    The meet itself was great. Everything seemed to move on time. Facilities were great. Everyone was helpful getting me to the right place. Had lots of fun and look forward to doing it again even though I'm not a sprinter.

    When the meet was over, we headed across the street to a replica of the Parthenon. I've been there before but it was new for the kids. I think they were impressed. Unfortunately, it was closed for the winter on Sundays and we couldn't see inside. So, we headed off looking for something else to do. We knew Opry Mills (pretty much just a big mall) would be open on Sunday and have food. They had food but not much else. Kids liked the Lego store. My wife did some very limited shopping. She probably deserved more time shopping since she dealt with the kids while I swam. On the way to Opry Mills, I saw something called the Adventure Science Center. There were cars parked outside so it looked to be open. We headed back that way to check it out. Turns out is was awesome! The kids were 100% engaged for 3 hours. Even better, through our membership with a science center back home, it was free. Little swimming, lots of family time... great day!


    600 Warm-up
    5 x 100 - 1:30, Descend (1:15->1:04)

    100 SCM free (Seed 1:02, Meet 1:04.51 [31.43 33.08])
    First of the Swimosaur v. McCoy battles. Alas, Swimosaur beat me on this one. I'll chalk it up to not enough warm-up but I'm going to have to pick up my game by more than a bad warm up if I'm going to out sprint Swimosaur.

    100 Easy
    8 x 50 Hard Br/easy free

    100 SCM Breaststroke (Seed 1:18, Meet 1:20.52 [39.08 41.44])
    I did 1:21.5 shaved and tapered at LC Nationals last year so this isn't too bad. I expected to be a little faster. I think I split the race ok. Just need to be faster.
    100 Easy

    200 SCM Free (Seed 2:18, Meet 2:20.70)
    Round 2 of Swimosaur vs. McCoy. Swimosaur was next to me in Lane 5 where I could keep an eye on him this time . Here's the splits:

    34.69 35.89 (1:10.58) 35.44 (1:46.02) 34.68 (2:20.70)
    34.00 35.91 (1:09.91) 36.13 (1:46.04) 35.65 (2:21.69)

    My start and dive were really good but Swimosaur took off and left me on the first 50. Dave B does this to me all the time in practice. I didn't panic but I began matching his pace on the second 50. That's were I started having some trouble. I didn't warm up in the competition pool so I didn't get any good markings for turning at the bulkhead. So at both 75 meters and 125 meters, I ended up a stroke short and coasted into the wall . Definitely cost me some valuable time. Swimosaur seemed to be falling off the pace a little. When this happens (rarely) to Dave B, my instincts are to go before he gets a second wind. Seemed to work here. Swimosaur got a personal best. I got a little redemption from the 100 earlier. I negative split this race. Probably should have gone faster on the first 50 and held a more steady pace over the final 3.
    100 Easy

    50 SCM Breaststroke (Seed 35.75, Meet 37.30)
    I went 37.04 at LCM Nationals last year. Dive and pull-out felt great. I wasn't at all comfortable with my stroke.

    100 SCM Fly (Seed 1:18, Meet NS)
    They combined the women's and men's heats on this one and I just wasn't paying attention. By the time I figured it out, they were gone. I was pretty tired so it wasn't a big deal. But I came to swim, not watch.

    25 SCM Breaststroke (Seed 17.30, Meet 17.06)
    The 25M swims were started from the bulkhead without blocks. It was different but I stayed with a track start. The br start was really good. Barely out touched the guy next to me.

    25 SCM Fly (Seed 17.30, Meet 15.29)
    Faster than my seed time but I can't remember where I got the seed time from.

    25 SCM Free (Seed 15.00, Meet 13.98)
    Had fun on all the 25s which is kind of weird since I'm not a sprinter. Seems that I did a much better job of guessing my 25 times than calculating my seeds for the other events.

    200 Cool down

    (425 SCM, 1800 SCY)
    Swim Workouts