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Alex's swim journal

It's a journey: musings on art, literature, life... and occasional notes on training.

  1. Draco's wetness... my stroke progress

    by , December 20th, 2012 at 10:35 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    So, they're naming winter storms now too... when did they start doing that? "Draco" is passing through SE WI as we speak. We were on the rainy side of the snow/ice line (and we got a lot of rain!), so I won't have to shovel as much tomorrow morning. It didn't start snowing here until about 5PM; we'll be lucky to get 2" of snow, but the folks north of Milwaukee and over in the Madison area got pounded w/ a foot of snow.

    Yesterday I managed to get in another 5000-yard workout, took me 98 minutes and had some threshold work for about 2000-3000 yards in the middle.

    1000 warm-up (21:00):
    -100 fr
    -200 br
    -200 bk
    -500 in drills w/ fins

    2 x 1200 on 21:00*

    11 x 100 on 2:00 (22:00)
    -alternated 100 fr w/ 100 pull w/ paddles/buoy

    500 cool-down (11:00):
    -200 br
    -100 bk
    -50 fr
    -100 bk
    -50 fr

    *The two 1200-yard segments were continuous swims but were essentially 4 x 200 w/ 50 recovery (all free) followed by a 200 breast (at a somewhat challenging pace). Last year at this time a 1200-yard segment like that would have taken me 22 minutes rather than 21. My 200s in the first set averaged 3:07.5 and 3:14.5 in the last set.

    Today, I had a breakthrough on my backstroke after watching some video tutorial and it really paid off (I had the wrong impression about what the pull underwater was supposed to look like; I was doing straight arm perpendicular to my body--windmill style!)... I immediately dropped :10 per 50 off my backstroke time. Now I don't hate it anymore!

    Here's what I did today, basically giving myself a rest from free-style (I had done more than 10,000 in free in the last three days) to work on breast, back, and drills:

    100 fr
    50 kick w/ board and fins
    200 br
    50 kick w/ board and fins
    200 bk
    50 kick w/ board and fins
    300 drills w/ fins
    50 kick w/ board and fins

    Main sets (2000 yards):
    -10 x 100 [alternated 100 pull w/ buoy + paddles and 100 free]

    -5 x thru (150 breast + 50 back)**

    **first 3 on 5:00, came in at 3:30 (or faster); last 2x thru were continuous and EZ for cool-down.

    I was shocked by my mixed 200 times in the last set. My friend Scotty showed up and got to where he had 1000 left and didn't know how to break it up, so I suggested the 150br+50bk x 5, which he thought was a good idea. I told him my breast times were coming down and so he gave me some tips on the pull-out from the wall and away we went. I was actually able to stay with him through the breast portion; he would pull away in the back, but it was a good workout (first time I've been able to get my heart-rate going that fast on a stroke other than freestyle). I was averaging :50/50 on breast. I think a couple of my 100 breast splits were in the 1:35 range, which would have seemed unfathomable 1 month ago. I joked with Scotty that only about 18-20 months ago I couldn't have made that many 200s in 3:25-3:30 freestyle, much less breast and back.

    It's always fun to look back at my old training journals... my last running journal became a swim journal in spring of 2011. That May I managed to bring my mile time down from 34:15 to 33:56. The week before I did my 33:56 mile time trial (5/21/2011), I had decided to start incorporating interval training--I did 12 x 200 free on 4:00 and here is what I wrote: "first 5 were 3:40-3:50 then it was difficult to hold 4:00 after a while."

    Sometimes I feel like my progress is soooo sloooow; but I have to remind myself I've come a long way in a relatively short time... 1.5 years. Makes me feel pretty good about where I am now.