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Alex's swim journal

It's a journey: musings on art, literature, life... and occasional notes on training.

  1. Closing in on 300 miles...

    by , July 14th, 2013 at 12:33 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    I got back into the lake this morning for another 3000 yards. Air and water temps were beautiful; a lot more wind than there normally is that early in the morning provided a nice current to swim against (coming in at an angle, so it wasn't helpful swimming in either direction... of course!).

    The Sunday morning crowd was sparse, seems like there were always a lot more swimmers on the weekends last summer. Pleasant Prairie's triathlon is coming up, so there was a triathlon class that looked like it was trying out new wetsuits, caps, etc. Their coach was very encouraging to this group of maybe 6 swimmers that seemed pretty hesitant in the deeper areas... they spent a lot of time practicing crowded starts, swimming in bunches, following each other, etc. but kept it in the shallow area for the most part, so I really didn't have to doge anyone the whole time, which was nice. Great to see other folks out swimming, but also great not to have to deal with the less positive side effects of crowded lap-swim areas.

    Here's what I did:

    800 fr build from ez to moderate by 100s
    200 bk/br (alternated stroke by 50s)
    4 x 200 fr moderate on about :20 rest
    200 IM
    400 fr
    100 bk/br
    400 fr
    100 br