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  1. 1500M splits, thoughts on improvement...

    by , December 14th, 2012 at 05:24 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    So the competition is infectious... it's only been a few days since the SCM meet that Scotty and I did, but already I'm hearing buzz about the Kenosha Y lifeguards putting together a relay and checking out USMS. Scotty and I have been talking it up (separately it turns out, I haven't seen him since the meet because our schedules don't coincide this week). I'm hoping we can eventually get a masters team together to swim regular workouts.

    My splits on the 1500 looked fairly even... slow, but even, about 3:30-3:40 per 200M. It felt like an even effort:


    I was inspired by older competitors at the meet; men and women in their 50s swimming the 1500 in 19:00-22:00. I thought to myself that in 10-15 years I could be doing that too... what do I need to do to get there? Well, first of all I have to swim faster more often probably, and do my interval workouts more consistently, progressively speed up the reps (or decrease the intervals). I'm not sure what a realistic goal for the short term is, though. Long term, I want to bring that Metric/Davis Mile time down another 6:00-8:00. But what should my paces look like now? Can I expect to bring the times down 1:00, 2:00, or more over the next year? My 1750 time has been stalled at around 28:00 for more than a year--though during that time I managed to increase my swimming endurance a lot. My problem, I think, is that I was content with just ramping up the distance and not concerned with improving my speed over that distance... at least not enough to be real consistent about my interval training.

    Yesterday I did the following 5000 SCY:

    - 1000 mixed stroke warm-up and drills w/ fins (20:00)
    - 1000 free in 18:00, alternated:
    --100s w/ pull-buoy and paddles (around 1:50)
    --100s free (1:30-1:40)
    2:00 rest
    - 20 x 100 on 1:45 (mostly 1:32-1:34)
    - 1000 mixed stroke cool down (in addition to free I probably did 400 breast and 250 back)
    [97 minutes total time]

    Today I did 3000 SCY in just under an hour

    Warm-up (700):
    100 EZ fr
    200 br
    200 bk
    100 EZ fr
    2 x 50 fr up-tempo

    2:00 rest

    Main set (2000/33:30):
    5 x thru:
    150 hard + 50 EZ free*
    1:00 rest
    10 x thru:
    75 hard + 50 EZ free*

    *no rest, the EZ free portion was my recovery; the 200s in the first 1000 were right around 3:12, the 100s in the second 1000 were between 1:33 and 1:40.

    100 br
    100 bk
    100 fr

    I've tried incorporating some of the tips from the new USMS web article on breaststroke (btw, I think the website's new look is pretty cool) and my times are dropping in that stroke! ... 3:50 for 200 in my warm-up instead of 4:00-4:10. If I could learn fly I might even consider doing the check-off challenge next year.